Dungeon Boss Guide: Tips and Strategy

Dungeon Boss Guide: Tips and Strategy

Dungeon Boss Guide

Welcome to the Dungeon Boss guide! This is a fun turn based strategy game with a resemblance to Lego and Minecraft! You can download the game here.

Game Basics

Coins – The main currency of the game. This is used for upgrading hero skills.

Energy – This is used to enter dungeons. You get 1 energy every 6 minutes.

Gems – The pay to win currency.

Hammer – Used to upgrade treasure chest and safe. You get these from dungeons.

In this game, you get to collect heroes of various elements to fight against tough dungeon bosses. There are primarily 5 elements:

  1. Fire(Red) – Gets 30% bonus vs Nature(Green) units and -25% bonus vs Water(Blue) units
  2. Water(Blue) – Gets 30% bonus vs Fire(Red) units and -25% bonus vs Nature(Green) units
  3. Nature(Green) – Gets 30% bonus vs Water(Blue) units and -25% bonus vs Fire(Red) units
  4. Light(Yellow) – Gets 30% bonus vs Dark(Purple) units
  5. Dark(Purple) – Gets 30% bonus vs Light(Yellow) units

Characters: Rogar Stonecrusher

Dungeon Boss Hero Stat

Now, each hero gets 1 skill aside from their regular attack. Your heroes will learn new skills as they ascend. Special items are required to ascend each hero.

There are also special traits that each individual hero has. For example, melee heroes will this trait called “Armor”, which reduces damage taken from melee attacks. Ranged heroes will have the trait called “Magical”, which reduces incoming magical attacks. In maps where there are plenty of physical attackers, the melee heroes will come in handy.

Hero Abilities

Dungeon Boss Hero Abilities

You can upgrade the abilities of the hero when they level up. Upgrading their abilities improve damage and  or any special effects. You can only upgrade your skills based on your hero’s level. If they are level 10, then the max upgrade you can do is up to level 10. Upgrading the skills costs an increment of 500 gold per level.


Dungeon Boss Campaign

The campaign map allows you collect tokens of heroes that you can use to unlock new heroes. Certain maps also contain certain “evo materials” required for ascending of your heroes. These “evo materials” appear in the battles and you will have to kill them quickly to get them. Otherwise, they will run away.

As you acquire more heroes, it would be a good idea to field a team with elemental advantage. This will make your life a lot easier. You can also take along 3 different kind of potions along with you. It is ideal to bring healing potions if you don’t have a dedicated healer in the team.

Evo Materials

Dungeon Boss Evo Materials

As mentioned before, each hero needs evo materials to ascend. It is important to know which map to farm to get the evo materials you need. If you want to ascend Rogar Stonecrusher to the second stage, you will need mostly red Fire Evo Larva, Fire Evo, Light Evo Larva. You can click on each evo material to see where they drop. He will also learn a new skil in the process.

Xp Potions

When you clear a map, you get XP potions. These give experience to your heroes, allowing them to level up and get stronger. There are 6 types of XP potions that give a varying amount of XP. Only the smallest size is available as a drop(gives +20 Xp).

Hero Portals

Dungeon Boss Hero Portal

Playing the game gives you some gems and allows you to summon some good heroes. Each day, you get a free “Great Summon“. After that, it costs 10,000 gold to get “Great Summon”. These will give you random hero tokens for you to unlock a new hero. The “Heroic Summon” guarantees you get a unlocked hero and sometimes you can get ascended heroes at higher grade levels.

The Honor Summons are similar to great summons and you can get them via Raid PvP or through your friends using your heroes.

The VIP Summons can only be unlocked by buying gems. This is more for paying players. Having these gives you bonus experience and more chances for better summons.

My Dungeon(PvP Raid)

Dungeon Boss PvP Raid Upgrade Treasure Chest

This is where you get to fight vs other players. At level 10, this gets unlocked and you can take on other players. You get 4 raid tickets. Here is also the place to upgrade your treasure chest, which you can do so with Hammers. Upgrading the treasure chest increases gold production and also reduce the amount of gold you lose when people raid you.

You can also set your raid defense team of 4 to deter people from attacking you. A team of 2 melee and 2 ranged with 1 being a healer and 4 different elements will be a good standard defense.

General Guide and Tips

  • Always complete daily quests
  • Kill evo monster in sight immediately. Sometimes in auto mode, the AI might derp and not attack them.
  • Create an online player profile. Start adding players and you can use your ally monsters in battle.
  • Put your highest leveled and strongest heroes for your personal dungeon(PvP).
  • Use your available gold to only upgrade the skills of heroes you use often
  • Your heroes can only be as high level as your player level. If your player level is 11, then your heroes can only go up to level 11.

This is a very fun game so far. I will be updating this page as I progress further into the game!

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