Kendall and Kylie Game Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Kendall and Kylie Game Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Kendall and Kylie Game Guide

Kendall and Kylie Jenner launched their new game recently, developed by Glu Mobile (yes the same company that produced Kim Kardashian: Hollywood). The game is basically about you befriending Kendall and Kylie, and finding your way to fame. You start as a simple girl moving to Santa Monica, working at a saloon for barely pay rent. Then your life changes when you meet Kendall and Kylie and you start rising to stardom.

To play the game and become famous you need to collect money, energy, experience points and special K-Gems. K-Gems are needed mostly to flirt with people to get yourself to parties, events and meet new people. You can also use them if you’re impatient and want to speed some things up. We are going to share with you best tips and trick to ensure your amazing gameplay.

Working at Salon

After playing the game for some time you will most probably spend your money, since there is so many things you can buy, and I guess you also have to spend money to make money. Anyways, you might get into a situation that no matter how good you’re doing with your fame you just need a little extra cash. Because you started your game working at the salon you are always welcome back. All you have to do is ask Gretta for help, and she will give you a choice of four hours or eight hours shift. This will not pay a lot of money, but will get you some extra cash when you really need it.

Watch the Videos

If you’re in need of some cash, energy bolts or K-gems and you need it fast, you can watch some advertisement videos through the app and win them. All you have to do is click on “Cash” and choose “Free”. App will then ask you if you would like to watch a video, and you simply tap “Yes”. It works exactly the same for Energy. Tap on the Energy bar, choose “Get free energy” and then just watch the video. You repeat whole process again if you want K-gems. You generally get 1 bolt, 1 gem or 10 cash for watching videos.

Complete Goals and Achievements

Completing goals with 5 stars will get you experience points and cash. To follow main story line and complete them look for characters with yellow exclamation mark “!”, talk to them and they will give you instructions on what to do next.

You can also check your achievements list to see which ones you can complete to get more rewards.

Completing these tasks will also give you experience points that will help you level up. Each time you level up you get lots of money, energy bolts and K-Gems.

Open those Gift Boxes

You will get gift boxes occasionally, so don’t forget to open them. You can get stickers, tattoos, accessories and different item. Usually it takes few hours to get another one, but if you’re impatient you can always use K-Gems to get more. This is not recommend though, since they can be spent on better things.

Tap the Enchanted Objects

As you play the game, enchanted objects will appear randomly in the background. All you have to do is tap them and you can get lightning bolts, money, power reloads or experience points.

Don’t Forget Pets

Yes getting a pet costs money to both buy and feed it, but it pays off later on. You can get energy, experience and money by playing with your pet. Also, who doesn’t like pet pictures on social media? Your puppy could get you some new followers.

Romance and Drama For More Followers

When you’re famous on social media there is nothing people love more than a good love story. While you’re looking for success don’t forget to date and try to find your soul mate. Posting about your love life will keep followers entertained.

The game is really fun to play. You can customize your character as you like, than build your career, go shopping, partying and pretty much do what you would in real life if you were becoming famous. As you play you get access to new clothes, accessories, and you also get real videos from Kyle and Kendall. This is a nice touch to make this game a bit more personal. Once you get immerged in this game, you will play it for hours without even realizing how much time has passed. You should definitely try it for yourself!

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