Family Farm Seaside [Tips and Tricks]

Family Farm Seaside [Tips and Tricks]

Welcome to the¬†Family Farm Seaside tips and tricks guide. Its time to plant those crops and live down on the farm. We’ll give you some inside tips to help you set your farm up just right!

Avoid overlapping buildings.

This is important when it comes to setting up your Farm properly. Move your large buildings around, most of the machines that require you to produce an item from them can overlap other objects on the screen. So try to put these items towards the left side of the farm.

Place them in a manner that the items they produce won’t spawn underneath another object or you will need to move it later to be able to tap on the item. Generally it is beneficial to have your farm sectioned off, such as trees to the north, machines to the west, and your Bees near your crops so they can pollinate them quickly.

Building your Farm for efficiency!

This is something not covered in the game but I am going to tell you one of the best methods for planting and harvesting your farm. Before or after you’ve harvested your current plots, tap on the move tool.

Start moving each box into a orderly fashion. Make sure they are all lined up as this will increase the potential space you have when you add in more plots later on.


By doing this, you streamline your entire farm for both planting and harvesting. With this method of farm building, you can easily sweep through all of your plants and quickly replant / re-fertilize the plots. It might not look the prettiest but it will get the job done from an efficiency stand point.

Golden Coins.

Golden Coins are what you get from selling items from your farm, or your animals / machines. These are fairly easy to come by as long as you are constantly producing harvest on your farm and will be used to buy other things later.

You can also send and receive gifts from Neighbors that will give you more coins. You won’t need to worry so much about coins while you still have Super Fertilize to quickly make money however.

Ranch Cash

Ranch Cash on the other hand is rather difficult to come by being the primary game currency. You can get this through leveling up or in some cases completing a task. Hold onto this currency, the game will tempt you to use it to complete task quickly early on but don’t fall for it.

The Ranch Cash is obnoxiously expensive in this game and not worth investing in as almost everything can be gotten in the game with time / coins.

Production List

Below I have typed up a chart to give you a general idea of production times with their cost and sell rates, so you can plan out what you want to place on your farm. As you can see some of the items on this list will take a really long time to harvest.

That can make it really difficult if you don’t have Super Fertilizer to quickly harvest that item. What you might want to do is dedicate a select amount of slots to long term harvest, while maintaining the rest of your farm as quick harvest slots.


Product Unlock Level Cost Sell Time
Closer Level 1 18 20 30 Mins
Wheat Level 2 43 50 8 hours
Grape Level 3 58 66 6 Hours
Corn Level 4 73 80 4 Hours
Oat Level 5 39 47 6 Hours
Cucumber Level 5 42 45 2 Hours
Tomato Level 7 20 37 16 Hours
Coffe Bean Level 8 110 117 6 Hours
Rye Level 9 50 68 14 Hours
Carrot Level 10 75 84 8 Hours
Red Rose Level 10 40 46 4 Hours
Cabbage Level 10 49 55 4 Hours
Onion Level 11 280 295 11 Hours
White Grape Level 11 64 73 7 Hours
Lavender Level 12 47 51 2 Hours
Chardonnay Level 13 57 68 9 Hours
Pasture Level 13 15 17 1 Hours
Love Fruit Level 14 210 236 20 Hours
Pitaya Level 15 100 110 8 Hours

General Tips and Tricks

  • Add friends as possible from Facebook and In game to use the gifting system.
  • Visiting Neighbors will get you around 10 coins and 5 XP.
  • Clean Decorations to earn small rewards.
  • Save your RC! It will be tempting to use a small bit for meaningless task but hold onto it!!
  • Each level gives 150 coins and 1 Ranch Cash.
  • Tap the Yellow Arrow, then cogwheel to set a station to automatic production.
  • Add a Lucky Wheel (Found in the Shop under the Buildings tab) as soon as you can buy one, you get a free spin on it and it can be used to farm consumables and RC.
  • One of the quickest methods to level is to just follow the quest that appear on the left side of the screen, doing a few of those task will provide you with fast levels in the early game.
  • Tap the air balloon that floats by to watch a small video to earn rewards.
  • Tap the 365 Calendar every time you play. This is a Daily’s menu. In here you collect a Daily Bonus, and consumables from the Calendar which can be things like Super Fertilizer, Rain or other items.
  • Trees produce items hourly without the requirement of a 2nd product, plant as many trees as you can so you always have a consistent income.

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