The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Guide: Tips and Tricks

The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land Guide: Tips and Tricks

Welcome to the general guide for TWD: No Man’s Land developed by Next Games Oy. This is a turn based strategy game with some interesting mechanics that makes it fun to play.

The Basics

TWD No Mans Land Battle

The battle mechanics are pretty simple with some advanced strategies. First of all, it is turn based and you can move your characters to attack walkers by either moving next to them or you can wait for them to come to you. There are 4 types of characters:

  1. Scout – Your high damage melee character with average defense and carries daggers/screwdrivers.
  2. Bruiser – Bruiser are melee and can stun walkers for 1 turn. They have more health, defense but suffer from lower damage.
  3. Hunter – Your ranged shooter that can shoot multiple walkers in a straight or slightly diagonal line. They have low health and defense. Plus, everytime you shoot, the walker counter increases by 1 during battle. That can put you at a slight disadvantage depending on whether you can handle the walkers or not.
  4. Shooter 

You can summon new characters by using the walkie talkie “call out” option. You will get a random character from any of the 4 types. You can also get epic(4 star) characters from them. Rare characters have better stats and can have a much higher max level.


TWD No Mans Land Town

Now once you have done your basic tutorial provided by the game, you will be taken to start building your town. Here are the available buildings you will need to progress in the game.

  • Council – Your headquarters where upgrading it will unlock new buildings and upgrades.
  • Campfire – Gives you info on your next mission and what you rewards you can get.
  • Farm Plot – Provides supplies which is used for upgrading buildings.
  • Tent – Generates experience points(XP) that is used to level up survivors and equipment
  • Supplies Storage – Increase your supply storage capacity.
  • Workshop – Upgrade your weapons and armor to make them more powerful and gain special bonuses.
  • Training Grounds – Train your characters and level them up here.
  • Mission Car – Increases your max gas capacity.

You can shoot walkers lingering outside your camp for XP, supplies and gold.

General Tips and Tricks

Know Your Characters Strength and Weaknesses

TWD No Mans Land Character

Scouts are great in 1 shotting walkers around your level. However, they cannot take too many hits. Bruisers can keep stunning walkers, giving time for your hunters or scouts to kill them. Bruisers usually take 2 hits to kill a walker around their level.

Hunters can shoot walkers straight in a line and can instant kill them with a head shot. Hunters are great if you can kill walkers quickly. However, they also attract walkers each time you shoot. During battle, when you shoot once,  the walker counter increases by 1. So if you bring 3 hunters and shoot 3 times per turn, the walker counter increase 3 every turn. After the walker counter ends, you will have to face a lot more walkers than you would like. Keep that in mind. Only use hunters if you know you can handle 6 or more walkers at a time.

Upgrade Your Weapons and Character

Upgrading your weapon is extremely important. For example, if you upgrade your bruiser weapon, you can increase the stun duration by 1 turn, which is extremely important in keeping strong walkers from attacking you. Other bonus stats you can get include luck, critical damage , critical chance and swift strike.

As for leveling characters, I suggest you upgrade only 2 star uncommon characters or higher. One star characters are not worth leveling and you should always reject 1 stars. You only have 6 slots, so your choices are limited.

Understanding Overwatch and Double Moves

Now during battle, you can choose to only move a few steps(1-3) and you will still get another chance to move after. If you only moved 1-3 steps, you gain overwatch if you choose to end turn. Overwatch gives you a defensive stance where if any walkers come to you and tries to attack you, you will retaliate first before they can attack you. However, your damage during retaliation is not as strong as if you were to go straight up and attack them. Keep that in mind.

Overwatch comes in handy, especially if you have bruisers, since they will stun the walker, making the walker deal 0 damage. Your ranged characters will also shoot any walker coming towards you. Your hunters will also not gain an extra walker counter during overwatch stance.

Sometimes, it is also smart to move 1-3 steps before making another move. Fog of war will hide some walkers and if you move to a spot in fog of war, you will be stopped if there is a walker beside it. You will lose a turn and not attack as well. Also, running pass a walker will stop your character from moving and take damage from the walker.

Game Rewards You For Taking Less Damage

Each time you complete a mission with your characters health intact, you can use them again for the next map. If they took some damage, you will have to wait a few minutes for the to recover.

Knowing When To Run and Avoid Battles

As the battle goes on, more and more walkers will show up. The walkers also get stronger each time they show up, so you are on a battle against time. Always loot quickly and run to the destination. Unless you know you can handle the stronger walkers, you should always complete the map as soon as possible.

Scouts and bruisers are great against armored walkers and hunters deal reduced damage to them. Keep that in mind.

Explore Maps Often For XP and Items

When you unlock any campaign map after the first chapter, you can explore side dungeons to get more XP and items. If you can, try to use a few hunters and a bruiser to complete them. You can opt to kill as many walkers as you can before leaving the map for bonus XP.

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