DBZ Dokkan Battle Beginners Guide [F2P]

DBZ Dokkan Battle Beginners Guide [F2P]

By shadypenguinn

Be sure to watch the video above. This guide is designed to talk about Dokkan Battle from a beginners point of view and things you can do being F2P.


The most important thing you can do when you’re new is rerolling. That basically means you get your free summons and if you don’t get anything good you delete the app and restart again.

That’s the best way to get the best card you can get for the free summon. So you can keep rerolling until you get one of the better characters.

Do the Story and Rank up

The best thing you can do in the entire game is just play through the story. Go through it on normal and do all of the chapters.

You get dragon stones for every chapter completed so being a Free to play player this is going to get you a good amount of stones to use. And as you play you’re going to rank up which is very important to do because it affects your team cost.

One of the best levels to grind levels is in area 11 stage 4. It’s the shortest in the area and you can quickly get levels by grinding on it until you reach some of the later areas.

The gameplay itself outside of battle is like a board game where you move around spaces on a map with a randomly determined number of how many spaces you can move. Scattered across the map are items that you can pick up that can be anywhere from awakening items to Zeni.

What you really wanna focus on is doing the story, getting your dragon stones, and trying to rank up to 150 and higher as fast as possible. You’ll be much better off in the game at that point and have some experience to work with.

Training and Awakening Characters

Training is one of the best ways to level your characters and probably the fastest way. In training, you can feed other characters to your selected one in order to give it EXP and level it up.

You can also use training material that can be gathered on stage maps. So by doing this you’re boosting your characters experience and pushing them to levels much faster than just grinding them in fights.

Awakening is also important because that pushes your characters to the next level making them stronger and becoming different versions of the characters. Awakening takes a lot of time and requirements in order to awaken a character and there are typically events that are designed to help with this.


There are always events going on in Dokkan battle and a lot of them are awakening events. These are used for getting awakening materials for characters and are typically more difficult to beat.

Doing events is extremely important when trying to awaken your characters because without them it’s nearly impossible to get what you need at an acceptable rate. That’s why ranking up and leveling your characters is so important.

The better your team is the easier the events are going to be. It’s all about team composition and having a higher team cost allows you to really build a power team that can survive the more difficult events.

Hidden Potential

Another thing to touch on is the Hidden Potential mechanic. The Hidden Potential screen is a large grid with a bunch of different nodes on them.

Each node gives a bonus to your character and there are starts all around the grid that give better bonuses compared to the normal nodes. The best tip I can give for this is always starting in the bottom right and go from there.

You want to aim for the stars as your priorities in Hidden Potential because of the bigger bonuses they give. The Hidden Potential screen looks confusing and can be intimidating for new players but it’s really simple once you start doing it.

Now in order to do Hidden Potential, you need Potential. And the only way to get potential is to do the once a week potential events.

They are extremely limited being only once every week but its the best way to get more potential. So be sure to do them every time they’re available.

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