SW Galaxy of Heroes Character Guide [Leveling, Training + Stat Tips]

SW Galaxy of Heroes Character Guide [Leveling, Training + Stat Tips]

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Having played quite a bit of the game, I realized that leveling your character is quite a fun process. I will be sharing with you some in depth guide on how to make your characters stronger.

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Character Grade

Some characters come at 1 star, while some others start at 2, 3 or even 4 stars. To increase the star level of a character, you will need to collect shards. These shards can be gotten from mission rewards, daily quests or gifts. You can also get a specific character’s shard by doing the hard mission(12 energy cost) of a specific stage. The odds of a shard dropping is quite low, so you will have to grind for a bit just to get one.

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Training and Item/Skill Upgrading

In order to train your characters, you will need to obtain training droids from regular campaign missions. They are dropped after completing any map. As you progress through the game, you will start getting higher grade training droids, which will level your characters much faster. To level up your character, click train on the character menu and feed them with the training droids you got as rewards from your regular maps. Try to max out your starting characters so that you can quickly progress through the campaign map.

Try to stick with a few starting characters you like and use them to complete maps. This will save you credits as you will be needing a lot of them in “late game”.

Many new players might not know right away, but you can equip parts on your character to improve their stats, and therefore increasing the power(PWR). You can equip up to 6 slots, with each slot providing a different stat boost. To find out what parts you need to equip, click on the + and click on the item to find out which map you need to complete to get it. Once you have collected all 6 items and equipped them, you can upgrade your character permanently to further give them a stat boost.

To upgrade the existing skills, you will need a certain level requirement and also farm ability material from Squad Cantina Battle Shipments which unlocks when the player level reaches 28.

Light and Dark

Also keep in mind that only Light characters can fight in light campaigns and Dark characters in dark campaigns. Basically, you need to craft a team for both maps. You can use a mix of Light or Dark characters in the arena though.

Character Stats

Each character has their own unique stat. I will be breaking down the different stats and what they do.

Strength(STR) – Increases Physical Damage(~1.4), Health(18) and Armor(0.14)

Agility(AGI) – Increase Physical Critical Rating(0.40)and Armor(0.07)

Intelligence(INT) – Increases Special Damage(2.4) and Resistance(0.10)

Strength Growth Modifier – Amount of Strength gained per level. Varies on the character.

Agility Growth Modifier – Amount of Agility gained per level.  Varies on the character.

Intelligence Growth Modifier – Amount of Intelligence gained per level.  Varies on the character.

Health – The lifeblood of the character. If this reaches 0 then the character is defeated.

Speed – Determines the rate in which this character gets to take a turn.

Physical Damage – Used to calculate damage death by all Physical abilities. Reduced by the opponent(s) Armor.

Physical Critical Rating – Determines the chance to deliver a Critical Hit for Physical Abilities.

Armor – Reduces the damage taken from abilities using Physical Damage

Armor Penetration – Ignores an equal amount of the opponent(s) Armor.

Dodge Rating – Determines the chance to evade Physical abilities.

Special Damage – Used to calculate the damage dealt by some Special abilities. Reduced by opponent(s) Resistance.

Deflection Rating – Determines the chance to evade Special abilities.

Critical Damage – Increases the amount of damage dealt by a Critical Hit.

Potency – Increases the chance to apply detrimental effects to opponents.

Tenacity – Increases the chance to ward off detrimental effects.

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