[Top 10] Best Steam Games Released for August 2018

[Top 10] Best Steam Games Released for August 2018


August 2018 has been a busy month for games, especially on the PC. A slew of Steam games have been released and there are some gems among them.

This list is going to go over 10 of the best games released on Steam during August.

Number 10. Deathgarden

Deathgarden is an early access game that puts you in a multiplayer environment of 1 Vs 4 gameplay. As a single player, you are a Hunter, a technologically advanced individual with guns and tech.

The other 4 are Runners who use acrobatics while having bow and arrows to attack. The goal of the game is for the Hunter to kill and capture all the Runners before they can escape.

This game has its issues, matchmaking is a pain at times and there are some bugs. But it is in early access, so with a little time, I can see this game really picking up.

Number 9. Mist Survival

Mist Survival is, well, a survival game like its name implies. Developed by Rati Wattanakornprasit, You create a character and you’re dropped into a post-apocalyptic world where they are immune to a virus that has hit.

You’ll have to survive zombies, bandits, and other survivors. Or band together with them and survive alongside one another.

And there is a thick Mist that will fall over the world at any given time. When the mist is out powerful monsters and infected people are able to roam and hunt players.

In a market that is flooded with Survival games, Mist Survival adds a bit of variety to it. The mechanics are similar to other survival games, and the zombie thing has been overdone.

But the addition of the Mist and the good survivor group mechanics makes it stand out a bit more. It’s a great game for anyone who has a group of friends they can play with.

Number 8. Dustwind

Another post-apocalyptic game, Developer Dustwind Studios brings us a Diablo style survival game. It’s your classic post-world ending scenario so the setting is nothing new.

But the gameplay is what really makes this one stand out. In the top-down Diablo view but with mechanics that make it feel like a hybrid game with a few other strategy games out there.

There are several different game modes in Dustwind. Great PvP with modes like Deathmatch or Capture the Gas (instead of a flag).

And there’s a PvE mode for those who want to just play the game alone or with some friends and not worry about any online competition. The gameplay is great and super fun for those who enjoy the style, and there is even a level editor in it as well.

Number 7. Torn

Torn is a VR-Game that feels like you’re being thrown right into an old school point and click adventure. Its visuals are really nice, having a great graphical surrounding to it.

The point of Torn is to be an adventure game. You find yourself in an abandon mansion where you have to explore through its different rooms and puzzles in order to uncover the story.

VR is still a pretty new concept and there have been some gems made for it. But I think Torn is the perfect example of what kind of games VR needs to start utilizing. Imagine Myst-VR, that’s the next step and this game is a step in the right direction.

Number 6.  UNDER NIGHT IN-BIRTH Exe: Late[st]

For anyone who likes 2D anime fighters, this game is for you. Similar to games like Blazblue, you have a wide cast of unique characters to pick from.

The gameplay is smooth and responds really well and that’s what you want in a fast-paced combo-centric fighting game. The visuals are excellent and each character design stands out among each other.

It’s also made by Ark System who are behind Guilty Gear. So you know this game is going to be a pretty good one by their track record.

Number 5. Strange Brigade

This is a fun one. Strange Brigade is a co-op third-person shooter game where you and some friends fight your way through monster invested levels.

Its set in the 1930s and has an interesting lineup of enemies you can fight. The visuals are great and the gameplay is really solid.

The downside is that this game is kind of lack of replayability. It’s pretty short and easy to get through everything in about 5-hours.

But with some friends, it’ll be fun no matter how you go through it.

Number 4. Shenmue 1 and 2

The classic quick time event game returns and we couldn’t be happier. Shenmue 1 and 2 is a remastered collection of the Dreamcast game Shenmue.

It’s a game that basically pioneered the storytelling QTE genre we see in games now like Heavy Rain. It’s a classic and a definite gem for anyone who enjoys those genres.

The acting is absolutely horrible, the models are clunky, and the visuals can be kind of hilarious at times. But that is the charm of Shenmue

Its flaws make it beautiful and it is a joy to have an updated version.

Number 3. Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Strikers

For anyone who played Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 and 2, you are going to love this if you’re a Naruto fan. Shinobi Strikers is the Naruto answer to Xenoverse.

Having the same “Create a character” selling point and being heavily multiplayer focused. You make your own ninja then have free reign to play through the games unique single player story or jump into the multiplayer.

Multiplayer is team based where you and three others fight another team. You can equip your character with any number of moves you learn from iconic Naruto characters and even wear their clothing.

Xenoverse was a great love letter to fans of Dragon Ball. And I expect Shinobi Strikers to be exactly that for Naruto.

Number 2. We Happy Few

We Happy Few is a game a lot of people have followed throughout its development. It’s a single player survival game that throws you into an interesting story set in a dystopian world.

The gameplay is fun and controls are pretty responsive. The issue of it is that the story can get confusing very quickly and there are some buggy issues in the game.

But looking past the bugs and seeing the game at its core it really is great. It’s a fun single player experience and it deserves to be played by those who enjoy this style of game.

Number 1. Monster Hunter World

It may be a port of a console game but it’s just as good on PC. Monster Hunter World is the newest game in the Monster Hunter franchise and it is great.

You make your own hunter then begin your journey out in the new world. You hunt monsters and use their materials to make your weapons and armor.

Anyone who hasn’t played a Monster Hunter game before, this is a great introduction to the series. It does, however, have its share of problems being released on PC but they are being fixed as time goes on.

Monster Hunter World is fantastic especially when playing with friends. It’s an amazing multiplayer experience and those who have been waiting for it to come to PC can finally rejoice.

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