Hungry Shark World Guide for Newbies [Tips and Tricks]

Hungry Shark World Guide for Newbies [Tips and Tricks]

Welcome to the Hungry Shark World Guide for Newbies! Keep reading if you’re ready to get the upper-fin in Hungry Shark World with these tips and tricks. These tips and tricks will get you started off right within the game world and will help you reach the next stage of Shark evolution in no time. Get ready to bite into the competition!

For the early levels of Hungry Shark World you will play the game as a XS (Extra Small) sized shark, the Blacktip Reef Shark.

Hungry Shark World XS Shark

This limit you to a specific amount of fish and humans that you can eat. (Yes, you can eat humans!) You need to eat things to keep your health bar up, or it will deplete over time and you ultimately die. Large schools of fish are great to keep you alive.

What you can eat depends on your Shark size, typically it’s best to go through trial and error, finding out what you can and can’t eat but I have a small list for you to get started with.

  • Swimming humans, Humans on land and in boats.
  • Small crabs
  • Small fishes (Tropical fish etc.)
  • Smaller Sharks
  • Small turtles
  • pink gem fish


Different types of Sharks:

Hungry Shark World sharks
Sharks in Hungry Shark World range from XS to XXL (Extra Small to Extra Extra Large). The larger the shark, the larger the prey you can eat. You start off as a Blacktip Reef Shark, the smallest shark in the game and you can either unlock through playing the game or purchase with and get a different shark of your choice. You will find power house sharks like The Great White shark at the end of the list and even the Megalodon!

The more Sharks you unlock the more maps you will be able to visit.

To see a complete listing of the Shark types available in Hungry Shark World check out our Hungry Shark world all sharks list


What your Shark stats do!

Hungry Shark World stats
Shark Speed increases your swim speed – This greatly increases your swim movement speed, a stat you will want to prioritize.
Shark Bite increases how fast you eat prey – This allows you to eat larger prey faster and consume smaller prey with ease.
Shark Boost increases your boost duration – This is great if you need to run away from dangers such as larger sharks or Dolphins which will kill you early on. This also allows you to propel yourself out of water high into the air or onto land.

You can spend your gold coins on one of these 3 stats to increase the rating of your Shark. ¬†I highly recommend you start out with the Speed stat. You do not have to max out a shark’s stat before moving onto the next shark.

The Gold Rush meter.

Gold Rush occurs when you’ve eaten a certain amount of fish or humans. When You enter the Gold Rush phase you will be able to eat anything that is gold in color, and for each person or fish you eat, you will gain several gold coins.

Ideally you want to trigger gold rush when you’re around a large school of fish (Something like Skoal) and then immediately dive through the school of fish, and head towards other targets to get a giant wad of gold coins. You have infinite boost when you’re in Gold Rush mode as well as a full health bar.

Repeatedly triggering Gold Rush mode will eventually unlock Mega Gold Rush which turns every thing red and during the duration of Mega gold Rush you can eat anything! (This includes larger fish, and things like sea mines)


Avoid these at all cost!!

As a smaller shark there are a few things you need to avoid. Either these things can or will kill you or they will cause you serious damage if you don’t approach them properly. As the smallest Shark available you want to avoid some of the¬†following:

  • Mines
  • Garbage
  • Jelly fish
  • Puffer fish
  • Dolphins.
  • humans on jet skis, police.
  • Anything larger than you!

Your First Pet!!Hungry Shark World Pets

The first pet companion you will want to unlock is Dave. The pets in Hungry Shark world help you gain points by eating things near by you, they’re great when you’re clearing out schools of fish. Dave cost 2000 gold coins so keep him in mind when you’re collecting gold coins towards your next shark upgrade.

You can unlock other pets by completing high scores, missions and by using pink gems.

Shark Accessories.

Hungry Shark World accesories
The accessories in Hungry Shark World provide a passive % multiplier. You will find the % Health and Food bonus multipliers to be great starting out but you don’t want to purchase an accessory until you have your first shark and pet, unless you’re finding it hard to stay alive. Then later on you will want the -% health accessories. A list of attributes from accessories can be found below.

  • +%Growth
  • +%Health
  • +%Gold
  • +%Gold Rush
  • +second Gold Rush
  • -%Health Drain
  • +%points
  • +% Survival Bonus
  • +% Food Bonus

General Tips and Tricks –

  • Complete missions to unlock sharks faster.
  • Buy the Pacific Island map for easy navigation.
  • Further map upgrades show you where the H U N G R Y letters are located.
  • Each H U N G R Y letter you collect gives you gold and points.
  • Max out your Shark speed rating first.
  • Save most of your credits until you reach Small sized shark (Whitetip Reef Shark, Porbeagle Shark.) This allows you to purchase a new shark at 3000-4000 gold coins and to buy a companion pet for 2000 gold coins.
  • Always eat the people at surface level to rack up easy points and to clear missions faster.
  • Eat entire school of fishes for bonus points.
  • Eat puffer fish after they deflate
  • Attack other sharks and scuba diving humans from behind or below.
  • The longer you survive the more points you gain and additional a survival bonus.
  • Collect the daily chest for easy gold and occasionally pink gems.
  • Eat pink Gem Fish. They are worth 1 pink gem.
  • Save your Gems for a big ticket premium item.
  • Use your boost to break free of attacks or to clear entire schools of fish in one gulp.
  • Click the + button to go to the shop, go to the Free Stuff tab and watch trailers to earn easy gold coins.
    You can watch a video after death to restart your current life and raise your score higher. You can do this 2-3 times.

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