Dragonvale World Guide [Tips & Tricks]

Dragonvale World Guide [Tips & Tricks]


Welcome friends, to the Dragonvale World Guide. This guide is to help showcase some of the games mechanics and basic game play. And even throw a few tips to help you guys play through the game better.


Dragonvale World


Dragonvale World is a game revolved around collecting and breeding dragons. At the start of the game you’re given a park for you to grow habitats and raise dragons on.

During the tutorial you’re given a few basic things for the game. Some dragons, a few habitats, and some food to feed the dragons.

The point of the game is to raise your dragons so you can level them up and breed them to get more unique dragons. The more dragons you have the better off you’ll be.


The Park and it’s Dragons


After the tutorial you are free to roam the park how you see fit. Your first stop should be at your habitats to see your dragons.

You’re going to start with just a couple of dragons so your first goal is obviously getting some more. There are different ways to go about this but the most basic is to buy them from the market.


In the market you can purchase dragons with three different currencies. Gold, Gems, or actual money. If you’re deeply invested there is nothing wrong with putting some cash into the game.

But if you wanna play for free your best bet is to focus on the gold. The Dragons typically range in price and each one is different so depending on what you want depends on how much gold you need.


You can get gold just by doing things in the game but one of the most basic ways is through your habitats. Over time your habitats naturally collect gold and the more dragons in the habitat the more gold you can get.

Once the collection meter is full you can gain all the gold that’s stock piled and then it restarts all over again. It’s a great way to get gold with out having to do much at all.

Another way to get dragons is through breeding. As one of the biggest mechanics in the game breeding involves two dragons in order to make a new unique one.


At the start you’re given two dragons who then breed to make a third. In order to make dragons breed ¬†they have to be above a certain level.

Once a dragon reaches level 5 it’s eligible for breeding. So pick two out of the three dragons you have and breed them.

Once you breed it’ll take a little bit for the dragon to be hatched. Each time you breed the time limit gets longer so you’ll have to wait in order to get new dragons.

Or if you don’t have the patience you can use gems to speed up the breeding process and get your new dragon in an instant. All depends on how you choose to spend your gems.

Once you have a nice handful of dragons you’re going to want to start expanding your park and habitats. You’ll need quite a few habitats as your collection grows and you’re only able to put two dragons in a single habitat.


Your space is limited so to keep adding habitats you need to expand your park. To do so you have to level up and meet the requirement.

As you gain new dragons, breed them, and feed them your level is increase. Once it’s high enough you can use gold or gems to expand your Park opening up a new area.

The level and amount of gold/gems you need is different depending on what part of the park you’re trying to expand. So its best to find the area with the lowest requirements and work your way up from there.


Raising your Dragons


In order to get better dragons and have them eligible for breeding you have to feed them. Every time you feed a dragon their experience bar gets higher until they reach a new level.

But food doesn’t come easy in the game and it’ll cost a decent amount of gold. You have to buy farm plots then buy what kind of food you want to plant.

All the food is different in price and has different effects on how the dragons level up. Each type of food gives different experience amounts so if you need to think about how you’re going to raise your dragons.

If you’re focusing on one it’s a viable reason to only buy the most expensive food and feed that dragon giving it the max experience it can gain. But if you’re focusing on several dragons at once your best bet is buying the cheap food and spreading it out among them all.

Food is a major factor in Dragonvale world so it’s better to put all your money into getting food than it is dragons. Food will make your dragons stronger, and stronger dragons means more unique ones from breeding.


So hopefully this guide helped covered the most basic mechanics of Dragonvale World and helped your new players understand how to get through things a little easier. A tip I have on getting more dragons is when you breed a new dragon level it up and make it breed with one of the two that created it.

Having the same type with a dual type dragon can sometimes get you a chance at a higher unique one. So experiment with all kinds of pairings.

Enjoy your park and raising your dragons, until next time.

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