Tinker Island: Survival Adventure [Tips and Strategy]

Tinker Island: Survival Adventure [Tips and Strategy]

Survive the Island! Tinker Island: Survival Adventure with this Tips and Strategy guide. We’re going to help you get started and explain the best way to succeed in this survival game.

Story and Survivor Empathy

While you’re doing missions with your survivors you will get dialog prompts that allow you to learn more about the thoughts and feelings of your survivor. Pay close attention to these popups. This is a really easy way to get bonus stats for your survivor, really listen to how the character is feeling and it will give you the idea for the right response. For an example Mary loses her tool, you can either tell her to get over it, or suggest that she builds a new tool which will give her a bonus to her skill.

adventure island story

This also comes into play with the choices you decide to make. There are multiple outcomes, for instance when you come across the lake, you can be brave and dive into the lake could either mean you come up with a handful of gems or you come out with an injured survivor because you had to fight a shark attack off. or you have a conversation that brings excitement to your survivors and makes them feel safe and that provides a benefit or scares them and it hits you with a negative. It really is a choose your own adventure, so you want to pay attention to the story line for your Island.

Survivor Attributes

There are four main attributes within Tinker Island: Adventure. Explore (magnifying glass), Build (hammer) , Forage (Hand) , and Fight (sword). The way these attributes work is the higher their number, the more points you get towards that type of task. For an example if a survivor has 20 points in searching, when you explore the map the bar increases by 20 points. Each survivor has their own strong points and paying attention to this number can help you micromanage your resources.

Each of these attributes can be enhanced however through adding items to a survivor or by having an interaction with them through exploring or building task. You’ll have to be careful with equipment upgrades, not all of them give a bonus to your entire group. Some equipment is purely for the first Survivor you use over the card, so make sure you tap through to the survivor you want it on or you’ll waste resources.


The combat is fairly straight forward. The higher your Fight skill the more bubbles you have, increasing your chances of successfully hitting the enemy, then the more fighters you have increase the amount of damage you will deal.

adventure island fightTypically you run into fights when you’re exploring, so try to have 2 to 3 people exploring at a time otherwise you will have to run from a potential fight. Fights can give you bonus stats or resources depending on what type of creature it is and if there is an option to investigate it.

Equipment and Buildings

The main pieces of buildings you want to focus on are the ones that increase your exploration bonus (the magnifying glass), as you get further in the game it starts to become time intensive to explore new areas. You will also want to focus on increasing your storage space as soon as you can since searching areas will start consuming a base resource cost starting out.

adventure island building

Not to mention you will need a lot of resources to unlock new buildings. Pretty much anything that is a global upgrade for your survivors is something to prioritize.

Next focus on one of the food or lumber camps and the Bonfire building . These give you a resource amount per hour, even while you’re actively playing the game and at rank 2 they give a bonus for a foraging survivor. This is where you want to put one of your less skill intensive survivors. Someone you won’t need for long missions because they have no impactful skill. You can pull them off of the camp at any time if you need to.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Check the achievements board for gem Rewards for completing task.
  • Tap the FedEx looking box to get free Gems for watching a video. At the bare minimal you get 10 gems a day from it. Sometimes you will get more Gems, so use this up before the 24hour reset.
  • Consider putting the Cowboy hat item on your most dominate stat character for 150 gems.
  • Use the Bottle for 2x Labor boost when you’re about to close the game.
  • The first Steam Engine use is free, then it cost 50 gems. Save your first use for when its taking around 30 minutes per task.
  • Try collecting 250 meat (requires storage 3) to get Alfred the Monkey to increase your Survivor count easily.
  • You can find your exploration story line in the Log Book
  • If you plan to invest a lot of time in this game, the new player bundle is a steal for its price.
  • Don’t waste your gems to speed up task. Gems are the only way to get survivors from the store.
  • You can’t add survivors to a task in progress, or remove them once you’ve set them to a task so place your survivors carefully.

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