Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Timber Tracks Exploration [Item Locations]

Not quite sure how Rain and Company made it to Zoldaad, but once they got there they took a train, and shenanigans ensued. If you normally skip the dialogue then I would recommend watching the cut scenes for Zoldaad since they are absolutely hilarious because of the Jake and Lid lines. As far as dungeons go, Timer Tracks is fairly straightforward (pun intended), but some people might bypass the first room and the two optional rooms if they are not careful. Check out the guide to make sure you got everything!

Exploration Stats:

Energy Battles Gil Unit Exp Rank Exp
8 30 9908 66900 356

How to maximize experience points:

Timber Tracks is a two zone exploration, meaning that you have to do all the battles of Zone 1 & Zone 2 to maximize your EXP. To do this first stay in ZONE 1 until you have 4812 Gil then proceed to and stay in ZONE 2 until you have 9620 Gil and then defeat the boss.

Drops: Beast Meat, Broken Blade, Crimson Tear, Dragon Heart, Earth’s Core, Esper Cryst, Esper’s Tear, Farplane Dew, Farplane Soul, Holy Crystal (boss), Life Orb, Luminous Horn, Otherworldly Bone, Pearl of Wisdom, Rainbow Needle, Sacred Crystal (boss), Seed of Life, Scripture of Time, Thickened Hide, Wizard Stone

Collection Points: Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Mythril Ore, Dark Cryst, Dark Megacryst, Earth Cryst, Earth Megacryst, Lightning Cryst, Lightning Megacryst, Magicite, Black Magicite, Black Megacite

Enemies: Wild Nakk, Zoldaad Soldier

 Boss: Lieutenant X 1 & Captain X 1

Both Lieutenant & Captain have no weaknesses and are only immune to petrify.

Strategy: Try and defeat the Captain on turn one if possible, he has a hard hitting AoE attack, if you can’t then make sure your able to full heal your team or win by the 2nd turn.

Item/Treasure Chest Locations:

Treasure Chests  
1 Flame Mail
2 X-Potion
3 Recipe for Blue Fang
4 Star Quartz
5 Ice Rod
6 Yellow Megacite
1B Recipe for Thunder Shield  (Silver Chest, Needs Magic Key)

Collection Point 1

Flame Mail


Collection Point 2



Recipe for Blue Fang


Collection Point 3

Star Quartz (Switches in the Control Room must be Up, Down, Down, Up position for the door to open)


Ice Rod (Switches in the Control Room must be Down, Up, Up, Down position for the door to open)


Yellow Megacite (Switches in the Control Room must be Down, Up, Up, Down position for the door to open)


Recipe for Thunder Shield  (Silver Chest, Needs Magic Key)