Bleach: Brave Souls Spirit Orb Collecting Guide

Bleach: Brave Souls Spirit Orb Collecting Guide

Welcome to the BBS spirit orb collecting guide. I’ve written out a number of ways for you to maximize the amount of spirit orbs you can get without spending a dime.

Story Mode


In Bleach: Brave Souls, spirit orbs are used as the main currency of the game. You use them for a number of things, from buying soul tickets and coins, using them to level up (Though it’s not advised, use jewels for that), and most important buying character pulls.

Now you can buy spirit orbs with real money but there are a few ways for you to get spirit orbs just by playing the game. The easiest way would be to play the story!

In story mode you go through a series of levels laid out in chapters. In each level you play you can get up to four spirit orbs. One for each star you get on the level adding up to three, and a fourth for getting the three stars.

Once you’ve played through the first chapter on Normal you unlock Hard mode. In Hard mode you can go through the same chapters and get spirit orbs for them all over again.
So just by doing the story on both modes you can make a lot of spirit orbs.



Orders are another way to make spirit orbs though may take some time. Orders are a special tasks you can do that grant you rewards. There are Daily, Weekly, Free, and Event orders you can do. Though not all of them give spirit orbs.

In your Daily Orders, by doing all of them each day you get five spirit orbs. It may not sound like a lot but with the coins and jewels you’ll get in story mode you’ll really only be using them on soul tickets and character summons.



Events are a good way to get a few spirit orbs, even if you’re just starting out. Every day there are new daily events.

Four raids (which you will need some powerful characters for), A weekly event, and typically one daily event for collecting jewels to level up.

Each event goes by the same format as story missions do. Play the mission, get three stars, you get four spirit orbs. Though the Events normally range from Normal, Hard, and Very hard.

So if you’re just starting out you may not be able to get much from the higher difficulties. But I definitely suggest going through normal at least.

Playing Co-Op


Bleach: Brave Souls also has a Co-op mode which can grant you some spirit orbs. Co-op is a mode where you team up with three other players in real time to go through a specific level or raid.

Anytime you join a match and end up in a group with new players you’ll get three spirit orbs, One per person. The game allows you to do this method until you’ve claimed three hundred spirit orbs in total.

Maxing Out Characters


Now for probably the most efficient way to gain spirit orbs aside from doing story mode. Leveling up your characters, it’s time consuming but it’s worth it.

When you start Bleach: Brave Souls you get a couple character summons. After that you have to buy them with spirit orbs.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “I’m trying to get spirit orbs not use them”. Well you got to spend money to make money, right?

Buy a couple character summons, whether it’s a single summons (25 spirit orbs) or a 10 character summon (250 spirit orbs). Once you have a roster of characters you can start working on maxing them out.

First thing first is getting them to the soft cap. Every rank has their own soft level cap you hit before you have to ascend them.

  • 1 stars – Level 20 – Ascend – Level 40
  • 2 stars – Level 30 – Ascend – Level 50
  • 3 stars – Level 40 – Ascend – Level 60
  • 4 stars – Level 50 – Ascend – Level 70
  • 5 stars – Level 60 – Ascend – Level 80

Once you hit the max level after ascending you get spirit orbs depending on what rank character you maxed. (Side note, 5 star characters can’t be maxed out through ascension. Once they’re ascension is maxed you have to unlock their level cap in that characters soul tree.)

Now each star rank gives a different amount of spirit orbs. And you can only get spirit orbs once per character type. So say you have two 3 star Ichigo’s but one’s an attack type and one’s a stamina type, you can get spirit orbs by maxing them both out.

  • 1 star – 5 Spirit Orbs
  • 2 star – 10 Spirit Orbs
  • 3 star – 25 Spirit Orbs
  • 4 star – 35 Spirit Orbs
  • 5 star – 50 Spirit Orbs

Once you’ve maxed out every character in the game you’ll no longer be able to get spirit orbs from them. But by that point you won’t need spirit orbs for to much, you’ve maxed out all the characters!

So there you have it a few ways for you to get spirit orbs by just playing the game. And the best part is that the game isn’t even finished.

With updates coming all the time there’s going to be plenty of events and orders to get spirit orbs from. New characters being added to max out, and the next part of the story mode.

So if you don’t feel dropping money on a couple of spirit orbs these are the best ways to get them. I hope this little guide helped you guys out and you all enjoy killing some hollows with your characters you worked so hard to get.

Oh! And remember kids, don’t waste your precious spirit orbs on leveling the Soul Tree. That’s what the jewels are there for. 🙂

Note: This is a guest post by Caius.

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