King’s Raid [Tips and Tricks Guide]

King’s Raid [Tips and Tricks Guide]


Hello friends and welcome to the King’s Raid Tips and Tricks Guide. We’re going to be going over the mechanics and basics of King’s Raid and how to further yourself in the game.

King’s Raid

King’s Raid is an RPG style game that revolves around getting heroes and fighting with them in a 4 man party. The battle system is the main part of the game where all the game┬áplay actually takes place.


The battle mechanics are very simple in this game so anyone who plays can easily pick it up. The battle itself works on an auto path where all characters attack on their own with no extra input needed.

As they use their basic attacks they build up a skill gauge allowing them to use skills equip to them. By tapping the skill they use it and deal more damage than their basic attack.

So the real part you’ll play is deciding what skills to have equipped to what characters and how to use them properly in a fight. So it’s a simple system with a little bit of management involved.

Team Management

Through out the game you’ll unlock several different heroes that you can mix and match for your team setup. Team setup is important for each character has different skills that determine their place.

Some characters excel at dealing heavy damage with their attacks while some characters are more built for healing and defense. Having a party full of healers or full of attackers can end up being inefficient and difficult.

So when building your team you want to have a well balanced team of damage, defense, healers, etc. So it’s important to pay attention to what kind of characters you get.

At the start you’re given some heroes for free through story events but you can unlock more later through the gem currency. A big part of Team Management is dealing with character skills.

Skills and Equipment

Each hero has their own set of equipment they can get to buff their stats and make them stronger. And they each have their own skill set that gets better as they increase in level.

On each skill you can enhance its effectiveness by using gold and once the skill is maxed it becomes much stronger. Maxing skills is important to increase their power in a fight making them far more helpful.

Now skills are easy to get cause every so many levels that hero gets a new one. Equipment however comes in a different way and can be a little more difficult to obtain really good gear.

An easy way to get gear is to use your free summons in the shop to pull some free gear. You can also buy some if you’re willing to do so.

You’re also able to get gear by completing levels in the game. At the beginning the gear you get is very basic and low level but as it goes on you’ll gain better gear.

You can also get gear by completing different quests for rewards. Quests are easy and can get you some good stuff early game and as you go on.

Each quest has its own objective it wants you to follow and when completed you get the reward attached. The reward is always different ranging from gold to gear and other things.

So quests are a good way to get gear early game with out to much trouble to go through. Just complete as many as you can and start outfitting your characters.

World Map and Bosses

The main hub of the world is a large map with several locations on it. Your character begins in one spot and you move across the map similar to a bored game style setup.

Each mission creates a path across the map and follows the story that the game has. On the map are visible monsters that act as level bosses for certain levels.

Bosses are the more powerful versions of basic enemies and typically show up during the boss phase of a mission. Most every level has a boss stage and they don’t start off to difficult but definitely get harder as the game goes on.

Bosses are where your team management is going to really show whether it’s effective or not. Early bosses can be taken out by just letting every character auto attack and pummel it to the death.

But once you reach some of the stronger ones the auto attack is not a viable method of straight fighting. You want to have good equipment to make the auto attack do more damage and have your skills outfitted.

Each different skill has their own purpose and utility in the game but some bosses can determine what skills are better for it. Some bosses will be stronger against attack skills and weaker against magic element skills.

So knowing what your party can do and what each boss is weak and strong against will be very helpful in the long run. Just keep your team well balanced and making it through the games story shouldn’t be to terribly difficult.

Summoning Heroes

Now the last thing we’re going go over is a small thing but an important part of the game. Obtaining more heroes aside from the ones you are given.

In King’s Raid you can get heroes by buying them with gems. In most games you have to spend a set amount and randomly pull a hero and hope you get one you want.

In King’s Raid you flat out pay the full price for that hero and then they are yours. You have a wide selection of heroes to choose from so you’ll have time to figure out who fits your style.

Each hero is kind of pricey ranging anywhere between 3,000 to 8,000 gems. So if you wanna spend a little money you can get a couple of heroes at the start.

You can also get gems by playing through the story missions themselves. On each first clear you’re given a small amount of gems for free and it’s not a lot but over time the amount will start to stack.

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