Epic Seven Equipment Guide – Maximize your Gears

Epic Seven Equipment Guide – Maximize your Gears


By K Gaming

A big thanks to K Gaming for the video above. Be sure to watch it for the full detailed guide given.

Equipment Guide

The first part of this guide is gotta be the basis of the equipment’s and the second part is gonna be the stats. In the beginning, we see Tieria and Krau with some of the best equipment given to them.

In the video above it shows their stats with this equipment. Tieria having insane speed and Krau having some of the highest HP you can get.

This is to kind of show you what you’re aiming for and what you can obtain in the game. But it’s going to take some time and work to get to that point.

Equipment Ratings

The first thing to go over about equip are the different tiers you can get. The tiers are colored starting from White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Red being the Epic tier.

The tiers go from 1 to 6 and tier 6 equipment are the best ones you can get and want to aim for. But the question for most is where the equipment drops.

They drop from five places in the game. You can get them from your Hunt which is your Wyverns. Banshee’s, and Golems.

And then you can get them from your maps or field maps. The third place is going to be your Labyrinth, the fourth is your Steel Workshop. And the last is buying from your Secret Shops with your gold.

There are some differences between these places. Like on the field maps, Epic items do not drop. Meaning the highest equipment you can get there are the Purple items.

It can drop Tier 6 purple items but not red items. The next one is a bit tricky and hard to believe but seems to be true regardless.

Labyrinth Epic items are 1 tier above the rest. Meaning if you get a good one from Hunt or the Steel Workshop, Labyrinth will give the same item with better stats.

Between two items it’s shown that an item got from another place compared to Labyrinth will have lower stats. Below is the comparison that is given in the video above.

The top picture shows the item gotten from areas like Hunt or Steel Workshop. It has its main Stat and its Sub stat and the main stat are decided by the level x 5.

So it’s level is 15 which means the stat increases by 5 each level. So by being level 15, it goes up 5 times by 5 making it 25.

In the picture below is the same item gotten from the Labyrinth but with a higher Main stat. Being at 35 instead of 25 speed.

It’s the same T4, both plus 15, but one is at 25 and the other is at 35. Now the question is if this is true for all other items in the game. There’s no real way to prove this but it is believed.

Now to further understand the basics of equipment there is a chart. It shows the Main Stats and Sub Stats and how they are based depending on the item.

Look at the top part which is the Main Stats. You can get all these kinds of combinations with the RNG factor determining what you’re getting.

For example, let’s take a look at the weapons. You can get Attack as the Main Stat which is the only stat you can get as the main.

For the Sub Stat, you can get four out of the listed stats below it. These all come completely random and everytime you upgrade one extra option might be added or it might enhance the percentage that you have.

In this game, the best stats you have for your heroes are percentage over the flat figures. But back to the point, you can get any combination of these but it’s basically RNG and you have to keep farming for the exact one that you want.

One thing to note is in the bottom right of the chart it says “Every other stat possible except for the main stat”. What does that mean exactly?

For example, we’ll use a necklace. If you get attack percentage on your necklace as a Main it means you cannot get that same stat as a sub stat. That’s basically what it means.

Equipment and Heroes

When it comes to your heroes there are a lot of deciding factors to decide what kind of sets your heroes should have. Messing around with different combinations is obviously part of the fun of the game but it can help to know a few guidelines to give you an idea of what works.

Whatever sets or tier you have, sub stats are very important in this game. Normally I’d recommend to give 4 attack sets and 2 crit sets on your DPS and try to maximize each equipment with max Crit chance to get 75 or above chance.

However, it is possible to obtain that same amount about of chance in sub-stats. For DPS you’re ultimately looking at getting your crit chance as high as possible giving you an idea on what to aim for.

But to further this point we’re going to start looking at how hero stats work. Looking at Tieria at 3-star with nothing upgraded at level 5 out of 30.

At level 5 her attack is pretty basic and nothing special. But by adding one piece of equipment, Health gear in the video, It gives a 5% Hp and 4% Defense.

And by equipping that the stats are increased based on the percentage. The base stats of a hero are what determine the overall stats with equipment.

The higher the heroes stats the higher your equipment stats are going to be for them. Once again, your gear is divided into main stats and sub stats and sets.

The main and sub stats are very important and I can’t stress enough how important the percentage is over the flat rate. And this is even more so when going into hero stats as well.

But for some equipment, you can be given more increase stats than others. Below is a chart for Shoes, Necklaces, and Rings showing what they can give.

These three gears will give you the most enhancement in your hero out of other equipment. The main reason is that these three gears give more percentage compared to the other equipment.

Weapons, Armor, etc. all mostly give flat number values instead of percentage values. Whereas the Shoes, Necklaces, and Rings give better percentage values.

So we’ve gone over how the Main Stats work. Having their base stat value which goes up by 5 per level until reaching max level.

The Sub Stats work a little differently. Sub Stats go up to a max of 4 options but starts at 3 whenever you get it but it gains 4 when you upgrade.

But this is where the RNG comes in. When you upgrade it will upgrade one of these four at a range.

This basically means that your Sub stats increase completely randomly when you upgrade. You can level up a piece of equipment and each level your Sub Stats will be randomly chosen on how they increase.

One Sub Stat could increase by anywhere from 1% to 5%. You could have two or three Sub Stats increase all together or get the bare minimum of one stat with one increase.

The random factor is what makes Sub different from Main. And it can be a little tricky trying to get exactly what you want with the RNG factor.

Now, do not get depressed or frustrated if you can’t get Red or Purple high tie items quickly. They take time but also shouldn’t be the only thing you aim for.

There are some pretty good Blue items in the game that can be just as useful if not more depending on the RNG you have with it. Red and Purple gear should mostly be focused on for the endgame as well so it’s something that’ll come with time.

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