Top 10 Bleach Brave Soul 6 Star Characters [You won’t be able to guess who is no 3…]

Top 10 Bleach Brave Soul 6 Star Characters [You won’t be able to guess who is no 3…]


Hello everyone and welcome to my top 10 Bleach Brave Souls 6 Star Characters. This list is going to showcase some of the best 6 star characters in the game. To show some of the characters you can set your sights on so when their gatcha comes around you know where to put your spirit orbs. Here is an updated top 10 list.


Number 10. Byakuya(Purple)


Byakuya is one of the most well known 5 stars in Bleach: Brave Souls. As a 6 star his stats make him far more viable and better to use earning him the first spot on this list.

His stats are nothing super special but they are enough to make him a good part of any team. Having decent attack and SP(Spiritual Pressure), plus having range in his attacks makes him real useful to have around.

Especially in PvP matches, Byakuya is one of the better choices. Plus he’s one of the easiest five stars to get. If you’re a new player just do your soul reaper orders until you can choose a free 5 star and he’ll be one of the options.


Number 9. Hyorinmaru(Orange)


One of the three Zanpakuto characters on this list (And yes three are on this list). Hyorinmaru is an all around average six star but is great when used in the right team set up.

Having a great health stat and good SP he plays well being teamed with a group of attack based characters. Hyorinmaru is a ranged attacker so it’ll be easy to have him sit back and deal chip damage with his basic attack.

While he does he can take some damage and dish it out with his strong attacks. Then you can switch out to a strong character and plow through whatever health is left.


Number 7. Zabimaru(Red)


The second Zanpakuto on this list and only takes a spot over Hyorinmaru for its usability. At first glance Zabimaru is a very basic and average character.

Nothing to special in her stats other than her stamina. But her stats aren’t what make her a useful character by any means.

Given the right equipment and built correctly, Zabimaru can become on of the fastest attackers in the game. All of her strong attacks being physical but having range to them making it easy to deal damage then get out before taking any.



Number 7. Shunsui(Purple)


A personal favorite of mine, Purple Shunsui is a great six star all around. Having both great stamina and attack makes him a good lead to any team.

He’s best when put up front and his attacks make it very easy to do crowd control. All three strong attacks be able to hit several enemies at once and even trap them in place for you to wail on.

For PvP he is a great character to have due to his stun attack making it very easy to cause problems for other players. I cannot recommend him enough.


Number 6. Halibel(Red)


My favorite character in Bleach, only wish she was higher up on this list. Halibel is a great six star and surprisingly at that since the gatcha she was introduced in had two better characters.

But given the six star she wears it well with very well rounded stats. She’s a great attacker and can take good amounts of damage before having to be pulled out.

Her strong attacks give a lot of AoE and knock back so she’s best placed in large crowds of enemies.


Number 5. Haineko(Blue)


The last Zanpakuto on this list and probably my favorite. Haineko is a great blue character and her range is the reason she is on this list.

Her basic attack great at taking down lesser enemies and dealing chip damage to bosses. And her strong attacks able to deal out some damage while even stunning enemies similar to Sunshui.

Her only fault is how easy she can be taken down. Her stamina isn’t bad but she takes damage hard and could be considered a glass cannon.


Number 4. Tobiume


Tobiume, in my personal opinion, is probably one of the strongest attackers all around out of the entire roster of characters. Her attack stat being very good but her strong attack being what makes her so devastating.

A maxed out Tobiume with the right equipment can pretty much take on any mission solo(Much like another character that is higher on this list). Her strong attacks having both up close and range to them and all dealing heavy damage.

So watch out for her and grab her when you can.


Number 3. Aizen Hogyoku(Purple)


The god of SP himself. Naturally I think anyone who has played BBS for a while knows who my top 3 is gonna be. Aizen is one of the best characters to be released.

Having the highest SP in the entire game and amazing stamina. He hits hard, takes damage, and can pretty much take on anything thrown at him.

His strong attacks are ridiculous when maxed out and honestly so are his basics. So overall definitely a character everyone wants in their roster.


Number 2. Kenpachi(Green)


Our number 2 is probably the biggest power house in the game aside from number one. Kenpachi is literally a one man army when he is maxed out.

Having great attack and stamina he pretty much tanks his way through missions and PvP. Give him the right build and you can pretty much just turn on auto and let him do all of the work.

He’s a highly sought after character, along with the other Kenpachi’s in the game. But Green Kenpachi is by far the strongest.


Number 1. Dangai Ichigo(Blue)


Probably the most predicted number 1 but for good reason. Dangai Ichigo is obviously one of the strongest characters in the game.

His stats are good all around and team wise he can be used effectively with any other character. And when maxed out he’s just as devastating as Kenpachi can be.

His strong attacks become crazy strong when maxed out and to get all this power is ridiculous in its own right. Having to get Rukia, Ichigo, AND Aizen from raids to fully max out his soul tree.

He takes a lot of work but he is absolutely worth it.


So these are my top ten Bleach Brave Soul characters. Do you agree? Or is there some others you feel deserve their own spot?

I hope you all enjoyed reading. Until next time.

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