Clash Royale Skeletons Card Review

Clash Royale Skeletons Card Review

Skeletons Card

Unlocks: Bone Pit(Arena 2)

Description: Four fast, very weak melee fighters. Swarm your enemies with this pile of bones!

GeneralCountersX-bow CounterDecksRank 1 Tips
YouTubersCounter Spawner3 Crown WinsGames Like Clash RoyalePlay on PC
Hog Rider + FreezeArena 1Arena 2Legendary F2P DeckPrince
ArrowsSkeletonsKnightBaby DragonArcher

The Skeletons card is the cheapest in the game. It cannot do much on offense when not backed by a large troop. The skeletons are also useless against air units. However, it does has a very important use against stronger cards. Since you get 4 skeletons, you can use them to slow down Mini P.E.K.K.A and Prince.

Basically, you pair this card with either the archer or spear goblins. You want them to buy enough time so your ranged attackers can kill them off. They are best used when the Prince or Mini P.E.K.K.A just crossed the bridge. Quickly summon the Skeletons with a ranged card. Along with the tower, you will make quick work of them.

Useful Combos

Skeletons + Tombstone + Witch – This is a great troop combo. For 9 elixirs, you can start a wave of army and gain a troop momentum. This is easily countered by Arrows though. Make sure to bait out the Arrows if the opponent has it.

Skeletons + Skeleton Army – This is cheaper version of the above combo at 5 elixirs. This makes quick work of any slow and tanky cards like Giant, Knight, Mini P.E.K.K.A and Prince. This gets destroyed easily by the Valkyrie or Arrows.

Skeletons + Spear Goblins – A defensive combo using 3 elixirs against a Knight and Musketeer to slow them down and also killing them with the help of your tower.

Skeletons + Barbarians – This will give you a nice front line that can distract enemies long enough to let your towers take out important targets.

Hit Speed Speed Deploy Time Range Target Cost Count Rarity Type
1 sec Fast 1 sec Melee Ground 1 x4 Common Troop


Level HP Damage Damage per second
1 30 30 30
2 33 33 33
3 36 36 36
4 39 39 39
5 43 43 43
6 48 48 48
7 52 52 52
8 57 57 57
9 63 63 63
10 69 69 69
11 76 76 76
12 84 84 84

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