Fifa Mobile Soccer [Tips and Tricks]

Fifa Mobile Soccer [Tips and Tricks]

Welcome to the Fifa Mobile Soccer Tips and Tricks guide. We’ll give you the tips you need to bend it like Beckham and how to get your team set up and going down the right path.

Daily warm up and Daily drills.

The daily warm up is a repeatable mission that will reward you with some coins, xp and a training token. So not only will it teach you a specific type of move, it is farmable so you can unlock other missions on the daily map.


The drills section are like a mini game, they do teach you some fundamental skills to play the game better and just like the daily warm up, they are also repeatable. Depending on how much energy you have, and how easy the daily warm up or drill iss, is how you should decide on which one to farm for tokens so you don’t waste your energy.

Don’t skip the tutorial.

Finishing the tutorial might seem like a no-brainer but I know a lot of people tend to skip it. In the case of Fifa, finish up the tutorial mode so you can grab extra Fifa coins and XP. This will help you later on with buying new players, on top of the training you’ll get from all the practice drills.


As you play through the game, you can earn things like the Daily warm up tokens which you can redeem fro Pro Packs and grab some better players for your line up.

plansThere is also trading in your bronze tier players, Tokens from the training drills and on the bottom left side of the selections you will see if you can repeat that Plan trade in. There are a lot of things to collect so look at each section in the Plans menu so you can set goals on which games to play. Try to visit this place every other day to spend your tokens.

Auto play or manual play

If you don’t touch the control to move your character around, the computer will auto control the movements of the players but you will retain the ability to pass the ball and to shoot the ball. Manual play allows you to take full control of the player.


I recommend using auto play until you get better players, because of how bad the controls can be with turning, it can make it hard to get around defenders. Utilize wide passing techniques to get around defenders and then wait for the goalie to move up before taking a shot at the net.

Challenge other players

In the live section, you will be able to play against other players teams controlled by the AI. Taking turns scoring as many goals as you can before the time limit is up. Then it will be their turn to score as much as they can, there is a 48 hour limit.

So start as many games as you can with other players if they don’t respond to their turns you automatically win the games rewards. Thats why its a good idea to have as many games going as possible, a lot of people will forget to come back and play their turn.

Market Place

The Market Place is an auction house, in this area you can buy and or sell player cards. Set low parameters like under 3000 coins and see if you can find any Gold or Elite tier players. This will typically help you find players at 70 or above overall ratings which is a great way to pad your roster. Just make sure you’re getting players for the correct positions.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Link an account to back up your data to the game and to play against friends in Attack Mode.
  • Play around with weird angles when kicking a Shoot Out goal to fake out the goalie.
  • You can repeat a lot of task to earn Tokens, Always choose the easist one to repeat. This makes grinding out packs really easy.
  • Finish the training plan as soon as possible to unlock Training Grounds.
  • Join a League when you can to play against other players.
  • Start a Season, each game will give you a great boost in coins and a minor amount of xp.
  • tap and slide your finger to make your player slide tackle for the ball. Be careful as you can draw red cards if you trip the other teams player.

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