Love and Hip Hop the Game Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Love and Hip Hop the Game Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Welcome to the Love and Hip Hop tips and tricks guide! We’ll help you be the new and hottest ting on the scene with these tips to maximize your game play.

Save energy by using Bills when available.

When you do any actions, you will typically have the option of either using Energy or using your Bills. You may have to tap around to see whats available, but using your bills first is a great way to not only complete the task but to be rewarded with things like diamonds and other rares for spending your money.

The money currency is easier to come by than waiting for your energy to recharge, that’s why you want to make it your number one option when its available. Then use your energy as needed to finish an event.

Filling up Event meters

When you’re on a date, or recording session, you will have a hour of time to fill out a progress wheel. This will gets filled out by the event actions you complete, the more you do, the more the bar fills and by completing filling out the bar you complete the task and get rewarded with more xp and money.


Watch out for actions that take a lot of Energy and Bills. They can reward  you greatly, but if  you  don’t  do it right, you run the risk of running out of energy before you complete the event you’re currently doing. I try to do these with the last bit of energy I have in hopes of clearing an event.

Changing Clothing

While playing through the game it will often prompt you to change up your clothing for different events, looking fashionable is only one part of this however. Different clothes provide different stats, which you can find as small icons on the bottom of a piece of clothing.


These will improve your stat based on whats on the clothing, which can be either a Kiss icon, a microphone icon or sometimes both of the icons. The kiss icon helps you in situations where you have the option to “Flirt” and the Microphone icon helps you when you’re in a recording session. So be sure to switch up your clothing for the occasion, and get something new as you level up.

Try to unlock a piece of clothing for each appeal slot you have open so you can stack bonuses quickly, it will help you out in the early game big time.

Watch the ads

While you’re out in various parts of the town, in the background you will can find a purple or green glowing advertisement. By tapping on that it will bring up an option to watch a video (usually), and by watching a quick 10-30 second video you will be rewarded with a random item. There aren’t always videos available, so I recommend you watch them whenever you can as it is a useful way to grab some extra currency and items without having to pay for it.

Fans / Popularity

The main goal in Love and Hip Hop is to climb to the top of the popularity chart. The best way to achieve this is by having as many positive interaction with different characters as you can. The better their interaction, and the higher their popularity, the greater the chance for you to receive a boost in your own fan base by word of mouth. You can actually look through the ladder list, it’s a good idea to find a select few and go out of your way to talk to them.


“Talk Business” with new characters and try to get invited to more events. Watch out for the shady characters that are trying to sabotage your career. They will usually be asking you to do something that you can’t do, without spending your pink diamonds.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Connect to facebook to get 10 free diamonds. Connecting to facebook also saves your game in the cloud and allows you to use it on multiple devices.
  • Try to log in daily to hit the 20 day login reward.
  • Use your pink diamonds wisely, they can get you through dialog options with the other characters in the game . Try to only use them for main story line NPCs if you can.
  • Buy gifts for your love interest and increase their relationship standings. More so if they are at a higher popularity rating than  you. Use your money first, then your pink diamonds.
  • Blue highlighted icon will show you where your current mission objective is.

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