Tales of Link Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Tales of Link Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Begin your adventure in Tales of Link with this handy Tips and Tricks guide. We’ll be talking about Leveling, equipment, and combat tips that will make your journey into Tales of Link a lot easier!

Currency and how its used.

Gold – Used for just about everything.
LP – Used as experience points to level your heroes
Hero Points – used to buy gear or Normal Guardians in the shop.
Hero Stones – In game currency used to buy inventory space, and heroes from the shop.


You will gain experience as you clear stages that will level your parties skills but both your Heroes and your gear has to be manually leveled. Tap on view, train heroes. For easy identification the party members you are currently using will have “Set” “Leader” or “Sub” above their portraits.

Tales of Link heroes

From this menu you tap on the character of choice and add levels as you want, this will consume LP to level your characters

Gear is leveled up by “Fusing”. Fusing is sacrificing other gear as exp for the current piece of gear. I wouldn’t recommend doing this until you’ve geared out your entire team and then only doing this for rare items, elemental items or something with a bonus you intend to keep. You can save gold if you max out an item in one setting.

Tales of Link gear fusion

Equipping and Fusing and Evolving Gear.

As you progress through the game you will get equipment drops that you can either manually equip or have automatically equipped on a specific character by going to the Party button, then View Heroes menu. This method tends to give better stats to your party since you individually gear characters.

Alternatively you can go to manage party and press Gear up and have your gear auto setup as a specific gear type. Now this is a great feature if you don’t want to put a lot of thought into how your party is geared but its more of a general option and may not result in the best setup.

I only recommend it if you’re trying to grind through the game, once you reach an area you’re having trouble with go and individually set your parties gear so you can maximize performance.

Equipment can have an elemental type, this will be found in the bottom right corner of a piece of gear.

You can evolve equipment once its reached maxed level and you have the required materials (found in specific missions) to make it much stronger. It’ll reset its level but it will be stronger than the unevolved form of the equipment when it comes to stats. Only do this one you’ve gotten every unit geared out, and you have a lot of spar equipment.

Combat tips!

Combat becomes difficult if you aren’t matching the strong elements vs the enemies weakness. In the top left corner of the screen you will find the element wheel to help you remember what elemental beats what. In some cases there will be enemies without any element at all.

Tales of Link combos

A little tip when facing multiple opponents when you have different element types is to tap on one of the enemies to select it as your primary target. If you don’t select an enemy and just attack the computer will randomly select a target for you and this will lose you battles later on. Use this for when there is a low health enemy, and you’re about to use a big combo or you will waste all of the damage.

This isn’t explained well early on but the small number above the enemies health bar is how many of your turns you have until the enemy will be able to attack you back. If you’re facing strong opponents it can be useful to save your healing until your final move.

You gain one LC per combatant that attacks. Larger chain combos will quickly fill your LC meter and allow you to cast the abilities at the bottom of the screen. You can have several powerful actives waiting to be used as you fill up the LC bar and using them won’t cost you a turn.

Press and swipe left or right on the combat screen to display your teams combat stats.

Pick the strongest “Friend” you can from the list. Typically a 6 star characters will have the highest stats, make those the primary choice but always check their number to determine just how strong they will be.

Tales of Link friends


Guardians are support characters that give out passive attribute bonuses to your team without taking up slots for your active combat members. There are several guardian types for ATK, DEF and SUP. The bonuses from Guardians can be anything like extra % to dodge, defense boost, attack damage bonuses. However the benefits of a Guardian only applies to units that match its Element type.Tales of Link guardians

General Tips and Tricks

  • You get plenty of rewards so make sure you Login daily to collect them.
  • Save your Hero Stones (the in game currency) for the Beginner Summon if you just started playing. This will give you a lot of heroes with a guaranteed 5 star hero.
  • Don’t forget to level up often.
  • Pay attention to gear set bonuses, these are a great way to power up your team.
  • Keep the Elemental Equipment you find.
  • Items with an R symbol are rare items and are typically better than N and HN items.
  • Try out different Events like the Soul Arena to get nice equips.

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