Eldrian Legacy Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Eldrian Legacy Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Start your Eldrian Legacy with this tips and tricks guide. We’ll cover the things you need to know to get started such as the Summoning Altar, training grounds, getting hero units and much more in this guide.

Summoning Altar

In the Summoning Altar you can pull materials and new heroes from either of the stones. I recommend saving up 90,000 gold and doing the 10 item Normal Summon Stone pull when you have the money available. This is a really good way to pick up a new Hero unit.

eldrian legacy summon stone

You can tell if you got a good pull by the color of the glow around the stones. A purple glow is usually a new Hero, and a blue glow is a hero’s material. Occasionally you can get lucky and get a hero for 10k but you’re better off saving your money.

Do not waste your Diamonds on the single Premium summon stone pull. It will usually give you materials, which you could have gotten from a Normal summon stone pull. Save up to grab the x10 summon stone pull to ensure you get a new hero unit.

Combat and Skills

There is a few ways to do the combat in Eldrian’s Legacy. You can choose to manually trigger abilities or preload abilities in a skill queue to be used when they are ready.  Ideally you want to set the game for auto on, which will automatically use your hero abilities when they’re up. Make sure you tap on the fast forward button to double the speed of the game.

eldrian legacy auto play

Check the damage meter in the Battle Records as you progress through levels, this gives you a good ideal of which Hero is doing the most work. This is one way to decide which unit to work on, either solely focusing your resources into it to make it one power house or by attempting to bring up the rest of the teams damage. This also goes for tanking status of your front and mid line.

Don’t forget that you have to level up your Hero units skills. Unfortunately you start off being limited to 15 skill points before you get a refresh timer. Start off each game with leveling up skills so they can refresh while you play, and reset by time you are about to close the game or when you are ready to open the game again.

Team Elements

This is overlooked a lot but the symbols on the top left portrait of each character is the elemental property of that unit. Here is a useful chart of the elements, and in which order they go and how they affect each other.  So if you’re having trouble on a stage this could help if you have the counter element.

eldrian legacy elements

If you go into your Formation, there is also a tab you can tap on to pull up the enemy teams Elemental type if you want to focus on countering with a stronger element type. This will come into play when you’re doing an area like the Tower of Souls and you are going against enemies of one elemental type.

Eldrian legacy tower

Training Grounds

The Training area is the place to quickly get your new Hero units up to the appropriate level. You can leave them in a training slot and let them build up exp over time or you can use your Ticket to advance them. It says a special training ticket is required but what it really means is it used the tickets you acquire that allow you to skip / clear a 3 star mission.

eldrian legacy training

I recommend you use it for training new units to add to your combat line, filling out your roster as soon as possible is the best method to advance through the stages. Then you want to save your tickets for stages that have components you need but don’t want to waste time grinding.

Hero’s can stay in the Training ground AND still be used to clear stages as a method of doubling up the amount of experience they can acquire.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Collect your free daily summon from the normal and premium Summoning Altar.
  • Only grab x10 Premium Summon Stone pull with diamonds for the 3 star character.
  • Acquire gear and promote your unit to acquire new abilities.
  • Check the Achievement tab to collect Gold, Tickets and Diamond rewards and to do main quest.
  • Complete task in the Event and Daily Event sections. Lots of account exp, gold and diamonds here.
  • Use “Next Area” until you start to fail missions or only get 2 star clears, then upgrade your units and skills and repeat.
  • You can get Gems from high normal dungeon or the Gem Forest
  • Tap the “i” in Unit Info to see what the community thinks about that hero unit.Be social and join a Guild!
  • If you see a down arrow on your unit it has a disadvantage against the current enemy team.

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