Design Home Guide [Tips & Tricks]

Design Home Guide [Tips & Tricks]


Hello Friends. Welcome to the Design Home Guide! This is a guide to help you understand the mechanics and basics of Design Home. It’s a simple little game that doesn’t take much to understand but that doesn’t mean there aren’t aspects that can’t be expanded on.


Design Home


Design Home is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a Home Designing Simulator.

You take control as a Home Designer and go around to different houses adding pieces of furniture and other things to the room. The better the house looks the better your score will be.

A big aspect of the game is the rating mechanic where you’re asked to rate the designs of other peoples houses. Doing so grants you items you need in game like cash, keys, and diamonds.


Voting and Home Designs


When you vote you’re asked to vote five designs at a time. You’ll be shown two separate rooms and you’ll pick between them which one you think looks the best.

Once you’ve voted five times you’ll be rewarded with keys. The more times you vote the more keys you get.


You need keys in order to design more homes for each house. Each home costs a certain number of keys and with out the right amount you won’t be able to design that house.

So voting is a great method of gaining keys to get to work on the houses you want to design. After you’ve collected enough keys you’ll move into the main function of the game


When you start designing you’ll be given two kinds of items to use. Blue items which are required to use in order to complete the house. And purple items which are optional.

Aside from the items you may also have requirements you have to meet in order to complete the stage. Like having to add a specific kind of item by color or by type.



When you start adding items into the home you’ll be brought to the store screen. At the start you’re given a certain amount of items that you own and you can use those when ever you like.

But in cases where you have to meet certain requirements you may not have what the house calls for. In which case you need to buy the required item and that’s where your cash comes in.

Each item costs a different amount and the better the item the higher the cost. So your best use of your money is to always use your owned items unless specified otherwise.

If you can make do with what you already have then do that. Only buy things when you absolutely have to in order to complete the house.


When you finish your house design with all the requirements met you’ll be rewarded with the prizes from that stage. Mostly with cash but you’ll also sometimes get diamonds as well.

The more houses you do the higher your Designer score goes up. And the score only really matters if you plan on getting higher in the leader boards.


The Shop


Aside from voting and designing a lot of your time will be spent in the games shop. Once you’ve played around a little bit and have made a decent amount of cash you and look into getting items you like more than need.

This is a very cosmetic game so the whole point is to design a house to look the best. So you have to use items you think look good as well as what you’re required to use.

In the shop the items are split up in three basic sections. New Arrivals, By Brand, and by Type.


If you’re really into Home Designing and decorating then you will really shine at this game. All the brands used are well known in home design and will make it very easy for you to find what you want if you’re familiar with them.

Once you have all the items you need, require, and want, you can start setting up houses in anyway you choose. There’s a bit more freedom in the game once you get passed your first few houses.

When you start gathering a lot more money, and you will it piles up very quickly. You can pretty much design homes in anyway you want even with requirements.

Everything flows together easily in Home Design and makes it very easy to understand and work with. So always remember to vote, follow your requirements, and only buy things from the store that you need at first. Once you make the money you need you can start splurging on better things.


So I hope this guide was helpful to some of you. If you’re just getting into Home Design i’m sure you’ll pick it up very quickly.

And if Home Design is a possible career choice then this game is definitely a great place to start. You can learn basics of how to put a room together and make it look presentable.

So enjoy becoming a famous Home Designer. Until next time.

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