Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Guide: Tips and Strategy

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Guide: Tips and Strategy

DGZ Dokkan Battle Guide and Tips

Welcome to the Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle guide! I will be giving you some basic and advanced tips to help you progress through the game!

Game Basics

Class Types

There are 5 different class types. Each character will be classified into any of the 5. They are:

  1. PHY
  2. STR
  3. TEQ
  4. AGL
  5. INT

The strength and weakness circle goes like this:


Always use this to your advantage as you will do bonus damage by using the class that is stronger. If you ever forget, the chart is always at the top right corner during battle.

Battle Chess Board

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Map

The map is somewhat like monopoly, where you get to move 1 to 6 steps on the chess board. The moves are random and you get to make 3 different step choices. There will be items you can pick up, battles to encounter and roadblocks to avoid.

Blue Capsules – This are support items. You can get hp recovery, reduce opponent’s defense or change ki color.

Red Capsules – These contain training items to level up your characters.

Purple Capsules – Contains medals that is used to awaken your characters.

Power Up Icon – This will improve your characters ki by a small amount. It is random who they give it to.

Grey Coin – You will get Zeni for landing there.

? – This is a random event and you can get anything or you can also take damage.

Aiming Icon – Avoid these. You will take damage when you land on it.

Yellow Cloud – This takes you to the next area.

Boss Battle – This is the final boss of the map. You cannot avoid this battle.

Some battles can be avoided but most of the time you will want to take on your enemies to gain more experience.

Battle Sequence

Before entering battle, you can choose allies to team up with you. It is important to choose a team that is strong against the bad guys you are facing.

During battle, you will see a huge number of spheres of various colors in front of you. Your goal is to match as many similar color spheres to the color of your character. Goku is AGL(Blue), so you will want to match as many blue spheres as possible.

DGZ Dokkan Battle

If you are not sure how many you can match, you can touch the first sphere and it will show you how many it matches. You can match up to 5 spheres. The multicolored ones work with any color, so be sure to match them well.

When you fill up your power meter, you can unleash a very powerful attack that does a lot of damage. This can be done by collecting many spheres in the least amount of turns. Some characters fill up their meters quicker than some others.

Link Skills

Characters can link up and get bonus stats by being next to each other. You will want to link up as often as possible. As gameskinny says:

Let’s say you have a Trunks (Teen) Hawk Eyes, which has the following Link Skills:

  • Cold Judgement (+300 ATK)
  • Messenger from the Future (+500 ATK)
  • The Vegeta Family (+1 Ki)

You want to have Trunks next to someone else with at least one of those Link Skills when possible in battle. Every Trunks card has all three these Link Skills, meaning if you have one Trunks card next to another, it will proc all three Link Skills.

Always keep in mind you can change the order of your team. Use that to your advantage when you don’t have any matching spheres to your character.

You can check all the link skills each character has on Reddit. Here is a list of all the link skill effects:

Link Skill Effect
 All in the Family +2000 DEF
 Android Assault +1000 DEF
Attack of the Clones +1 Ki
 Battlefield Diva +2 Ki
Berserker ATK +20% when HP is 10% or below
Best Buddies +1 Ki
 Big Bad Bosses ATK +25% when HP is 10% or below
 Bombardment ATK +15%
 Brainiacs +300 ATK, +1000 DEF
 Brutal Beatdown +500 ATK
 Cold Judgement +300 ATK
 Cool Judgement +300 ATK
 Courage +1 Ki
 Coward +1 Ki
 Crane School +500 ATK
 Demon +1 Ki
 Demon Duo +20% ATK
 Dodon Ray +2000 ATK when using Super Attack
 Evil Autocrats +1 Ki
 Family Ties +2 Ki
 Flee +1 Ki when HP is 20% or below
 Frieza’s Army +1000 DEF
 Frieza’s Minion +300 ATK
 Gaze of Respect +2 Ki
Gentleman +2 Ki
 Golden Warrior Ki +1
Opponent DEF -2000
 Hero +20% DEF
 Infighter Opponent DEF -5%
 Kamehameha +2500 ATK when using Super Attack
 Master and Pupil +1 Ki
 Mechanical Menaces +1 Ki
 Messenger from the Future +500 ATK
 Metamorphosis HP recovery +5%
 Money Money Money +1 Ki
 More than Meets the Eye +300 ATK
 Namekians HP recovery +5%
 New +200 ATK
 Over 9000 ATK +10%
 Prodigies +700 ATK
 Respect +500 ATK
 Revival +2 Ki
 Rival Duo -1000 DEf on attacked enemies
+500 ATK
 RR Army +300 ATK
 Saiyan Pride +15% ATK
 Saiyan Warrior Race +700 ATK
 Shocking Speed +2 Ki
 Sibling +1 Ki
 Speedy Retribution +300 ATK
 Strongest Clan in Space +2 Ki
 Strongest Duo on Earth +10% ATK
 Super Saiyan +10% ATK
 Supreme Warrior +1 Ki
 Tag Team of Terror +500 ATK
 Team Bardock +1 Ki
 Telekinesis Opponent DEF – 10%
 The Ginyu Force +25% ATK
 The Hercule Family +1 Ki
 The Innocents +10% ATK
 The Vegeta Family +1 Ki
 Thirst for Conquest +15% ATK
 Tough as Nails +1500 DEF
 Turtle School +500 ATK & +500 DEF
Twin Terrors +2 Ki
 Universe’s Most Malevolent +15% ATK
 World Tournament Champion +1 Ki
 World Tournament Reborn +1 Ki
 Z Fighters +500 ATK

Position Guide

As you can see, the game stresses a lot on linking characters and positioning. We will be going over some things you need to know in regards to position and turns according to koalasan_z.

How it works
– Allied character order when entering dungeon = Random
– Ki Spheres when entering battle = Random
– Order of allied character rotation after entering the dungeon = Not Random

You cannot change the order of allied characters but you change their rotation on when they fight. When entering the battle the first 3 characters starting from the 1 o’clock position of that dial will start with the battle. If you do not re-position characters in battle, they will just appear in sequence, as followed:

Turn 1 Turn 2 Turn 3 Turn 4 Turn 5 Turn 6
Pos 1 – In battle Char 1 Char 4 Char 7 Char 3 Char 6 Char 2
Pos 2 – In battle Char 2 Char 5 Char 1 Char 4 Char 7 Char 3
Pos 3 – In battle Char 3 Char 6 Char 2 Char 5 Char 1 Char 4
Pos 4 – Not in battle Char 4 Char 7 Char 3 Char 6 Char 2 Char 5
Pos 5 – Not in battle Char 5 Char 1 Char 4 Char 7 Char 3 Char 6
Pos 6 – Not in battle Char 6 Char 2 Char 5 Char 1 Char 4 Char 7
Pos 7 – Not in battle Char 7 Char 3 Char 6 Char 2 Char 5 Char 1

Position 1 and 2 characters will return to battle in 2 turns while position 3 character will return in 3 turns. What that means is that you want to place your best 2 attackers on positions 1 and 2 while you place a less offensive character on position 3 since they don’t appear often. Also, position 3 can only link up with position 2. An +Ki or -Atk leader is preferred on position 3.

Strong Pairings

Here are some good pairings you should consider:

  1. Notorious heal combo: Frieza-Zarbon, Piccolo-Nail
  2. SS combo: SSJ2 Gohan, SSJ2 Goku, SSJ Gohan, STR Goku,…
  3. Frieza: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, Final Form

Boss Battles

The bosses from early campaign maps are pretty easy. However, once you progress to mid game and also doing special events, you will want to learn some strategies against bosses since they do a lot of damage.

  1. Blocking Boss Attacks – This can be done by having the correct type against the boss. The recommended number is at least 5. You need all three position 3 to be the correct type to protect the 3rd position get it gets attacked. You can switch position 1 and 2, so they can be protected easily.
  2. Focus on getting special attacks on your strongest character. The damage multiplier favors one strong special attack vs 5 weak ones.

Character Training

You can level up and train your characters from battle and also feeding unused characters to your main characters. Feeding the same color character will give bonus experience. You can also switch training spots.


When your character hits max level(20/40/60), they will not be able to get any stronger. However, you can awaken them and gain bonus stats by collecting the necessary medals from campaign maps. If you want to know where to find the medals, you can check out this awesome guide here.


Dokkan Battle Summoning

There is the dragon stone summoning and the friend stone summoning. Dragon stone summoning gives at least rare characters. Multi summoning doesn’t give you any additional bonuses, so it doesn’t matter.Friend stone summoning usually gives normal characters with smaller chances to get rare characters or higher.

Get More Dragon Stones

The easiest way to get Dragon stones is your wallet. But you can also collect 1 dragon stone for every campaign mission you complete for the first time. For more character info, you can check out the DBZ Dokkan Battle wikia.

General Tips

  • Don’t use your dragon stones for reviving, it is a wast.
  • Save your dragon stones for special summoning events, which usually happens once a month
  • Never sell any characters that are rare(R) or higher
  • You can re-roll by deleting the game starting over when you are given your first pulls. Repeat until you get an SSR character. This takes time, patience and luck.
  • The units max level depends on its rarity: N -> 20, R -> 40, SR -> 60, SSR -> 80, UR -> 100.
  • The fastest way to level units is to z-awaken fodder N units into lvl 20 R units. A level 20 R unit gives about 45,000 xp and only takes about 7,500 xp and 6 small awakening items to get them there (thus over 5 times the return on the xp you put into it). [source: fan site]
  • Run Hercules Zeni event on weekends as you will need as much Zeni as you can.
  • Spending dragon stones on box space is a good idea once you have a solid team going.

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