Raid HQ Guide for Beginners: [Tips] and Tricks to Dominate!

Raid HQ Guide for Beginners: [Tips] and Tricks to Dominate!

Raid HQ is the newest game by Eight Pixels Square that combines the elements of Boom Beach, Clash of Clans and Clash Royale all into one game. The battle reminds you of a classic retro shooter game with fancy graphics. I do enjoy this game very much and have some tips to provide to all newbies.

Know The Damage Bonuses

Like most games that has strength and weaknesses, this game’s rock paper scissors works like this:

Red > Green > Blue > Red

Yellow and Purple take bonus damage from each other.

Utilize Leader Skills Based On Who You Are Facing

Raid HQ Characters

As you may or may not know, each character has a skill. As you can see above, Slipknot Sal has 10% chance to evade damage. You can promote your characters by killing enemies of the defense color and obtaining the medals.

Watch Videos for 1 Gem

For those that are f2p players, be sure to use up all video ads for 1 gem by clicking on the + gem button. Go afk and do something else while the videos are playing. But some of the games they promote are actually decent games. You might like some of them.

Avoid Mines

Raid HQ Battle

Mines are deadly and every time you step on one, it takes 10-30% of your characters health. That means if you eat 3 or more mines, your characters are most likely going to die unless they are very well leveled. Add to the fact that you also need to avoid as much projectiles coming your way makes it hard to navigate sometimes.

Test Your Base

You can fight your own base and find out how strong/weak your base is. To do that, click on the world map battle and click on your HQ and you can fight it yourself. This will give you valuable insight on how to improve your defense.

Watch and Use Up Your Video Ads Daily

This is especially useful if you want to speed up a building and it has 15 minutes left. Each video ad takes off 10 minutes of the building time. Also keep in mind that buildings do not cost any gems to finish the process if it is under 5 minutes.

Claim Your Free Chest!

Always be sure to check in if you are an active player. Every 3 hours, you can get free items/cards. Also, if you supported the game and paid $2.99 USD for the starter package, your free chest turns into VIP. Only do this if you like the game and want to support them.

Exploring Island Areas for Gold

Raid HQ Map

If you explore the outskirts of your island on the map, you can get gold. This is a quick and easy way to obtain gold without having to fight any battles. You have to upgrade your plane to be able to explore more areas of the map.

Island’s Scale Higher Upon Victory

Like Boom Beach, as you defeat any island defense, it gets harder. The towers and cannons have more health if you try and fight them again. This means you cannot keep farming the same island without strengthening our troops.

Epic Characters Generally Have Better Weapons

Raid HQ Blind Fury

Most common character cards have less y-axis damage. Rare and Epic cards have better AoE y-axis damage. That means they can stand from the left or right side and still damage enemies in the center.

General Tips

  • You can check how many color medals you have at the top of the Squad menu.
  • Remember, the first character in the squad is the leader and his/her leader skill will be active.
  • You don’t always have to bring a multi-colored team to raid bases. Choose a full red team if you are fighting against mostly green defenses.
  • Always do the Daily Common Cards island raid. This way, you can upgrade your common cards a lot quicker as they give quite a good number of them.
  • Upgrade your gold storage first so that you can have a higher gold capacity. I always seem to get to max gold capacity easily.
  • You can destroy rockets with your weapons, but not any other projectiles.
  • Pick up extra gems, gold and experience from cartons lying around your island!
  • Don’t forget to collect your attendance rewards daily! 😛
  • PvP chest rewards refresh daily, so make sure to raid again for more cards!

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