Top 10 Best Cards In Clash Royale [No. 3 is Surprising!]

Top 10 Best Cards In Clash Royale [No. 3 is Surprising!]

Hello, fellow Clash Royale players. Today, I will be compiling a list of the top 10 cards in Clash Royale. The list is based on personal opinion and is not a definite ranking of the cards in the game. While these cards certainly are powerful, they must be used in the right deck to ensure they are used to their full potential.

10. Bowler


A surprising addition to this list, the bowler is now a pretty strong card in the game. Its knockback effect leaves troops struggling to reach it and its AOE decimates princesses, goblins, and barbarians.

The recent change to 5 elixir has made it even more powerful, often used in conjunction with the giant to wipe out any small troops. I for one, welcome the bowler into the new meta and want to see its true potential.

9. Lumberjack


Previously seen as one of the weakest cards in the game, the lumberjack’s most recent buff puts its damage per second almost level with the Mini P.E.K.K.A. (285 to 317) Its quicker attack speed also allows it to excel at what the Mini P.E.K.K.A. can’t, taking out small troops.

The frequent use of giants in the new meta allow it to be taken more seriously now. At the same cost with the Mini P.E.K.K.A., and with higher attack speed and the added bonus of a rage, I would recommend the Lumberjack over the Mini P.E.K.K.A.

8. Guards


Guards have seen a nice spike in popularity with the new meta, capable of taking out single-shot troops such as the musketeer and the Mini P.E.K.K.A. and disarming the Sparky’s charge.

They are great at both offense and defense, and they may just have replaced the skeletons and goblins in our decks. They are a crucial part of the Giant-Poison deck, and the only downside to them is their rarity.

Being an epic card, it is quite difficult to level them up, but at a high level they have the ability to be one of the top cards in the game.

7. Miner


The miner’s recent “nerf”, or should I call it fix, allows us to react faster to the miner and place troops down before it attacks our towers. One of the three legendary cards nerfed in the update, the miner has seen a significant drop in usage, not being a sure counter to the princess and the elixir collector anymore.

Nevertheless, the miner is still a great tank to shield your low cost troops and it can still counter many cards if timed right.

6. Princess


The most recent nerf hit the princess hard. Previously one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful, card in the game, the princess’s is now significantly reduced. Prior to the nerf, the princess absolutely demolished everything in her path, often clipping the arena tower at the last second for the win.

The recent update has changed that. Her arrows no longer take out all the small troops in the surrounding area, often leaving behind a minion or goblin which is able to take her out. The reduction in her range is a severe drawback.

While the update has certainly weakened the princess, she is by no means a weak card. She still has the longest range in the game and is capable of taking out swarms of troops in seconds.

5. Poison


This spell is reemerging into the meta in combination with the giant. Previously used in the Hog Trifecta deck, the poison is used on both offense and defense.

Used on offense, it slows down the crown towers and forces your opponent to place smaller troops on the outside of the range or die. It annihilates minion hordes and goblins, and its slowing effect can have devastating results on any troop in the game.

It is also quite useful on defense. It can be used to stop minion hordes or lava pups if you have no other air-attacking troops currently in your hand. You must act decisively or the opposing troops will be able to get significant damage off as the poison spell slowly melts the troops.

4. Zap


Even with the reduction of its stun to 0.5 seconds, zap still serves its purpose well. It resets the attack of any troop, allowing you to disable the sparky or redirect a troop towards your desired location.

It one shots spear goblins and goblins of the same level, and it leaves minions one tower shot away from death. Its usefulness allows it to be put in any deck.

Its instantaneous attack allows you to finish out matches or stop the incoming goblin barrel in its tracks.

The reason it’s not higher on this list is its limited effect on the match. It is not a main piece of your deck, but if used right, it can be very useful.

3. Elixir Collector


The elixir collector practically guarantees the user an elixir advantage. With the latest nerf to the miner, it has become easier to protect your collector with the guards that litter the meta.

It is an automatic 2 elixir advantage over your opponent if nothing is done, and it forces your opponent to make the first move, allowing you to defend with the help of your crown tower.

2. Giant


A recent addition to the top 10 list, the Giant was untouched in the latest nerf. Prior to the nerf, the giant was already making a rise in the meta, but the latest update has made it an even more viable card.

It has the second highest health in the game, second only to the Golem. The fact that it is rare makes it relatively easy to upgrade compared to the epic cards. If left unattended, the giant will destroy your tower and leave a sizable chunk of damage on your king tower.

The Giant-Poison combo is deadly and is in most of the top decks. Its lethality and tankiness are what make it the number two card in the current meta.

1. Ice Wizard


Coming in at #1 on this list is the Ice Wizard. The Ice Wizard is the most versatile card in the game, capable of shutting down huge pushes and allowing your push to deal even more damage.

Even with the most recent nerf, the Ice Wizard is still excellent. It’s versatility on both offense and defense allows it to be put in almost any deck.

It’s a mini-tank, capable of surviving a fireball and its slow effect is quite tedious for your opponent. It has practically no counters when placed on your side of the map, and it will continue to be in many of the top decks.

Note: This is a guest post by Luca.

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