Digimon Links Farm Building Guide for Beginners

Digimon Links Farm Building Guide for Beginners


Hello friends, welcome to the Digimon Links Farm Building Guide for Beginners. This guide is designed to teach players about the different Facilities available in Digimon Links for your farm.

Farm Facilities Basics

The Facilities in the farm all serve a different purpose for your Digimon. On top of just being a visual to make your farm look fuller and like an actual home for your Digimon.

Each Facility building is different in their visual design and purpose. There are two different kinds of facilities the Warehouse and Shops.

The shops are where you can buy facilities that can buy placed around your farm. The Warehouse is specifically for storing Decor which is another kind of facility that has no actual use other than adding decoration to the farm.

The most basic and earliest ones you get are the Lab and the House. You start with these two and they both hold important uses that are required for the game.

As you play through the missions you’ll unlock different facilities that you can add to your farm. Each one costs clusters for you to build and more to upgrade.

Every building in Digimon can be upgraded and should be when able. It costs clusters and also takes time to build them.

The first time you upgrade it takes a short amount of time. Then every upgrade after increases the amount of time it takes.

There are some facilities that should be upgraded every chance you get just because of their usefulness. Some of the more helpful facilities can also take the most time to upgrade.

Facilities Uses

Every facility you gain access to is important in their own way and becomes even more useful when they’re upgraded. The Facilities are whats important whereas Decor is just to make some decoration so once you have all the facilities there is no problem getting some decor.

In the list below is every facility you can get and what their uses are. Each one will be detailed to the fullest so you understand exactly what they’re used for.


The Lab is probably the main building of the game because of the purposes it serves. The biggest use of the Lab is the Garden which is used for Baby and In-Training Digimon to Digivolve into Rookies when getting them from Link Captures.

Baby Digimon take 12 hours to Digivolve whereas In-Training Digimon takes 24 hours. So putting them in there and leaving them is the basic use of the Garden and should be done whenever you have a Baby or In-Training.

The next use of the Lab is the Research function. Research is used to take two Mega Digimon to make one new Digi Egg.

The Digi Egg becomes the Rookie of the base Digimon that was chosen. The purpose of researching is to pass on a Digimon Legacy skill, Leader skill, ability, or luck.

You can also awaken a Digimon by researching it when it has a max friendship. Digimon can be awakened up to +4 so this is a good use of the Lab.

Seeding is the act of taking two Digimon to hybrid their abilities or enhance the ones they have. By Seeding two Digimon of the same type you can highly enhance the ability of the base Digimon.

Version Upgrade serves the purpose of upgrading Mega Digimon that are already at Awakening +4. Version upgrades can give a Mega higher max level, Second Legacy Skill Slot, or stat effect resistance upgrades at the Dojo.


The house is another early facility you get and a very simple one. The house determines how many Digimon you can have at a time.

You start by being able to hold 50 Digimon. But once you upgrade it the number increases giving you more space for more Digimon.

Meat Field

The Meat Field is another facility you get in the tutorial and it is one of the most important ones. The meat field grows meat for your Digimon.

Feed meat to your Digimon in order to increase their levels. Upgrading the meat field determines how much meat it produces


The Warehouse is just as important as the Meat Field because of its space. Upgrading the Warehouse allows you to hold more meat at one time which is very helpful once your meat field is upgraded a few levels.


The Dojo is a facility used to give your Digimon Legacies and Resistance Upgrades. Legacies are given by choosing a base Digimon and a partner Digimon.

The Legacy of the partner Digimon will inherit to the Base Digimon and turn the partner into Data. The Resistance upgrades allow you to take Digimon of the same name to increase their resistance.

So having two of the same Digimon allows you to give one to the base version and increase its resistance.


The Exchange is a sort of shop where you can exchange tickets for stuff. At the moment the best use is exchanging tickets for Mega Fragments which are needed to Mega Digivolve.

Chip Factory

The Chip Factory is used for installing and enhancing chips. Chips are a kind of equipment you can give to Digimon to increase stats and other attributes.


The Restaurant is one of the more important Facilities because of it’s effect on your gameplay. Upgrading this facility increases your amount of base Stamina giving you more.

When you’re able to upgrade it after waiting the time limit your stamina increases and is also filled up to the max. So finishing the upgrade after your stamina is drained is a good idea.

Attribute/DebuffSummon RatesLeader Skill

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