Dragon Mania Legends Breeding Guide

Dragon Mania Legends Breeding Guide

Dragon Mania Legends

Here is a list of all Dragons from Dragons Mania Legends. I have added in details for breeding combinations and also their breeding times. You can sort and filter them by their type(rarity), name and element. Use the search function to find the dragon you want.

Here are a few things you need to know:

  • DOTW = Dragon of the Week
  • DOTM = Dragon of the Month
  • Event only – Can only be gotten during special events
  • Boss Dragons – Those can only be bought from the shop

All other dragons not under these categories will be breedable.

Dragon NameElementBreeding CombinationRarityBreeding Time
AgaveElement FireElement WaterElement PlantBoiling + Plant(Both lvl 13)Epic16 hrs
AgentElement MetalElement VoidElement EarthAchieving rank 1-60 Bronze III LeagueEpicInstant
AceElement EnergyElement EarthElement FireTribal + Candy(Both lvl 20)Epic18 hrs
AlienElement VoidElement MetalElement PlantAgent + Orange(Both lvl 18)Epic22 hrs
ArmoredElement MetalElement Earth
Metal + Mud(Lvl 11 and 13)Uncommon8 hrs
AtlasElement EarthElement WaterElement EnergyUnbreedableBossInstant
AshElement FireElement EarthElement WindUnbreedable, Event onlyEpic16 hrs
AuroraElement MetalElement EnergyElement VoidRadiant + Void(Lvl 16 and lvl 10)Epic24 hrs
ArchangelElement LegendaryEvent onlyLegendary2 days
AutumnElement LegendaryN/ALegendary2 days
AcademicElement EarthElement PlantElement WindEvent onlyEpicN/A
BeeElement FireElement WaterSmoke + WindUncommon45 minutes
BerryElement FireElement WindCandy + War, Boiling + CyborgLegendary2 days
BananaElement PlantElement WaterElement EnergyPlant + Honey, Radiant + AgaveEpic20 hrs
Black ArmorElement EarthElement WindElement MetalMud + RazorEpic16 hrs
BlueflameElement WaterElement VoidElement FireRain + Boiling, Jaws + LavaEpic18 hrs
BoilingElement FireElement WaterFire + Water(Both lvl 4)Common4 hrs
BrickElement EnergyElement EarthEnergy + EarthUncommon10 hrs
BronzeElement LightElement MetalElement ShadowStardust + MetalEpic28 hrs
CosmosElement LegendaryWind + Rust, Typhoon + Metal(Both lvl 20)Legendary2 days
CandyElement WaterElement PlantPlant + WaterUncommon8 hrs
ClayElement EarthElement WaterElement EnergyTribal + Candy(Both lvl 22)Epic18 hrs
CloudElement WaterElement WindWater + WindUncommon6 hrs
ClownfishElement WaterElement EarthElement WindMud + Cloud, Smoke + SnowRare12 hrs
CookieElement EarthElement FireElement Water20 Puzzle Pieces via Daily QuestsRareN/A
CoralElement MetalElement PlantElement WaterCandy + Radiant, Rainbow + Venom(Both lvl 12)Epic18 hrs
CyborgElement MetalElement PlantMetal + VenomUncommon10 hrs
Dark MachineElement LegendarySunflower + MagnetLegendary2 days
Dark MatterElement ShadowElement EnergyShadow + EnergyCommon14 hrs
DemonicElement ShadowElement FireShadow + FireCommon10 hrs
DraculaElement VoidElement MetalElement WindMetal + MistEpic20 hrs
DoomElement VoidElement EnergyVoid + RadiantUncommon14 hrs
DustElement WindElement EarthWind + EarthCommon2 hrs
EarthElement Earth1000 gold from shopCommon1 minute
EagleElement WindElement MetalElement VoidEvent onlyEpic20 hrs
EchoElement ShadowElement FireElement WindEvent only: Wind + Boiling (DOTW)Epic20 hrs
EnvyElement VoidElement PlantElement MetalEvent only, gather gold from energy habitatEpic22 hrs
EelElement WaterElement EnergyTesla + RainbowCommon8 hrs
ElementalElement EarthElement WaterElement FireSmoke + ClownfishRare12 hrs
EnergyElement Energy400,000 gold from shopCommon2 hrs
EmeraldElement PlantElement EnergyElement EarthEnergy + TreeEpic20 hrs
EmperorElement LightElement ShadowYeti + NightmareRare22 hrs
EmpressElement EnergyElement ShadowElement PlantHoney + ShadowEpic26 hrs
FaunElement PlantElement EarthDay 7 login rewardRareN/A
FireElement Fire100 gold from shopCommon30 seconds
FirestormElement LegendaryWind + Orange, Wind + WerewolfLegendary2 days
FarmerElement PlantElement Earth12 game referralsRareN/A
FungusElement ShadowElement PlantShadow + PlantCommon12 hrs
GeigerElement EarthElement EnergyEnergy + EarthCommon8 hrs
GeyserElement FireElement WaterElement EnergyEel + Fire(Both lvl 20)Epic18 hrs
GladiatorElement VoidElement FireEvent only, Boiling + Geigar during DOTWRare14 hrs
GhostElement WindElement VoidElement MetalEvent only, Tornado + Dust during DOTWEpic20 hrs
Go GreenElement PlantElement WaterElement WindEvent only, Venom + Ice during DOTWEpic16 hrs
GoldenElement FireElement MetalEvent only, War + Eel during DOTWRare12 hrs
Golden GreenElement PlantElement FireEvent onlyRareN/A
Golden CrowElement EnergyElement MetalElement PlantRadiant + Cyborg, Candy + TeslaEpic22 hrs
GasperElement WindElement VoidElement MetalUnbreedableBossN/A
GolemElement EarthElement MetalElement PlantEvent only, Minotaur + Dino during DOTWEpic18 hrs
IceElement WindElement WaterMud + CloudCommon6.5 hrs
Ice CreamElement LegendaryEvent only, Water + Golden Crow during DOTMLegendary2 days
IroncastElement EarthElement FireElement EnergyUV + BoilingEpic20 hrs
JawsElement VoidElement WaterVoid + WaterUncommon10 hrs
JellyElement VoidElement EnergyElement WaterRadiant + MudEpic22 hrs
KangarooElement WindElement FireElement Plant20 puzzle pieces via Daily Quests(after Cookie Dragon)EpicN/A
KitsuneElement WaterElement EarthElement PlantComplete Clockwork DungeonEpicN/A
KorlothElement FireElement EnergyElement VoidUnbreedableBossN/A
La FontaineElement FireElement WaterElement EnergyUnbreedableBossN/A
LanternElement LegendaryEvent onlyLegendary2 days
LavaElement EarthElement FireEarth + FireCommon1 hr
LeafElement PlantElement WindPlant + BeeUncommon8 hrs
LightningElement EnergyElement WindMeteor + LeafRare14 hrs
Liquid FireElement WaterElement FireElement PlantEvent onlyRare14 hrs
LoveElement LegendaryCandy + Plant during DOTW onlyLegendary2 days
LuckElement WindElement PlantElement EnergyRegal + Ice during DOTW onlyEpic20 hrs
LuminoElement FireElement VoidVoid + FireCommon8 hrs
LunarElement VoidElement WindElement EnergyWitch + Dust during DOTW onlyEpic 22 hrs
LynxElement EnergyElement FireElement EarthGet Bronze I LeagueRareN/A
MachineElement MetalElement WindElement EnergyLava + Armored Dragon during DOTW onlyEpic20 hrs
Machine SnakeElement VoidElement EarthElement EnergyIroncast + Metal during DOTW onlyEpic22 hrs
MagnetElement EarthElement VoidAgent + Praire Rare14 hrs
Maple LeafElement PlantElement FireElement EarthEvent onlyEpic16 hrs
MelonElement WaterElement PlantWater + PlantCommon6 hrs
MercuryElement MetalElement WaterRazor + CloudRare12 hrs
MetalElement Metal140,000 gold from shopCommon1 hr 30 mins
MeteorElement EnergyElement FirePlasma + FireUncommon10 hrs
MeteoriteElement VoidElement ShadowElement LightEvent only: Meteor + Tornado (DOTW)Epic30 hrs
MinotaurElement EarthElement MetalMetal + MudCommon6 hrs
MistElement VoidElement WindVoid + Wind(Both lvl 13)Common8 hrs
MonkElement WindElement VoidElement FireClockwork DungeonEpicN/A
MountainElement EarthElement PlantElement MetalUnbreedableEpicN/A
Mr. PopsicleElement WindElement WaterUnbreedableBossN/A
MudElement EarthElement WaterEarth + WaterUncommon6 hrs
MutantElement PlantElement FireElement EnergyMelon + Energy during DOTW onlyEpic20 hrs
NarwhaleElement LegendaryLightning + MagnetLegendary2 days
NightshadeElement PlantElement VoidLeaf + MistCommon10 hrs
NightmareElement ShadowElement VoidShadow + VoidCommon14 hrs
NurtureElement PlantElement WindElement WaterEvent onlyEpic16 hrs
OrangeElement FireElement PlantElement EarthFire + FaunEpic16 hrs
ObsidianElement ShadowElement WindShadow + WindCommon10 hrs
PaletteElement WindElement EnergyEvent onlyRare14 hrs
PalmElement PlantElement WindElement EarthEvent onlyRare14 hrs
PeacockElement WindElement WaterEvent onlyRareN/A
PharoahElement VoidElement WindElement EarthDaily prize day 120EpicN/A
PhoenixElement FireElement EnergyElement VoidSmoke + Plasma DOTW onlyEpic22 hrs
PixelElement LegendaryFire + Black Armor DOTM onlyLegendary2 days
PixieElement LegendarySunflower + LightningLegendary2 days
PlanetElement LegendaryUnbreedableLegendary2 days
PlantElement Plant40,000 gold from shopCommon1 hr
PlasmaElement FireElement EnergyEnergy + FireCommon8 hrs
Pop ArtElement WaterElement Fire5 game referralsRareN/A
PrairieElement EarthElement WindElement FireConnect on FacebookRareN/A
PricklyElement VoidElement PlantVoid + Plant(Both lvl 14)Uncommon12 hrs
PulsarElement FireElement VoidElement WindSeed + War during DOTW onlyEpic18 hrs
PirateElement ShadowElement WaterShadow + WaterCommon10 hrs
RadiantElement VoidElement EarthElement EnergyDaily prize day 30EpicN/A
RagnorakElement MetalElement VoidElement FireDaily prize day 60EpicN/A
RainElement WaterElement VoidWater + VoidCommon8 hrs
RainbowElement EnergyElement WaterEnergy + BoilingUncommon10 hrs
RastafariElement WindElement WaterElement EarthMud + Cloud during DOTW onlyRare12
RazorElement MetalElement WindMetal + WindUncommon8 hrs
ReaperElement ShadowElement MetalShadow + MetalCommon12 hrs
RedflowerElement PlantElement FireElement WaterRuby + Water during DOTWEpic16 hrs
RegalElement WindElement MetalElement WaterTornado + WaterEpic16 hrs
ReindeerElement LegendaryUnbreedableLegendary2 days
RobotElement MetalElement EnergyElement EarthClockwork DungeonEpicN/A
RockerElement ShadowElement EnergyElement FireFire + Dark MatterEpic24 hrs
RootElement LegendaryFaun + Rastafari DOTM onlyLegendary2 days
RogueElement ShadowElement EarthShadow + EarthCommon10 hrs
RubyElement EarthElement EnergyElement FireRadiant+ Elemental, Meteor + PrairieEpic18 hrs
RustElement MetalElement WaterElement EarthSnow + Metal, Faun + RegalRare14 hrs
SalamanderElement FireElement EarthElemental + TigerUncommon1 hr 30 mins
SeedElement WindElement PlantPlant + WindCommon6 hrs
ShadowElement Shadow1.5mil gold from shop(44)Common8 hrs 50 mins
ShardElement VoidElement MetalMetal + VoidCommon10 hrs
ShamanElement ShadowElement EarthElement PlantEarth + Fungus (Both lvl 20)Epic22 hrs
Shooting StarElement FireElement EarthEvent onlyRareN/A
SirenElement LegendarySunflower + MercuryLegendary2 days
SkeletonElement LegendaryN/ALegendary2 days
Slam DunkElement WindElement EarthElement VoidEvent onlyEpicN/A
SmokeElement WindElement FireFire + WindCommon30 mins
SnowElement WaterElement EarthWater + EarthCommon4 hrs
SoccerElement EnergyElement EarthMud + Razor during DOTW onlyRare14 hrs
SparklerElement FireElement MetalElement EnergyEvent onlyEpic20 hrs
StardustElement ShadowElement LightElement VoidEmperor + Shard (both are lvl 20)Epic29 hrs
Star StripeElement MetalElement EnergyElement FireEvent onlyEpic20 hrs
SteampunkElement MetalElement WindElement WaterComplete Heroic ModeEpicN/A
SteelElement MetalElement VoidArena Silver League 1RareN/A
StormElement EnergyElement WindElement VoidRadiant + WindEpic22 hrs
SunflowerElement FireElement PlantWar + CandyRare12 hrs
SwampElement VoidElement EarthElement PlantVoid + TreeEpic20 hrs
SwordN/AEvent onlyN/AN/A
TeslaElement EnergyElement MetalEnergy + MetalCommon10 hrs
The OddestElement WaterElement PlantUnbreedableBossN/A
The SludgeElement VoidElement EnergyElement WaterUnbreedableBossN/A
Thunder WolfElement EnergyElement MetalUnbreedableBossN/A
Tick TockElement EarthElement WindConnect to Apple WatchRareN/A
TigerElement EnergyElement PlantElement FireMeteor + LeafEpic20 hrs
TitanElement LegendaryMercury + MagnetLegendary2 days
TololocheElement EnergyElement PlantEvent onlyRare10 hrs
TornadoElement WindElement MetalMetal + WindCommon6 hrs
TorpedoElement MetalElement FireElement WaterGet Diamond League IIIRareN/A
ToxicElement PlantElement EnergyElement VoidNightshade + Energy Epic1 day
TouchdownElement EarthElement ShadowElement PlantEvent only: Venom + Dust (DOTW)Epic22 hrs
TreeElement EarthElement PlantPlant + EarthCommon6 hrs
TriadElement EarthElement MetalElement PlantUnbreedableBossN/A
TribalElement FireElement EarthElement WindSmoke + Dust or Register Facebook AccountRare12 hrs
TricolorElement WaterElement MetalEvent onlyRareN/A
TyphoonElement EarthElement WaterElement WindWater + Smoke during DOTWRare12 hrs
Uncle SamElement WindElement EnergyElement FireEvent onlyEpicN/A
UVElement MetalElement EnergyMetal + Energy(Both lvl 13)Uncommon12 hrs
VenomElement PlantElement MetalPlant + MetalCommon8 hrs
VenominaElement PlantElement FireElement EnergyUnbreedableBossN/A
VoidElement Void800,000 gold from shopCommon3 hrs
VortexElement LegendaryMercury + LightningLegendary2 days
WarElement MetalElement FireFire + MetalCommon6 hrs
WarlordElement LegendaryTop 3 Diamond League ILegendary 2 days
WaterElement Water10,000 gold from shopCommon5 mins
WerewolfElement FireElement EarthElement PlantRoot + Wind during DOTWEpic16 hrs
WindElement Wind200 gold from shopCommon30 secs
Wind-upElement EnergyElement MetalElement WindEvent onlyEpicN/A
WitchElement EnergyElement VoidVoid + EnergyCommon12 hrs
WizardElement VoidElement FireElement WindClockwork DungeonEpicN/A
X-RayElement LightElement VoidLight + VoidCommon14 hrs
YetiElement LightElement MetalLight + MetalCommon12 hrs
Yin YangElement LegendaryEvent onlyLegendary2 days
ZombieElement EarthElement VoidElement FireClockwork DungeonEpicN/A

Special thanks to DML wikia and Guide 4 Gamers for the info.

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