Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Guide [Tips and Tricks]


Welcome everyone, to the Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia Tips and Tricks Guide. This guide is designed to explain the basics of the game and give some helpful tips on its mechanics.

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia

Dissidia Final Fantasy Opera Omnia is a mobile game based off of the Dissidia Final Fantasy franchise. Specifically, the most recent Dissidia NT released for the PS4.

Opera Omnia takes place in a world where the different realms of Final Fantasy are in danger. So you must gather famous Final Fantasy heroes and use them to protect the realms.

Combat Mechanics

The game uses the traditional Final Fantasy turn-based battle style with Dissidia’s Bravery and HP mechanic. You get a team of characters in your party each with their own stats, weapons, and abilities.

In battle, your objective is to defeat all the enemies that show up in different ways. There are two methods of attack that are required in order to defeat an enemy.

Bravery is a mechanic in this game that acts as a shield or damage counter depending on how you look at it. Every character has a Bravery number and it goes up everytime you attack and goes down everytime you get hit.

When you deplete an enemies Bravery you BREAK them lowering their damage done to you and being able to do a lot more damage to them. Damage is done through HP attacks and the amount determines how much Bravery your character has.

If your character has 500 Bravery then your HP attack will deal 500 damage. You can see just how much damage you’ll do to an enemy by looking at their health bar when targeted with an HP attack.

Their health bar will start blinking and the amount of it that is will be how much damage will be dealt. So you want to lower enemy Bravery while raising yours in order to have a good value on your HP attack.

Aside from Bravery and HP attacks characters also have abilities they can use. From spells like Fire and Cure to defense traits like the Shining Shield.

Characters also have passive abilities that can be equipped. These giving a range of helpful effects and can be gained throughout character development.

Each character can have up to two abilities giving them extra moves they can perform. And each character is different so it’s good to mix and match your party to figure out who works best with your playstyle.

Characters and Gear

Dissidia Final Fantasy has a decent list of playable characters you can go through and each of them are different in their own way. As you progress through the story you’ll gain more characters that you can use.

Typically in games like this, you can use the in-game currency to get character draws. However, in Dissidia, you are drawing for weapons. Every character has their own unique weapons they can use and you want to get the high-rank one for the best results for your character.

Weapon draws cost gems which can be gotten by playing the story, doing well in battles, doing missions, dailies, or bought in the store. A single pull is 500 gems where a multi pull for 10 is 5000 gems.

Collecting weapons is a huge function in this game because weapons are where all the important stats are. Weapons affect all of your characters base stats and can be leveled up just like your characters can.

Weapon/Armor Enhancement

Enhancing your Weapons and Armor is extremely important in Opera Omnia. The level of your gear determines the effectiveness of the character equipped with them.

By enhancing a weapon or an armor piece you are increasing its stats and making it stronger. Higher the stats the better the gear.

Once a piece of gear is enhanced enough and with a little extra work, it can raise in rank. The higher rank it is the more effective its going to be overall.

Weapons gotten through summons can be any rank from 1-star to 5-star. The higher rank ones are rarer than the lower ranks but they are more valuable and far more powerful too.

Gameplay Tips

Throughout the game, there are several things you can do while going through the story of the game. They’re small little details thinks but they pay off big time in the long run.

Do all Missions

In Opera Omnia, there are missions you can do that act as little side objectives. Playing a full chapter, obtaining a certain character, enhancing a piece of gear. etc.

There are Daily Quests you can do every day, Player quests which kind of act like player goals, and Event quests which are quests based around current events that are available. All the quests give rewards whether they be big or small and they all pay off as you continue through them.

Attempt to Fulfill all Battle Requests

Before each battle, you will get a screen that shows your team and a box with 3 requests in the battle. They will typically be stuff like win the fight in 20 turns, perform x number of breaks, have x character in your party.

Do your best to fulfill any of these that come up. You aren’t required to do any of them and can play the game however you want but these are important.

By fulfilling these requests you obtain rewards for them. Sometimes it’s gems or it can be materials used for enhancing. The rewards are good and should be taken advantage of so definitely make an effort to do any you come across.

Do Everything on the Map

As you progress through the story you’ll unlock bigger portions of the map. Once you do you’ll unlock side quests alongside the main storyline.

Make an effort to do every single thing available on the map. You’ll get more EXP for characters, more items, sometimes you’ll get new characters.

Streamlining the main story is fine if you’re only here for that but doing everything at your disposal is extremely useful and pays off in the long run. So if there’s an icon on the map that you haven’t hit yet go to it and see what unfolds.

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