Bleach Brave Souls Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Bleach Brave Souls Guide: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Welcome to the newbie guide for Bleach Brave Souls! This game is published by Klab Global. I believe this is the first big Bleach game on the mobile platform. We will be providing tips to help you progress in the game without making any rookie mistakes we made!

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Basic Gameplay

This is a hack and slash game that is quite similar to Soul Seeker. You have access to skills that you can use to defeat your enemies. You are going to start off with a 2 star Ichigo. Currently, you can get characters ranging from 1 to 5 stars. Each star level will unlock a special skill that you can use. Higher star character will have more skills they can use. At 3 stars, most characters will have access to their special skills.

Bleach Brave Souls Battle Area

There are normally 3 areas in a battle map. The first 2 areas are fighting regular mobs. You will gain special souls(3 max) that allows you to use your character’s special attacks. You can have up to 3 members in your party. You can also switch members while in a battle. Most of the time, you won’t need to unless you are facing stronger opponents that are way out of your difficulty level.

You can get bad status effects from certain enemies.

  • Paralyze – Cannot move
  • Burn – Damage over time
  • Poison – Damage over time(good boss killing skill)
  • Confuse – Move in Opposite direction
  • Freeze – Cannot move

Element Advantage and Disadvantage

Most of these games have rock, paper and scissors relationships. This game is no different. The 5 main attributes a character can have is:

  • Red – Power
  • Green – Technique
  • Blue – Speed
  • Purple – Heart
  • Orange – Mind

Bleach Brave Souls Attribute Advantage 2 Bleach Brave Souls Attribute Advantage 1

Coins and Gems(Spirit Orbs)

Coins are the main currency you use to upgrade your characters and they are easily obtained from regular battles. Gems are the “pay 2 win” currency that you use to summon characters. You can obtain gems by completing campaign or special event quests. When you complete a campaign/event quest, if you complete all 3 mission objectives, you will get 4 gems. If it is your first time completing it, you get another gem.

Shop Summoning and Accessories

Bleach Brave Souls Summons

This is where you get to find your favorite characters. There are 4 different types of summons:

  • Premium Summons – Guaranteed at least 3 stars and a small bonus to get a specific summon
  • Normal Summon Ticket – Guaranteed at least a 2 star character with a small chance to get 3 star or higher summon
  • Premium Summon Ticket – Same as the premium summon but without any bonuses.
  • Accessory – Chance to get 4 star accessories

I recommend you save up at least 250 gems to get the guaranteed at least 1 4 star summon. Gems are fairly easy to get at the start of the game. I was able to amass 250 gems just from regular campaign mode and co-op. That way, you are guaranteed to get at least a strong 4 star summon. Accessories are nice but until you have a solid 5 star roster, accessories won’t be as important.

Soul and PvP Tickets

Soul tickets are your energy in this game. You have a maximum capacity 5 soul tickets. You can go over that, but it won’t regenerate more than 5. You get 1 soul ticket per 15 minutes. As for PvP tickets, you only have 5 initially. You get 5 more from the daily quest, so I assume you only get 10 PvP battles per day.

Co-Op Battles

Bleach Brave Souls Co-op

This is one of the few games where co-op battles are real time. It requires good connection though. You are able to party with up to 3 other members to fight stronger foes. You can get accessories which you can use to equip on your characters to make them stronger. The bosses are actually quite tough and I have died quite a few times. You do not get any accessories if you die, so make sure you stay alive. You do get 3 gems when you party with a new player that you never played with before.

Daily and Special Events

Bleach Brave Souls Events

Daily Events – Every day, there will be a specific event you can do to get certain items.

Day Upgrade Stone
Monday Magic
Tuesday Attack
Wednesday Defence
Thursday HP
Friday Critical
Saturday Gold
Sunday Gold

Special Events – These are events where you can get 3-5 star characters. I know I got 4 star Sajin from the Film Festival. I am sure they will rotate these events to give us a chance to get new characters. There are normal, hard and very hard modes. The recommended levels are 20, 50 and 100 respectively.

Complete Daily Quests

Try to finish all your daily quests(orders) to get an extra soul spirit. Here are the 6 quests:

  • Clear story quest x3 – You get 3000 coins
  • Defeat 100 enemies in story mode – You get 5 PvP tickets
  • Defeat 300 enemies in story mode – You get 5 medium exp crystals
  • Brave Battle wins x3(PvP) – You get 5 campaign tickets
  • Brave Battle wins x5(PvP – You get 2 rare medals
  • Clear Co-op x3 – You get 3000 coins

Upon completion of all orders, you get 1 soul spirit. Doing it 4 times each week will net you 3 extra soul spirits. The weekly quests will get done as long as you do your daily quests.

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