Top 10 Best Clash Royale YouTube Gaming Channels

Top 10 Best Clash Royale YouTubers

Having played so much Clash Royale recently, I have looked at various Clash Royale gaming channels on YouTube. I have compiled a list of the best ones below so you can always check them out for more Clash content. A lot of these players also play Clash of Clans, so its great if you play both games.

GeneralCountersX-bow CounterDecksRank 1 Tips
YouTubersCounter Spawner3 Crown WinsGames Like Clash RoyalePlay on PC
Hog Rider + FreezeArena 1Arena 2Legendary F2P DeckPrince
ArrowsSkeletonsKnightBaby DragonArcher


Nick is awesome at commentary and brings us all kinds of strategies to climb the arena. He also does CoC, but right now, Clash Royale is his focus. Him and Chief Pat collaberated in a challenge video which I thought was pretty fun to watch. They are the top 2 best YouTubers in my opinion for these games.

Chief Pat

Chief Pat does many interesting challenges aside from Royale and CoC. He has also done a CoC challenge with pro basketball player Harrison Barnes.


Phonecats is a Clash Royale streamer on Twitch. He also uploads his streams non YouTube. He is the famed X-bow deck user. Stack up those towers and put an X-bow to win. This may irritate a lot of people since most people hate the X-bow wall stacking strategy.


He brings in fun commentary videos such as the 5x PEKKA rush(not really applicable in a real match), but fun to watch none the less. Most game play is around the arena 5-7, so it is very relevant to higher level players.

Clash with Cam

Cam shows funny gameplay moments from both Royale and CoC.

Gaming with Molt

Molt is very entertaining and he hates the X-bow users. 😛

Galadon Gaming

3 Musketeers are deadly, but how about 9????


Ash mainly goes over game play and how to obtain and upgrade your cards fast.

Clash on Gan

Check out Gan’s arena 2-5 strategy that got him many victories in a row. He also goes over what it takes to beat players that has a few levels on you.


Spencer23$ mostly does CoC, but he has given some really good advice on Clash Royale, particularly against the dreaded X-bow.