Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Guide [Tips and Tricks]


Welcome everyone to the Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money Tips and Tricks Guide. This guide is designed to teach the mechanics of the game, how to get the best results as you play, and help you further yourself to make it a little easier.

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money

Trailer Park Boys is kind of a business simulator game, in the most loose term of business. You are given a little story to explain the reason everything is happening and it’s what you’d expect from a Trailer Park Boys game.

Once you’re fully in game play you’re taught what to do by a small tutorial and it explains it rather well. Your whole point is to build businesses and make money.

To build a business you need money, to make money you need business. That’s the vicious cycle of Trailer Park Boys but the system is done very well.

Once you build a business it starts generating cash and you can use that cash to pay for customers. The more customers you have the more cash that business generates.

Once you have enough cash you can build another more expensive business and generate even more cash. As you get cash you’ll each check points that further the story of the game.

This is the rinse and repeat cycle of the game. Build, generate, collect. And it is that simple all the way through everything else is taught and learned through the story.

The story itself consists of hitting check points that move you to the next cut scene then back to collecting money. At the end of the story you end the season and have a boss fight then move on to the next season.

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money – Seasons and Objective

As stated before the objective of the game is to make cash to further the story. The story itself is split up into seasons and thats where the difficulties come in.

At the end of each season the main characters go through a “Boss fight” where you tap the screen for them to flip off and insult whoever the boss is. Afterwards they get thrown in prison and everything resets.

In the next season you have to rebuild all your businesses and make all your money again. And every season this mechanic repeats and that’s where the difficulty lies.

Though it’s not hard at all because as the seasons go on cash generates very quickly regardless of what business you have. You typically start off with a gas station and that alone generates a lot of cash when you put customers into it.

Once you have enough to go off to build more businesses until the season ends and you start all over again. The game is very simple and at times can be a little mindless so it’s perfect if you’re looking to kill time.

Trailer Park Boys: Greasy Money – Game and Mechanics

There really isn’t much to say about Trailer Park Boys outside of what’s already been said. But i’m gonna get a little deeper into some of the games other mechanics.

As you progress through the story you eventually collect a pile of Hashcoins. These are basically the games currency to buy Trunks from the shop.

Trunks are things that are filled with items and typically new characters. Each new character can be placed at a business and once there they automatically collect money with out you having to do anything.

So if you’re playing you no longer need to tap the business to collect cash it does it on its own. And if you’re not playing that business still collects money over time as long as there is a character there.

So getting more characters is a great way to generate cash with little to no work. And that’s kind of the point of Trailer Park Boys, make a profit with as little work as possible.

As for the businesses you get those through playing the game and also through Hashcoins as well. In the shop you can buy cards which can contain characters, money, business, etc.

When you get new cards you can potentially get new businesses that you can build in your area. Some generate more profit than others and some generate less but are easier to get customers to.

So through out the game you’ll be generating cash with each business and very easily. And through out the story you’ll be gaining Hashcoins letting you get more from the shop.

Overall Trailer Park Boys is a very simple and easy simulator game. If you enjoy it’s raunchy and adult theme and like it’s kind of dirty humor and you just wanna shut your mind off with a game this is definitely something you’ll really enjoy.

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