Lineage 2 Revolution Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Lineage 2 Revolution Guide [Tips and Tricks]


Hello all and welcome to the Lineage 2 Revolution Guide. This guide is to help you get better at the game and further yourself with tips and helpful hints.

Lineage 2

Lineage 2 Revolution is a mobile game with a lot of MMO(Massively Multiplayer Online) aspects to it. It’s very similar to the classic MMO games that we all know today.

It’s set in a fantasy world where you create your own character and take them out on quests. Being the style of game it is, quests are extremely important to progress the story of the game.

You will be doing a lot of quests so if you’re a fan of the good old fashion grind then you’re gonna love this. The mechanics are very simple and well explained throughout the game as you play it.

You move around with the touchscreen like most other action style games and use the right screen to enlist commands. At the start, you have a basic attack and 3 skill slots and more can be unlocked later on as you play.

The combat in Lineage 2 Revolution is easy to pick up on. You move around with the touchscreen then tap the command display to either do basic attacks or one of the skills you have.

A lot of the early quests will have you running around to fight mobs of enemies and gain XP so you’ll get a handle on the combat system very quickly. Lineage 2 Revolution also has a neat little auto-function built into it as well.

By opting to use the auto-quest function your character will move on their own to the next quest then continue to do it taking care of all combat for you. It’s a great mechanic to use if you’re in a situation where you can’t play for a long period of time.

Just open it up and set it to auto then let your character do all the grinding for you. All you have to do is tap the screen to bypass any dialogue and let them continue through the quests for you.

A big thing to note about Lineage 2 Revolution is the fact that it’s a very situational game. Being similar to MMO’s it’s the kind of game you’ll be dedicating a nice chunk of time too.

So you wanna be sure you can get the most out of your time while playing. The first thing you wanna do is get through the early quests and find out what kind of equipment best suites the class you chose during character creation.

Early gear isn’t typically important but it can be helpful to speed things along a little faster in the early game. The game actually has an Auto-Equip function to help with this.

You’ll finish episode 1 fairly quickly and be able to get this function. Once you have it you can have the game auto-equip whatever equipment is best for your character that you have in your inventory.

Once you finish episode 1 I recommend walking around and getting a lay of the land. There are a lot of enemies in the starting area which and they are mostly used during the quests you’re given.

But you can take a break from questing and grind on these enemies to get a couple early levels. It’s not a required thing to do but having those extra levels will make going through the early quests a breeze.

Aside from the early quests, there are Challenges that you will be able to accomplish over the course of the game. These are shown in your hub screen where you can check the progress of them.

You won’t get many to start but the challenges are tasks you can complete throughout your time playing Lineage 2. Upon completing one you’ll be given a reward for the challenge and unlock the next one.

This is a good way to gain extra items and new equipment to make your character better and further your way through the game. Once you’re able to unlock challenges I highly recommend putting an effort into finishing them.

Gameplay Tips

With Lineage 2 Revolution being set up the way it is there isn’t a lot of difficulty put into any of its aspects. It’s a story driven game that you want to involve yourself in so you’re going to be paying more attention to that than anything.

The biggest tip that I can give for this game is managing your equipment and don’t overstretch yourself during fights. The early game is easy but the further you get the harder things are going to be.

So getting early levels is a good idea to boost your stats so the later fights aren’t to much trouble. Cause once you start pushing passed episodes things begin to pick up a little bit in the difficulty but nothing too drastic.

Lineage 2 Revolution is a great mobile MMO and a good start for other games that are in this same genre. It’s got a good story, easy to understand mechanics and just general fun for anyone looking for a long-term game in the mobile market.

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