Monster Super League Gem Guide [Beginners]

Monster Super League Gem Guide [Beginners]



Welcome to the gem guide for newbies! We will be going over the different types of gems and what you should know. Gems are used to power up astromons and make them stronger. Each astromon may require different gem setups to utilize their power.

Experience TableProgressionEvolution/AscensionAstrogem Farming
Tier ListCatch AstromonGold FarmingLeader Skill

There are 3 shapes of gems you can get. They are Triangle, Square and Diamond. They provide the following stats:

  • Flat HP
  • Flat Attack
  • Flat Defense
  • Flat Recovery
  • % Hp
  • % Attack
  • % Defense
  • % Recovery

It is recommended to use flat gems for 3★ or lower. Also, lucia_none from Reddit found the sweet spot for the Flat vs Percentage comparison when gems are at +12.


To sum it up for 3★/4★/5★ gems:

  • For base hp larger than 19000, use %. Otherwise, use flat hp.
  • For base attack/defense/recovery larger than 1100, use %. Otherwise, use flat attack/defense/recovery.

That also means you will be using flat gems for a good while in the beginning stages of the game. Until you get many 5★/6★ astromons, percentage gems won’t come to play.

Gem Slots


Not all astromon will have the same gem slots. Some will have 2 triangles and a diamond. While some others have 2 diamonds and a square. It really all depends on astromon. Be sure to check what gem slots they have before farming for it.

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