War Dragons Guide: Tips and Strategy for Beginners [iOS/Android]

War Dragons Guide: Tips and Strategy for Beginners [iOS/Android]

Welcome to the beginners guide for War Dragons! This is a game developed by Pocket Gems. I will be breaking down the basics of the game for you.

Game Basics

War Dragons Town

The game a strategy builder game with siege elements that is quite similar to Clash of Clans(CoC). It is a mix between Dragon City and CoC.  You breed dragons and train them up by raiding player bases. Enemy player bases have towers and buildings that will protect their town and your job is to destroy them with your dragons. The fun part about this is other players can help their teammates by joining in the siege or defending the siege. That is only available if you join a a clan.

Dragon Class

There are 3 primary classes for dragons.

  1. Warrior – These types attack through long jets of breath and you just hold over buildings to damage them.
  2. Sorcerer – These are magic based dragons that deal damage and will shoot multiple fire balls using click and drag.
  3. Hunter – These types attack in quick succession by shooting multiple shots at enemy structures. Think of them as machine guns that needs reloading. You have to continuously tap on buildings in order to deal more damage.

Next up, we have the dragon’s breeding lineage. There are 6 types:

  1. Red Egg
  2. Purple Egg
  3. Blue Egg
  4. Orange Egg
  5. Green Egg
  6. Gold Egg

Another thing to take note of is dragon element. Fire and Earth dragons shoot fiery breaths, Water dragons shoot jets of water and Undead dragons have breath weapons.

Dragon Rarity

Currently, there are 4 rarity types.

  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary

In order for you to get those good dragons of epic or legendary rarity, you will need to breed them multiple times. To breed dragons, you need Dragon Tokens which you can get from the Dragon Guard missions, which is blue balloon floating ship in your town. You first need to unlock the parent dragons if you want to breed rare, epic or legendary dragons. The good part is that the breeding times are not extremely long unlike other dragon breeding games.

War Dragons Misison

Gameplay Battle


As for fighting, your goal is to decimate your opponents base. It is always a bonus if you can destroy bases without your dragons taking too much damage. You can swap out dragons if you feel that your current dragon might die. You also have a limited time to destroy defensive structures and buildings. If your dragon is under leveled, you might not do enough damage to destroy all buildings. You will then have to use another dragon. The other option is to swap out dragons. Your dragon will also build up rage over time, allowing you to use skills once it reaches a certain point.

War Dragons Battle

Different dragons have different skills. Some will have skills that heal themselves (Rejuvenate) while others such as the Leviathan has offensive spells (Fireball) that deal damage to many buildings at once. If your dragon dies in battle, it will take some time for them to heal up and they will not be available for the next siege until it is fully healed.

After a successful battle, your dragons will gain experience and you can train them if they have enough experience to level up. As they level up, they learn new skills and become stronger and harder to take down.

War Dragons Battle Success

Defending Sieges(Towers)

Now when it comes to defending your base, you will need to build as many towers as you are given. Be sure to clear forests as you can unlock more. There are currently 8 types of towers you can build. Most of them will be unlocked as your player level rises.

  1. Archer Tower – The most basic defense structure that can deal high damage to a dragon.
  2. Cannon Tower – This tower can break shields of dragons with that ability.
  3. Storm Tower –  Can protect neighboring structures.
  4. Ballista – Does damage over time with poison. Great against high health dragons.
  5. Red Mage Tower – This drains the rage of dragons and blocks red spells from being used.
  6. Blue Mage Tower – This drains the rage of dragons and blocks blue spells from being used.
  7. Trebuchet
  8. Lightning Tower

Town Buildings and Resources

There are some essential buildings you will need in order to make your dragons stronger and progress in the game. Keep in mind you need lumber to build or upgrade buildings and you need food to fight or train dragons.

  • Dragon’s Den – The main building and this determines your dragons max level.
  • Breeding Castle – Shows you all the available dragons you can breed
  • Egg Incubator – Hatches your dragon eggs.
  • Builder Hut – Houses your builders.
  • Storage Hut – Stores your food and resources. Try to upgrade this as soon as possible since your Dragon’s Den level will need a higher storage capacity to upgrade.
  • Forge – Upgrades dragon skills.
  • Sheep Farm – Produces food.
  • Lumber Mill – Generates lumber.
  • Team Meeting Hall

I will be updating the guide as I get more information about the game.

General Tips

  1. You can defend your town in real time if you are online and someone is attack you.
  2. Use your replays to see what your opponents are using to destroy your base. Switch your buildings around to see what works better.
  3. Get passive bonuses by researching them in the Hall of Research.
  4. Always complete the dragon guard missions when it is available(usually every 15-20 mins I think).
  5. Only switch dragons if you feel like they are going to die. Since using 1 dragon gives you more bonus flames(more experience), it makes sense to only use 1 dragon.

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