DFFOO General Guide for Newbies [Learn From My Mistakes]

DFFOO General Guide for Newbies [Learn From My Mistakes]

Welcome to the basic guide for Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia. We will be going over all the basics and giving you guidance on how to progress in the game efficiently.

Much like a lot of the final fantasy games, DFFOO operates under a turn-based system with bravery bars. You can have up to 3 characters at any given battle. You can also choose to get one of your friends or followers to back you up for 3 turns (5 if they follow you back).

You also get to use all your favorite final fantasy characters without having to use the “Gacha” system and pray you get them. It is the weapons and armor that are part of the gacha system instead. Your weapons and armor will determine how strong your character can get. In the future, better weapons will be released, so you will want to save your gems for it, especially if you are a F2P player. We will be giving you some advice on what weapon you should go for in the beginning to help make things easier.

Special weapons and armor give bonus stats or enhancements to a specific final fantasy character. For example, if you happen to pull the weapon “Enhancer” for Warrior of Light, he gets “Raises target’s BRV by 1/2 of Initial BRV when Shining Shield is used”. That gives you quite an edge in battle.

Another cool thing about this game is that the campaign map and special events don’t require stamina unlike most gacha games, so that means you can play all day long if you want to. As for how much gems one can get as a F2P, here is the minimum you get provided you play actively:

  • Daily Quests – 3000 per month
  • Login Bonus – 1500 per month
  • Character Events – 5000 per month (Assuming 4 character events per month)
  • New Chapters – Around 1800 per month (Assuming a new chapter every 2 months. Each chapter has around 18 nodes which give gems, each complete node gives 100 gems.)
  • In total that gives a minimum of 11300 per month, excluding gems from rank up (100 gems per rank up), World of Illusion events and other miscellaneous sources.

That means you can afford to pull at least 2 banners per month. That is pretty good!

Game Mechanics

Each character has the following stats:

  • HP – Your health point. You only take damage when your enemy decides to use HP attack on you.
  • I.BRV – This is the initial BRV it starts with.
  • M.BRV – This the maximum amount of BRV they can store at a time.
  • ATK – This determine show much damage your character does for a regular attack. Can be improved with leveling and equipping a weapon. Some armor also will boost this.
  • DEF – Determines how much damage you take. This can be improved leveling your character or equipping armor.

In a battle, here are some things you will want to pay attention to. It is the relationship between HP and Bravery Bar. Your bravery bar is your offense and defense at the same time. Each time you attack the enemy, you steal their bravery bar. The same goes for the enemy as well.

Your goal is to break their bravery bar. Doing so gives bonus bravery points to the entire team. It also sets the enemy’s turn back by 1. This is vital. So if you know how to break the enemy’s bravery bar at the right time, you can unleash powerful attacks at the same time.

Note: Once the bravery shield is broken, you will deal critical BRV damage every time. The same goes for your enemy. So don’t let them break your shield! It goes both ways!

Also, if you hit the same enemy multiple times, you can chain attacks, allowing free hits from your other two members. Very useful in boss fights, especially if you want to reduce their bravery bar and prevent them from unleashing a devastating HP attack on your team.

Bonus Tip on Breaking

You will always want to break the enemy units in reverse order.

For example, suppose the turn order is Cloud, Yuna, Squall, A, B, C, Cloud, Yuna, Squall.

If Cloud breaks enemy A then the turn order will be Yuna, Squall, B, A, C, Cloud, Yuna, Squall.

Similarly, breaking B gives a turn order of Yuna, Squall, A, C, B, Cloud, Yuna, Squall.

However, if you break C then the turn order becomes Yuna, Squall, A, B, Cloud, C, Yuna, Squall.

You can repeat this with B and then A, then Cloud will get a second turn before any of the enemies act. This often lets you take one of them out right away and resolves deadlocks where you don’t want to do an HP attack with any of your characters to prevent them getting broken.

Element/Physical Attacks

Some units are weak or resistant to certain elements and weapons. For example, the Chimera and Water Flan are weak against fire element, so using either Vivi’s special BRV fire skill will deal 50% bonus BRV damage. Other units such as the Thunder Flan is resistant to thunder, melee and ranged weapons and hence -50% damage . It is best to use a mage against enemies like this. You can check to see what the enemy does by either clicking on the enemy itself during battle or during the mission interface under enemies tab.

Some characters have special bonuses against certain enemy types. They do 50% bonus to these types. Below are some examples:

  • Tifa – 50% bonus vs Skeleton type enemies
  • Steiner – 50% bonus vs Humanoid type enemies (those statue like units)

Character (Re-roll?)

Now as mentioned before, the good thing is that you get to own all your favorite characters eventually. The key is to own their 5-star weapons as it makes a huge difference in terms of power. The thing is you can’t really choose what weapons you want to pull due to RNG (random number generator) in the game. Each summon banner has a chance to get a guaranteed 5 star if you go for the 5000 gem summon. Usually a banner will have 3 featured characters with an increased chance to get a specific weapon.

Now I would highly recommend you re-roll if you really want a specific character with their 5 star weapon. As for casuals, I suggest you just roll with whatever weapon you draw. Any character with their 5 star weapon will be able to help you clear the campaign maps with ease. However, there are some really stand out characters worth looking at which I will explain below.

I will divide them based on their roles and crystal color(Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Light and Black). The reason for that is because as a F2P player, you can only focus on investing in a few characters as opposed to many. A

BRV Breakers

BRV breakers are characters that can do a lot of damage to BRV and break enemy shields with ease. Their specials are all about doing this well. Below are some really good characters worth pulling their weapons for:

Zidane (Blue)[Melee] – Zidane is a good BRV attacker with his Stellar Circle 5. Has a chance to gain speed buff and apply speed debuff to enemies. His other skill is a HP attack skill that gives bonus damage. He is speedy and is a great attacker all around. If you pull his weapon, I suggest you level him.

Bartz (Yellow)[Melee] – Bartz’s BRV attack isn’t as strong as Zidane’s, but he will become very useful against powerful bosses that hit like a truck. As you encounter boss units that can charge up their BRV attacks to 5k+, Bartz’s second skill can reduce their BRV bar by 1/2.

King (Black)[Physical Ranged] – His sole job is to break BRV shields. With his speed buffs and his second skill allowing him to reload his first skill, he is very useful in long drawn out battles.

Vivi (Black)[Magical Ranged] – Vivi is a beat underrated. The current bosses have weakness to fire and having her around is super useful. She is a strong single target BRV breaker!  Her second skill increases her max BRV slightly, allowing you to deal some serious HP damage at max BRV.

BRV/HP Attackers

Cloud (Blue)[Melee] – Cross-slash is a great BRV/HP attack that has a small chance to paralyze. With Ogrenix, your odds for paralysis increases and is excellent for the current meta. A must have if you pull that weapon! Finishing touch is also great in co-op multiplayer for battle points even though it only has 1 charge. A suggest you level this guy once you get any of his weapons.

Squall (Black)[Melee] – While Squall can also be a pure BRV breaker, his second skill Blade Flurry is a BRV/HP attack, making it useful for dealing hp damage and shaving off some BRV at the same time. I would highly recommend him if you do pull his weapon.

Vaan (Red)[Melee] – Vaan is a good BRV/HP attacker, but his skills have low uses, so try to save it for the boss or when absolutely necessary. Much like Cloud and Squall, you can’t go wrong with Vaan.

Steiner (Green)[Melee] – Steiner deals bonus damage to humanoid creatures and is great all around, despite not being a popular choice since he is not a main character. His second skill spellblade is fire element, giving you an advantage against monsters weak vs fire, which there are plenty at the start. I would go with him only if you pull his special weapon.

BRV or HP Healers

Hope (White)[Physical Ranged] – A ranged attacker with protect and shell! These skills with reduce physical/magical damage by 50% for 5 turns + a small BRV heal. I like him very much as a support character. All around very useful.

Yuna (White)[Magical Ranged] – Yuna’s best skill is Esuna, which can clear debuffs on the entire team. A very useful skill against monsters like Malboro or anyone that can cast nasty debuffs. Will be very useful throughout the entire game. And with her Astral Rod, it heals ALL members and a very nice BRV improvement, making it vital in completing the object for “no breaks on allies in a mission”.

Penelope (White)[Melee] – She is an awesome support with AoE speed up for first skill and HP Regen for 3 turns on the second skill. She will come in handy in future patches but is also great for both fights to keep your members alive.

AoE Attackers

Cecil (Black)[Melee] – Cecil’s strength lies in dealing AoE to multiple units. With her special weapon(deathbringer), she can deal more damage and better chance to break BRV of enemies. It does come at a cost of a small percentage of her health, so it might not suit the playstyle of some people.

Laguna (Blue)[Physical Ranged] – He has 2 strong AoE BRV attacks. First skill reduces defense, speed and the second skill reduces attack. He is also currently a bit underrated since most people prefer strong single target attacks over AoE.


Warrior of Light (White)[Melee] – A great unit if you were able to get his 5 star weapon with the tutorial ticket. His first skill shield will protect a unit from getting BRV broken. His second skill is a taunt and makes the enemy target him instead of your damage dealers. He is a great unit all around.


Vanille (Red)[Magical Ranged] – Vanille specializes in attack/defense debuff and striping away enemy buffs. The only downside is that dispel only starts of at 3 uses, so you will find yourself using it pretty fast in long drawn out battles.

If you would like to see a tier list for characters, have a look at what the community have come up with:

Building Your Team

Now with limited color crystals to strengthen your characters, you will want to strategize who to level as a team. It will also depend on what weapon you pull from your initial gacha banners. Ideally, you will want the following:

1 Breaker, 1 Support and 1 HP Attacker as a start. This will allow you to focus on 3-4 characters and clear all regular map content with ease. If you spread yourself too thin, you will have way too many sub-par characters that aren’t strong.

Physical Breakers/HP Attackers

  • Zidane(Blue), Cloud (Blue), Squall (Black), Vaan (Red), Bartz (Yellow), Firion (Red)

Ranged Physical Breakers/HP Attackers

  • King (Black), Laguna (Blue), Sazh (Red)

Magical Breakers/HP Attackers

  • Vivi (Black), Terra (Green), Y’shtola (Yellow), Edge (Blue)


  • Vanille (Red), Hope (White), Penelo (White), Yuna (White), Warrior of Light (White), Rem (Green)

For example, if you are able to pull a combination of weapons for characters that require different color stones, then you are in good shape. Here is what I mean:

  • You pull weapon for Bartz (Yellow), Hope (White), Vivi (Black)

This is a good start because you have a 2 Breakers (1 melee, 1 Ranged) and a BRV support (Ranged). This team will help you clear most of the content in the game. Their colors are different and you won’t have difficulty getting their levels to 50/50. However, if you pulled weapons for something like this:

  • Zidane (Blue), Cloud (Blue), Vivi (Black)

Still okay, but now you have 2 characters vying for blue crystals to improve their stats. So you are going to struggle getting both Zidane and Cloud to 50/50 because now you need double the blue crystals. So keep this in mind. Farming for color crystals is a long and arduous process.

Also, if you plan correctly with a team of multi color, you get to save some gems for future pulls as a F2P player.

Ranking and Leveling Up

Unlike other gacha games, you player rank goes up every time a character of yours gain 10 levels. It can a combination of multiple characters as well. That means you can actually control how you rank up. Ranking up also refills your SP that is used in World of Illusions. So you can plan your character leveling by using up all your SP before leveling characters in regular campaign mode.

We have compiled a list of premium spots for you to level below:

Quest Exp Gil
1- Where the dead sleep: Final (NORMAL) 10 45
1-2 Prairie Winds pt.2 (HARD) 130 175
1-9 The Dark Forest (HARD) 165 209
2 – Ominous Shrine Ruins Pt.2 (HARD) 266 322
2-12 Of Space and Time Pt.4 (normal-hard) (54) 254 (141) 308
2- Ilusion of the Hill (HARD) 225 276
3-7 Somber Grove (HARD) 176 208
3-8 Somber Grove pt.3 (HARD) 230 270
3-11 Remnants of War Pt.3(HARD) 333 389
4-10 Snow-Fallen Path Pt. 2 (HARD) 327 261
4-15 Rift in the Ice Pt.2 (HARD) 242 261
5-5 To the sacred Mountain Pt.3 (HARD) 416 416
5-9 secluded greenwood (HARD) 420 420

5-5 and 5-9 hard are very popular spots.

Equipment Farming

Farming equipment is pretty straight forward. One of the best places to do so is the Hope Dojo, which is the chapter where you get Hope. Below is a picture of it:

While the experience and gil you get is quite bad, but you do get a lot of 2 star equipment and level up materials. Farm as much as you want as any character will be able to do this chapter with ease.

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