[MapleStory M] Jewel Guide! Fusing, Stats & Set Bonuses!!

[MapleStory M] Jewel Guide! Fusing, Stats & Set Bonuses!!



This guide is based on MasKScarin’s video. It goes over jewels in Maple Story M while giving the mechanics of fusing, stats, and set bonuses.

In-Depth Jewel Guide

In the game, there are five types of jewels. Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Purple and among all of these jewels is basically one for every main stat in the game.

And you can add these stats to your characters by adding them to the jewel socket pages. At the beginning of the game, you start with two pages but the pages don’t’ stack you can only have one page active at a time.

You can get Jewels from the daily dungeons which change every day. Monday gives you Red jewels, Tuesday gives Blue, Wednesday gives green, Thursday gives Yellow, and Friday gives Purple.

Saturday and Sunday give any jewel you want so you can pick from them all. Each jewel is important in their own way depending on what stats you’re focusing on.

Yellow jewels have experience and drop rate. Red is your offensive jewels, Blue is more defensive like magic defense increases, Green also gives a bit of defense with things like evasion, Purple gives things like Block and crit rate.

Now what to do with your jewels once you have them? Fusing jewels is a great way to make them stronger and it’s very simple.

You start with a base material and whatever you choose as the base is what color it’s going to stay as. And secondly, you need two other jewels of the same color.

When you fuse you do not lose your base jewel but you lose the other two material jewels being fused. There is a 50% chance the fusion will succeed or fail but in most cases, you’ll still maintain your base jewel either way.

Now let’s go into Jewel Sets. When you put jewels into your slots it does cost Meso to take them out so be sure what you put into them.

When you add jewels to your jewel page their abilities will stack and your character will get those bonuses. But if you’re using jewels all from the same color set then you will get bonus effects as well as what the jewels give you.

The last thing on the jewel page is the modification. Modifying jewels is done by taking three jewels of the same rating and the same rank random jewel will pop out.

This is your best way of getting your jewels upgraded to higher ranks. But the higher ranks give a lower chance of it succeeding.

Like going from rank A to S is only a 10% chance of success. So it is definitely a big RNG game when trying to get the higher ranks.

Now the last thing to look into is the jewel set bonuses. Below will be charts showing each jewel set and the bonuses that they can give. Each sheet has the Jewel Set Bonus under the main stats.

Red Jewels

Blue Jewels

Green Jewels

Yellow Jewels

Purple Jewels


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