Disney Emoji Blitz Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Disney Emoji Blitz Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Time to enjoy a whole new world in Disney Emoji Blitz! Come find out how to use your power ups, what to do for items, how to clear the board and a list of characters!

Power Ups

Several different type of power up tiles are available in Disney’s Emoji Blitz, giving the game a unique spin on the classic matching game. They each have multiple functions as well for example, swiping a lightning bolt up will clear a lane vertically, where as swiping it to the sides will clear everything in the horizontal. Matching two power ups together have an even bigger impact.disney emoji tiles

You can match up the same type of power up or mix and match power ups. For example a double lightning bolt will clear out 3 rows of tiles. Keep an eye out for the vibrantly colored rainbow star that allows you to clear every tile of the type you swipe it into. This is great for building up your special or for clearing out a massive amount of tiles for big points.

Make sure you use your power up as soon as its available so you can start refilling the meter again. Another tip about power ups is they freeze the game time, this gives you a brief moment while they’re activating to look for a quick set of combos to match up.


There are quite a few items to collect while playing the game, collecting them will give you various rewards that you can find from the main menu. This is where you will get a few gems to help you open the diamond treasure chest. Do your best to collect items when you can on each play through.

Disney Emoji itemsLightning bolts are pretty useful in clearing out a line so you can get an item to the bottom of the board. Don’t overlook how a combination of specials could help you get an item to the bottom of the board without wasting time.

Matching Tiles

Try focusing on matching the tiles towards the bottom of the screen, this should help you build up combos with the Emojis as they fall down the screen. This is also a good way to save special attack tiles. If you get stuck when it comes to matching up the Emoji’s, wait a moment and a match up will wiggle, giving you a hint to a match up you can swipe. Try setting up 4 or 5 tile matches for bigger bonuses as this will trigger special

How to use the Emoji’s you unlock on your Phone.

After you’ve started unlocking Emoji’s you can allow the app to access your keyboard. Go to your keyboard settings in game and tap and hold the earth globe icon and select the Disney Emoji Blitz icons there. Now you can use the Emoji you have unlocked from the game on your messages!

Complete Missions

Your lives are time based so try to prioritize the mission objectives to get their rewards. Completing them allows you to get to the next mission set, and it makes sure you have a good flow of gem rewards and coins coming while you play the game. Completing missions is how you unlock the Daily Challenge as well. This not only increases your overall level, it will also raise your Blitz bonus from leveling up.


Getting on the leader boards is part luck and part buying a boost! An easy way to grab extra points to pad your score is to get the additional timer boost and extra score. Paired with the right Emoji special power, this leads to some major scores.

Disney Emoji high scoreYou can gain up to 10k coin by reaching first on the leaderboards and Linking your facebook account to the game will display your name and picture on top of it.

Emoji’s Character list

Below are the list of currently available characters in the game. Each one has their own unique special power. Unlockable through the treasure chest randomly. A emoji to keep your eye out for is the White Rabbit as his special ability is adding 1 second for each match made while his power is activated. This is really strong. You can also get duplicate Emojis which will increase their level, which changes how many points you get from matching those tiles.

Micky Mouse Minnie  Mouse Timon Flounder Sulley Tinker Bell Buzz Lightyear Fozzie Bear Anna Nick Wilde
Dory Stitch Nemo Simba Ariel Mike Bambi Woody Kermit Pluto
Donald Goofy Pumba Sebastian Randall Genie White Rabbit Toy Alien Cinderella Wall-e
Judy Hopps Hank

General Tips and Tricks

  • Don’t forget to collect your daily chest every 8 hours.
  • Use gems on the  Diamond box or to buy 40k gold coins to use it on the Silver or Gold Box to fill in your Emoji collection.

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