Flip Diving Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Flip Diving Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Welcome to the Flip Diving Tips and Tricks guide, we’re going to run you through some of the best way to play the game and how to flip your way to excellence.

Stick the landing

This is the most important aspect of the game- sticking the landing. Landing on your back will cause your diving streak to end, and going in with little to no splash can result in a perfect dive which is what you’re aiming for to get a lot of points. ¬†You can land feet or head first and sometimes booty first but when you dive in just make sure its within the target zone or it won’t count. Landing on your back or stomach will be instant fails.


After you complete a round on each height level of the map, you go into another round but this time the landing zone has become smaller, requiring you to tighten up your diving angles but as you progress through the rounds the amount of coins you earn increases. Sometimes its better to do a simple flip and land so you can increase your amount of rounds you are on.

Diving and Angles

Pay attention to the arrow above your characters head as this will give you a general idea of how they will launch into their dive. The arrow going straight up can lead to you crashing into objects below, but if done right can lead to a very close ranged dive in situations when the target zone is really tight.

It can be tempting to start your diving ability right from the start of the jump, howwever if you allow your character to launch longer it will give you a better rotation from the launch speed, and allow you to pull of your trick more successfully or to avoid any chance of crashing on the rocks.

Watch the videos

To scrape together extra coin make sure you watch the short ad videos, this helps in the early game when you can’t afford any of the characters or dive techniques. The amount of coins you can get from watching a video increases as you play the game. Sometimes this will give you the magnet ability to collect the coins in the air without having to aim for them and messing up your dive.

Getting new Characters, Maps and Dives

Unfortunately you can only get new characters, maps and or dives is by the randomly generated wheel spin. This takes tickets or coins. Coins are earned b y each of your dives, collecting the floating boxes or by picking them up in the air and watching videos.


The amount of coins required to spin the wheel increases each time you do it. There aren’t any ways currently to earn tickets in the game either, and at the prices I do not recommend buying them.

Spin as often as you can. You want to get as many dives as you can early on but don’t be discourage if you get a new character, as they have various stats that might make it easier for you to stick your landings.


New maps provide different scenery to dive in and typically harder and higher jumps, allowing you to perform a lot more flips and gain a lot more coins.

Avoiding a fail

You may have noticed a few dives go bad by landing on the ledges just below your diving area. You can actually save a landing if you angle yourself just right. By rotating your character until they land feet first, you can quickly initiate yourself into another dive and save yourself from failing.

flip-diving-failIt’s tricky but it’s the only way I have found that will save your diving streak.

General Tips and Tricks

  • Change up your dives as your diving height increases and your landing zone shrinks
  • The Bomb dive is a great no frills dive to clear a round.
  • Flip often but release your flip well before you reach the water.
  • Watch the videos for coins and to speed up your daily free spin timer.
  • Focus on using dive/flips with the highest bonus to coin gain to unlock more stuff quickly.

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