Enneas Saga Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Enneas Saga Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Enneas Saga has arrived and we’ve got a great beginners guide to take you over most of the basics of game as well as some tips and tricks that will help up master the game quickly.

Heroes – Star Ratings, Advancement, Awakening and Transcendence.

With in Enneas Saga you will form a 5 person party with a mixture of roles; Tanks, Melee, Ranged and Healers. Heroes are generally obtained by hero stone drops found on certain stages but can be obtained from completing dungeons, opening up chest and using the store.

To advance your Heroes star level you will have to dedicate yourself to not only gaining experience by using that hero in combat but by using xp consumables called Reinforcement Components. Once you Max out experience and reach level 20 you will then be able to do the advancement.

Advancement increases that Heroes overall stats, resets their level to level 1 and raises their star level and occasionally gives them access to new skills. The amount of materials required to advance your Hero increases each stage and unlocks different types of materials needed to advance more.

ennas saga advancement

Then you can begin then start the Awakening process. This process requires you to have or obtain that specific Hero, Hero Stones to further advance the Heroes to a higher Grade. Awakening a Hero can provide passive buffs to that characters stats.

Transcendence is another sub section, along with awakening where you find doesn’t reset their experience level but it can increase the total amount of levels a hero can obtain in the more advanced awakens stages and at a 6 star rating.


ennas saga weaponsUnlike other games you do not have to find gear for your Hero. Each hero comes pre-equipped with their gear at level 1. Equipment has its own advancement however through the Reinforcement system which will increase the weapons base stats. Upgrading the star level will further increase its stats and reset its level. Each piece of equipment has its own rating and different material requirements as its strength increases.


Leadership / Elements

Leadership bonuses is where elemental types come into play. The leader of your team will be the first Hero you add to your line up, and this sets that Leadership bonus if they have one. Alternatively you can tap the Crown underneath a hero to activate the leadership bonus.

ennas saga elements

You have to look under a Heroes Skill menu to find out if they have a Leadership bonus or change each of the heroes in the battle menu to see if it applies the bonus. An example of how you the leadership bonus is like this; A leadership bonus such as “Will of Fire” will multiply the attack of Fire-type team members on your team by 1.25.


Combat in Enneas Saga is fairly straight forward after you’ve built your five man team comp and enter the battle stage. You have the option of manually choosing when to use your Heroes ultimate abilities or letting the game auto play. There is usually no point to take the game off of auto play if your team’s offensive level is higher than the stage you’re on.

When you start facing bosses or more difficult stages you may need to micromanage your abilities. Mostly so you can 3 star clear a stage where the AI might misuse an ultimate ability.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t forget to visit the shop to sell junk items for gold.
  • Want to learn where to obtain a hero? use the Hero book and tap Reward Info for detailed information on that Hero.
  • You auto collect loot upon completing a stage, so ignore the chest that fall to the ground.
  • You can set up to 3 different team comps by tapping the Team button on the battle menu. This is great for when you want a main line up, and a farming line up.
  • Reinforcement points have a timer. Focus on your strongest hero for early advancement.
  • Leveling skills has a timer. Level up your healer first to make sure you can 3 star stages early on.
  • Only pull 10x Treasure Chests.
  • Tap and Hold reinforcement components to auto use them.
  • Collect Challenge Board rewards.
  • Sail the twisted Route for treasures, XP consumable and Hero Stones.
  • Collect daily quest rewards, they stack up fast and lead to bonus chest.
  • Raising your team level increases your max amount of Meat.
  • Run the Underground Arena for easy loot.
  • The Underground Arena will have a daily Buff to a specific element type.
  • Adding a “Friend” to your battle line up will give you an additional leadership buff.
  • Sweeping Stages multiple times requires higher VIP levels. Check the challenge board to grab a few VIP mileage points.
  • To open up the different area’s you will have to increase your Team Level. Team Level is increased by the experience you gain for completing one of the stages.

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