Clash Royale Guide for Beginners [Tips]

Clash Royale Guide for Beginners [Tips]

New to Clash Royale? Read below to learn how to progress and get better the quickest way possible!

Since it’s global launch, Clash Royale has grown exponentially in the scene of strategy gaming, esports, and it’s rising fan base. It’s best to know that when you first start your account, things aren’t as simple as they seem.


There’s a whole culture divided between “Free-to-Play” players, and “Pay-to-Win” players. They’re names describe exactly what they are, and you’ll find yourself choosing between them.

I speak for myself and all other players who have spent little money on this game when I say that player progression extremely slow! So if you aren’t planning on spending money on this game, be ready for a long and frustrating journey which is more than made up for by the fun you’ll have, the friends you’ll make, and the constant flow of new updates and cards to come.

Welcome to Clash Royale!

Arena 1 – Arena 3

Quite simply, player progression is based upon unlocking chests you win from battle. They give you gold, cards, and even gems.

It’s here you have the chance to join a clan where you can donate and receive cards, play friendly battles, and make new friends! Cards are separated on a system based off of rarity: Common, Rare, Epic, and legendary!

When delving into ladder matches, your bound to stumble and lose a lot before you learn the advanced strategies that give you an edge over your opponents. My best advice it to learn from your mistakes! Constantly look at higher arenas TV Royale to find out what strategies are being used, and if you have the right cards, maybe you can find yourself a good deck!

I can’t stress how important it is to learn from higher players! The most helpful resource out there is a YouTube channel under the name of “Orange Juice.” He and other amazing friends have several videos teaching the common user strategies such as pulling troops, tanking and spanking, gaining elixir advantages, and how to best play/counter certain troops!

Arena 4 – Arena 6


This is where the game gets a bit more serious as you’re progressing to an area full of skilled players. From arena four and on you have the small chance of obtaining extremely rare, lucrative, and game-changing cards known as Legendaries!
The amount of gold and cards you get from unlocking chests also increases, but so does the amount of them you need to upgrade your favorite cards. Within these arenas, you are introduced to frustrating decks such as Hog Trifecta, Miner Chip Damage, Giant Poison, Giant Sparky, and a plethora of other of dangerous combinations.

The best way to progress in these stages is to play as much as possible, even when you don’t have any chest slots open to unlock! You don’t lose out, but instead you earn gold for every win! Not to mention the valuable experience you get from facing a variety of decks.

Arena 7 – Arena 8

These two arenas are maybe the most frustrating of them all. Why? Because legendary arena is right around the corner!

Chances are, you will be facing opponents with one or more legendary cards in they’re deck, and that gives them a grave advantage. At this stage, my heart is out to the players who have yet to receive a legendary card. There is lots of controversy as to the strength of these cards and how they’ve altered the gameplay and its fairness. The most you can do is continue to gain experience and learn how to counter these cards. Remember even though you make mistakes, and lose against players 1-3 levels above, don’t doubt your ability and skill!

Around this trophy range, use tournaments to experiment with new cards and decks! Keep requesting cards from your clan mates in order to boost your progression.

Arena 9 (Legendary!)


Alas, we have arrived to the end of the ladder. Legendary arena is a competitive environment where you have the highest potential gold income, chances of getting legendary cards in the shop, and the opportunity to gain legend trophies.

If you buy gems to unlock chests, the odds of receiving a legendary are highest here, and because of that, they are the most expensive. It is common for a lot of free-to-players to camp in legendary the moment they get there. It’s often that they’re waiting to buy their first legendary ever.

Lots of players don’t feel the need t even play past this point so tournaments become a great way to kill time as you wait!


The newest feature that has been added to Clash Royale are its tournaments! Tournaments are created with gems and offer the only method of exciting un penalized gameplay (besides the training camp and friendly battles).
In tournaments, all of your cards are capped at tournament standards that consists of:

King cap: Level 9
Common Cap: Level 9
Rare cap: Level 7
Epic cap: Level 4
Legendary cap: Level 1
Overtime length: 3 mins

Tournaments are ridiculed due to being dominated by only legendary cards, but don’t be afraid to just try! The tourneys have their own trophy system and you are only matched with people inside of your tourney.

They can last between an hour or tree day, but the best things you can do is pace yourself and prepare your battle deck. It’s nearly imperative that you suffer very few losses and get plenty of wins to come in the top ten at least.

The reward chests from tourneys may seem like a joke, but Supercell confirmed that they have a higher probability of dropping a legendaryY

Final Thoughts

The last few tips I can give to a new player are just to have fun! From personal experience, getting upset about the game can happen very easily.

Lot’s of things can be really unfair and a lack of legendary cards can be heartbreaking, but as long as you have the drive to be the best, you can make it to legendary! Who knows? Maybe even free-to-players will be able to make it to the very top of the leaderboards someday…

This was a very broad description of the overall process of progressing, but if you have questions please leave them in the comments! As always Clash on! 🙂

Note: This is a guest post by William.

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