Talking Tom Gold Run Guide [Tips and Strategy]

Talking Tom Gold Run Guide [Tips and Strategy]

Endlessly run with this Talking Tom Gold Run Guide. Covering some tips on controlling Tom, getting upgrades and letting you know which characters and attributes to focus on to have the most success.

Controlling Tom and the others

The standard infinite runner controls are the base of Tom Gold run. Swiping left right and up to get through the obstacles on the level. However there is a little bit more to the controls that will take your game to the next level. Jumping into the air and swiping down will immediately cancel your jump with a roll. Which helps you get to coins a level below you or using it to cancel the animation of running up a ladder by jumping to the top of it and swiping down to run on the surface.

vault talking tom

This is also very useful when you come into a bus section and the jumps are too far apart. You can use this same technique to quickly jump, land on a bus, and jump again with precision instead of waiting for Tom tom complete the jump himself. Jumping into the air you can also swipe multiple times to get to the furthest side of either lanes before touching the ground.

House Upgrading

This is the primary method of not only unlocking new characters but increasing your score multiplier. For every piece of a house you unlock, your score multiplier will go up by 1x. You need to unlock the houses if you want to gain access to the next characters. This is the only progression in this game, and its fairly straight forward. This is where you will be using all of your gold bars and diamonds.

Characters, Attributes and Prioritization

The four main attributes in the game, Magnet Duration, Helmet Duration, Plane Duration and Double Bars Duration are all fairly useful. But the most useful attributes end up being the Magnet, Plane and Double bars duration. These attributes don’t carry over to the other animals, so its recommended to hold onto most of your upgrade material until you’ve unlocked the one you want to keep.

Talking Hank and Neon Angela are currently the best characters to use your attribute points on in my opinion. They have an incredibly high ceiling for their plane and double duration stats and start off with high base stats compared to the other characters.

talking tom neon angela

I primarily like to focus on Plane Duration and Double bar duration. Having a longer plane duration allows you to skip over large chunks of the level and it takes you through a really long line of gold bars. If you can combo this with the Double bars special it leads to a major gold haul. Early on you can upgrade Tom with the plane duration, because by time you reach the two best characters you will have more than enough points to upgrade them.

If you have the chance, always go for the plane or double bar special abilities. Then magnets, then the helmet. Pick up multiplier bonuses as you can but only if it won’t get you killed. This doubles your current score multiplier for a short time.

Earning gold from not playing the game

Try playing the other games made by the company, it gives you additional gold for completing things in their other games. This incentive is to get players onto their other games but it also doubles as a way to find something new to play as well, even if its only for a little while.

talking tom games

For an example, going to the controller and gold bar icon will bring up a download list of games that you can play and earn Gold for use in Talking Tom. I’m not entirely sure how the rewards work for each game but I tested this with the game My Talking Angela, and I gained around 300-600 gold every few levels within the game.

General Tips and Tricks

  • The only times to use your dynamite is to restart a race if its under 2-4 pieces or to save it up for the Diamond vault for house upgrades.
  • You can play videos nonstop for attribute upgrades and diamonds.
  • Taking tunnels is more safe than navigating the streets
  • You can get away with side swiping obstacles without dying occasionally.
  • Do not try to jump over or onto a bus / truck from street level!
  • Only use dynamite to double your gold if it’s above 3,000 or more gold earned.
  • Start the vault timers as soon as you can because they take hours to open. Don’t waste dynamite on these.
  • Keep your eye on the robber! This gives you an idea of where you will have to path for a few moments before he disappears.

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