Light: Fellowship of Loux Guide for Beginners [Tips and Tricks]

Light: Fellowship of Loux Guide for Beginners [Tips and Tricks]

Get ready with this Light: Fellowship of Loux Guide for Beginners! We will teach you all about the game in this guide as you learn about Team levels, obtaining heroes, evolving heroes, element types, and more!

Team Levels

Team level is in the top left corner of the village main menu. The higher your team level, the more your max amount of Keys will increase. Keys have a current max limit of 120. Team level is what also allows you access to other content within the game like the Sanctum of Strength, The Arena, Raids and Exploration. Team levels max out at level 60.

How to obtain new Heroes and Hero Levels

Each Hero has their own individual levels that changes based on what “Grade” or Star level that hero is.

Max Level Per Hero Grade
Hero Grade Max Level
1⋆ Level. 10
2⋆ Level. 20
3⋆ Level. 30
4⋆ Level. 40
5⋆ Level. 50
6⋆ Level. 60

Heroes are usually available from the Temple of Heroes. In the Temple of Heroes you can use your Hero Scrolls, FP, Gems and light shards as currency to summon up new heroes.


Light Fellowship of Loux Temples of Heroes

Heroes level up while you use them but you can also use other Heroes as experience material. If the hero is of the same attribute you will get additional exp. Eggies also work as leveling material. Eggies will give you more experience than most heroes when you use them as leveling material and also benefit from the same attribute xp bonus.

All of the heroes can go up to a 6⋆ star evolution. To evolve your hero you first have to max out its level. After you have maxed your heroes level, then you can evolve it with a 2nd hero of the same star rating. It doesn’t matter which hero it is as long as it has the same star rating.

For example if you wanted a 5⋆ star hero, you would have to use 4 – 4⋆ star heroes to evolve into a single 5⋆ Hero.

Evolve Material: 4x – 4⋆ Hero
To get: 1 – 5⋆ Hero

Expanding on your Heroes.

Each Hero has 3 type of skills. Active, auto and passive. Active skills consume one energy orb during battle. Auto skills are what your hero will use for auto attacks and require no energy to be used. Passive skills are innate effects on the hero. These skills can increase as your Heroes become higher Grade.

Energy is gained over time by your Heroes auto attacking the enemies. You don’t lose energy between waves, so this allows you to hold it for boss fights. Just remember each Heroes ability has its own cooldown so you can’t spam one ability.

Dragging your Heroes ability will allow you to target an enemy. Tapping the hero ability will use it on whatever target it wants.

Using the right Elemental types.

The elemental system in Light is pretty straight forward. Fire > Earth > Water > Fire. If the hero you’re using has an advantage towards the enemy through their elemental type you will deal an additional 30% bonus damage and they will have a -30% disadvantage towards you.

Questing – Daily, Weekly and Challenges.

Light Fellowship of Loux Challenge Quest

With 3 different types of quest available in the game; Daily, Weekly and Challenges you want to do these whenever they’re available. This is a quick way to grab free heroes, team xp, coins and other stuff from hitting the goal. This is great because most of it is done by just playing the game so it doesn’t involve a lot of grinding. Completing each of the individual quest goals will also give you additional rewards.

Be Social and Add people.

One aspect of Light: Fellowship of Loux is the way the game rewards you for being social and actively adding friends. Having friends within the game allows them to send you FP.

Do all the Investigations!

Using the Investigate system involves you selecting some of your heroes to travel and perform a task over a certain duration. Don’t worry, you don’t lose access to the heroes you send out on investigation. There are certain requirements however to complete the investigation so pay close attention to that on the right side for what type of Battle power, class or attributes you need to complete it.

Light fellowship of Loux investigate

You can either manually select your heroes or you can have the “recommended” selection of heroes to increase your chance of success. This is a pretty cool feature as it allows you to grab items and experience for doing absolutely nothing. Do all of the investigations available to help yourself advance quicker.

General tips and Tricks:

  • Go to the Event Boards to see whats new.
  • Signing up on the forums gets you 100 gems
  • You have a chance to awaken hero skills when you evolve them!
  • Evolution incarnations allow you to evolve a hero without leveling all of the materials.
  • Heroic Dungeons are found when you clear Adventure Mode and Raid battles OR if one of your Friends has found a Herioc Dungeon.
  • You can set your skill order in the Settings menu.
  • The higher level your Heroes the more xp you earn in combat.
  • Craft runes to increase your Heroes stats.

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