Top Angry Birds 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Top Angry Birds 2 Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Angry Birds 2 has been a very fun experience and I consider a great release out of Rovio games. The graphics are much better and also a lot more engaging. Here are the top tips for Angry Birds 2 to help you progress throughout the game.

1) Do Your Daily Quests

Angry Birds 2 Daily Quest

Doing the daily quests allows you to get free gems, which is an awesome bonus for free to play players. The daily quests doesn’t take long to complete. You just have to play about 20 minutes daily to get all the bonuses. This can be done while you are taking the bus or during your lunch break.

The initial gems you get from the game is only enough to get you out of maybe 2 or 3 tough stages. After that, you will run out of gems and as a free to play player, it can be a bummer when you need that extra spell to get you past that stage.

Here are the daily quests:

  • Login Bonus – 3 Gems (Watch a short commercial to double it – 6 gems total)
  • Pop 30 Pigs – 3 Gems
  • Play the Arena! – 2 Gems
  • Collect 10 Stars – 5 Gems
  • Send a Gift! – 10 Gems

That is a total of 21 gems per day if you are able to do them all. At worst, you will always get at least 10 gems if you are active daily.

2) Understanding Your Angry Bird’s Special Abilities

Now the game does tell you what they do, but you also need to know when is the best time to use each bird’s special abilities.

Angry Birds 2 Red

Now Red is the first bird you start out with. Red’s knocking power is much better than Blue. Red’s special ability is the red aura when you tap it which gives Red an extra push power in a small hit box in front of Red. Use him for pushing down carts or killing stray pigs. He is kinda like the jack of all trades.

Angry Birds 2 Blue

Blue is a smaller bird that has the ability to split into 3 when you tap it. This bird works best against blue walls(or ice walls). If you hit a hard stage, the Ice spell and Blue can annihilate entire piles of pigs when you combo it together. Blue isn’t strong when trying to topple grey metal walls, so leave that to the other birds.

Angry Birds 2 Chuck

Chuck is great against wooden yellow walls. Chucks special ability is a fast velocity strike when you tap it. That allows you to topple the bottom of wooden walls, essentially allowing you to destroy entire stacks of buildings. Use Chuck if you need pushing power or penetration power.

Angry Birds 2 Matilda

Matilda drops bombs on your foes when you tap it and then she bounces away. This works best on metal and wooden walls that are hard to break for Red or Blue. Matilda is a great option to trigger TNT’s that potential destroy a pile consisting of pigs and metal walls.  You can also use it to bypass any obstacles in front of a pile of walls with pigs.

Angry Birds 2 Silver

Silver works best against metal walls. However, you will have to aim it carefully as it makes a anti clockwise flight horizontally when you tap it. It works quite like Matilda except that Silver goes straight down while Matilda bounces away when she drops a bomb.

3) Spell Cards and When To Use Them

Angry Birds 2 Spell Cards

Before we discuss when to use spell cards, lets go over what the spell cards do.

A) Golden Duck

The Golden Duck hits the entire screen with a group of golden ducks by raining them from the sky. They are bouncy and heavy, therefore, it topples unstable walls, allowing you to destroy potential stacks of walls.

B) Frost

The Frost turns any wall into a ice wall, allowing your birds to destroy them easily. This is best used on stages with grey metal walls and you don’t have Silver with you. This also pairs very well with Blue and you can destroy an entire round with this spell and Blue together.

C) Hot Chili

This Hot Chili spell turns a random pig into chili and exploding it in the process. Works best when you have a lone pig stuck somewhere within a wall and you cannot destroy it using your birds. The explosion of the pig works very much like the TNT bombs.

D) Pig Inflater

This Pig Inflater does exactly what the name describes. Inflates all pigs of that round and pop them. Use it if you want to rack up bonus points on very tough stages where you cannot destroy everything within 1 or 2 shots.

E) Mighty Eagle

This is the best spell available to you. The Mighty Eagle is a homing missile that destroys anything that blocks its path. This will pretty much win a round for you, just like the Pig Inflater.

When To Use Your Spell Cards

Only use them if you know you can’t get pass a stage. They are rare to come by and 99% of the time you won’t get them as an extra card bonus. They are pretty much limited supply items. The best spells are Mighty Eagle and Pig Inflater. Never use them unless you really have to.

4) Always Try To Do As Much Damage As Possible

Sometimes certain stages can be confusing as you are unsure whether to go for the front or back walls. This is when you focus on just doing damage. Your power meter fills based on how much damage you do. A little extra damage goes a long way as you will gain bonus cards every time you fill your power meter. If you are lucky, you might get the desired bird you need to destroy that pesky pig or wall. Better yet, you might get a spell!

Occasionally, a golden pig will be within the green pigs. The golden pig gives you a new card. So, if you see one of them, be sure to pop it for that extra card which could help you in the next round. It could also determine whether you get pass that stage or not.

5) Knowing The Environment

Angry Birds Level 18 1

Sometimes, you will get the blowing fans that can alter the course of your birds. Use them to your advantage to try different trajectories that usually won’t work unless it can change its course. Each new area will have a different thing you need to pay attention to.

The first area Feathery Hills has plants that will eat objects and shoot at the direction they are facing. The second area New Pork City has fans that can change the trajectory of your birds course. Keep them in mind when you reach new areas.

6) Each Stage is Random

Forget trying to use the same strategy every time you retry a stage. The setup is going to be different from the previous one. That is the challenging part of the game. None of the rounds is going to be the same, making it interesting to play. Some might argue it is all RNG based, but I think it actually changes the way you approach the game.

Instead of relying on the same strategy, you will have to adapt every time. Plus, you also have to be skilled at predicting the trajectory of the birds course. The less skilled you are at doing that, the harder it is to get past certain stages.

7) Practice Makes Perfect – Play In The Arena

Playing in the Arena improves the way you use your birds. You need to deal as much damage as possible with the number of birds you have. This will require good shooting skills and you can practice daily to perfect that. Plus, you also get bonus gems for doing that, so do take advantage of it.

This also forces you to know WHEN to use a certain bird depending on what you need to destroy. For pushing power, use Red. For wooden walls, Chuck does it best.

Watch Videos for 1 Extra Life or Card

It sucks to be a free to play player sometimes. But watching a video for an extra life or card isn’t so bad. Most commercials are 30 seconds and you get to play a little longer after that.

That concludes the tutorial! Hope that helps and happy shooting!

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