Ultimate Ninja Blazing Summoning Guide [Naruto Shippuden]

Ultimate Ninja Blazing Summoning Guide [Naruto Shippuden]

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing Summoning Guide is here! We’re going to be covering different type of Pearl pulls such as single vs multi pulls, and some of the top summoning characters.

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3 x 30 Pearl Summons

Currently within Naruto Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Blazing there is the slight discount on the 10 character summon. Currently only costing 30 pearls, instead of 50 pearls for 3 pulls. This is a fairly good deal if you don’t plan on buying pearls down the line.

naruto Shippuden summoningI personally recommend doing at least 2 of these pulls, and deciding on if you have better luck with the 10 summon or the single summon. This is a limited time event I believe for the launch of the game, so make sure you take advantage of this before it goes away.

Single Vs Multi pearl summoning

There hasn’t been any hard data on this yet but from my own experience, single summoning pulls has granted me 5 star characters more often than the multi pearl summons. Out of my first 5 single summon pulls for example, 2 of them were 5 Stars and the rest were 4 stars. This is including some characters like Haku and Sasuke.

RNG (Random Number Generation/er) plays a huge factor here, when I pulled a 10 character summon, the first time I got 3 stars and a few duplicate 4 stars and on the second 10 character summon I pulled a 5 star Kisame while the rest of the pull were 3 star summons. I felt  like it was a waste of pearls personally, and would love to hear your experiences with summoning in the comments below. More so if you’ve done something like 10 of the multi pulls and have a list of the results.

Farming Pearls

if you need help farming pearls to summon I recommend you go to the Join multiplayer section or gather friends. In these sections you can play with other players on any stage. I recommend that you go to any of the low level stages from the first chapter, for quickness sake, this will allow you to clear them quickly and get pearls for playing with new players.

naruto Shippuden pearl farming

Each time you play with a new player, you will get 2 pearls. So you will earn 4 pearls per mission, for the first 10 new players. After the first 10 new players, you will earn a single pearl per player, up to 90 pearls for a total of 100 pearls earnable through multiplayer. This is the currently fastest way to farm pearls. The other methods of nabbing pearls is to complete chapters, and to keep logging in daily.

Predicting your character

There are a few ways to tell if you’ve managed to get a good pull with your summon. If you enjoy watching the animation each time you pull, the easiest way to tell if it will be a good character is by how many other characters come out to help Naruto during the animation. When you start seeing Sasuke and Sakura coming out to help, you typically have a 5 or 6 star pull on your hands.

naruto Shippuden summon scrolls

This is also easy to see by the aura of the character in the end animation as it ranges from bronze to silver to gold identify each of the tiers. The next method of knowing what you’ve gotten if you skip the animations is the scroll, it also follows the same indication levels, so you can get excited when you see a golden scroll page at the end of your summon. 

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