Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Wolfsfang Peak Exploration [Item Locations]

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Wolfsfang Peak Exploration [Item Locations]

Wolfsfang Peak

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Wolfsfang Peak Exploration is the 4th map available in Lanzelt upon beating all regular dungeons in this map. This is the harder map of all explorations and you will want to bring antidote or healers. The map is large and you need to fight the Snow Dragon in order to unlock Shiva from Lanzelt Mountains.

Energy Gil Battles Unit Exp Rank Exp
11 ~3644 26 ~31388 307

Drops – Allure Powder, Beast Meat, Book of Ruin, Broken Blade, Chromatic Ooze, Crimson Tear, Deepsea Bloom, Dragon Heart, Earth’s Core, Esper Cryst, Esper Shard, Esper’s Tear, Gaia’s Tear, Golden Egg, Green Fluid, Heaven’s Ash, Life Orb, Litrock, Luminous Horn, Mystic Ore, Quality Stone, Rainbow Needle, Rockbeetle Husk, Scripture of Time, Sparkling Stone, Spiritsand, Talmonite of Life, Tough Scale, Wizard Stone

Collection Points – Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Magicite Shard, Magicite, Blue Magicite, Blue Megacite, Ice Cryst, Ice Megacryst, Water Cryst, Water Megacryst, Mythril Ore (Clear Bonus Reward)

Enemies – Bas-relief, Black Widow, Ghoul , Gladilith, Ice Sculpture, Mercury Bat, Toadgre, Wizard

Boss  – Frost Dragon

Frost Dragon

Boss Battle Location Lv HP MP
Wolfsfang Peak – Summit Master
Wolfsfang Peak – Exploration
21 34000 55

The Frost Dragon takes 50% more damage from fire skills. He is immune to gravity spells and has 100% resistance against ice. Bring all your fire attackers! Also don’t forget to bring the antidote and green magic blindna to cure blind..

Item/Treasure Chest Locations

FFBE Wolfsfang Peak Map

Location Treasure Chest
1 Iron Plate
2 Star Quartz
3 White Fang
4 Star Quartz
5 Earth Key 5 (Mythril Gloves)
6 Phoenix Down
7 Mythril Sword
8 Earth Key 24 (Icebrand)
9 Tent
10 Cat's Bell 

Silver Chest [1] – Recipe for Barblizzara

FFBE S1 Wolfsfang Peak Map

Silver Chest [1] – Go right and check out the hidden path on the bottom right to get there. You need a magic key to open it for a recipe for Barblizzara.

FFBE T1 Wolfsfang Peak Map FFBE T1a Wolfsfang Peak Map

Location 1 – Now head into the cave by heading north. Look for that area where the red arrow is. Now head right and up and then left to get your first treasure chest. It contains an Iron Plate, a light armor that gives DEF+22.

FFBE C1 Wolfsfang Peak Map

Collection Point 1 – Now backtrack to the main path and head north to find your first collection point right before the cave entrance outside.

FFBE T2a Wolfsfang Peak Map FFBE T2 Wolfsfang Peak Map

Location 2 – Now head outside and go left to the red arrow. Move downwards and left to get your Star Quartz.

FFBE T3 Wolfsfang Peak Map

Location 3 – Now backtrack to the 2 entrances you see from location 2. Head right and walk up a bunch of stairs. Then, head left to find a White Fang(Deals 400 ice damage to all enemies).

FFBE T4 Wolfsfang Peak Map

Location 4 – Head north of location 3 up the snow stairs for another Star Quartz.

FFBE T5a Wolfsfang Peak Map FFBE T5 Wolfsfang Peak Map

Location 5 – Now go to the hidden path and move right all the way to find Earth Key 5, which you can exchange it at the vault in Royal Capital Grandshelt. It is a pair of Mythril Gloves, which is an accessory that gives DEF+6 and Protect (DEF+30%) when HP below 10%.

FFBE Lost Village of Marlo Entrance Wolfsfang Peak Map

And if you head upwards, you will also see the entrance to the secret village called the Lost Village of Marlo. Should you decide to carry on exploring, back track to the center once again.

FFBE T6 Wolfsfang Peak Map

Location 6 – Head back to where location 3 is and enter the cave on the left. Once inside, go all the way right and head down the ladder. Be prepared to fight the Snow(Frost) Dragon. You need to kill him to open up a new path that isn’t accessible until he is dead. Make sure to continue exploring to unlock Lanzelt Mountains. Head south and right to pick up a Phoenix Down.

FFBE T7a Wolfsfang Peak Map FFBE C2 Wolfsfang Peak Map FFBE T7 Wolfsfang Peak Map

Location 7 and Collection Point 2 – Now backtrack all the way to where the ladder is. Enter the secret path where the red arrow is to get to collection point 2. Then head south to another secret path to collect your treasure chest outside.

FFBE T8 Wolfsfang Peak Map

Location 8 – Now backtrack to the center of the map outside of the cave where location 3 is. Head far right to see a new path accessible upon defeating the dragon. Go north to pick up Earth Key 24, where you can get an Icebrand(a sword that gives ATK+33) at the vault.

FFBE T9 Wolfsfang Peak Map

Location 9 – Now from location 8, go right pass the tree that collapsed. Head north and enter the cave. Climb down the ladder to the final area. Go down, right and up to pick up a Tent.

FFBE C3 Wolfsfang Peak Map FFBE T10 Wolfsfang Peak Map

Location 10 and Collection Point 3 – From location 9, head south to pick up your final collection point. Then head left to find a hidden path to get your final treasure. It is a Cat’s Bell, an accessory that gives DEF+1, MP+20 and Hp recovery while walking. It is a great item for exploration maps.

FFBE Lanzelt Mountains Wolfsfang Peak Map

Finally, head north and you can exit the cave to unlock Lanzelt Mountains. This will be the map that you get to fight Shiva and get her as an esper.

Other Quests

Name Where Area
Missing on the Mountain  Grandport  FFBE Q1 Wolfsfang Peak MapFFBE Q Wolfsfang Peak Map
The Wolfsfang Terror  Lost Village of Marlo  FFBE Q2 Wolfsfang Peak Map
Sins of the Past  Lost Village of Marlo  FFBE Q3 Wolfsfang Peak Map 

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