Last Day on Earth: Survival Tips and Tricks [Guide]

Last Day on Earth: Survival Tips and Tricks [Guide]


Welcome everyone, to the Last Day on Earth: Survival Tips and Tricks Guide. This guide is designed to help you understand the mechanics of the game and further yourself in gameplay with helpful tips.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

In Last Day on Earth: Survival you start off as a survivor in a post-apocalyptic world with nothing on you what so ever. You are dropped into the world where you have to run around and find materials to build tools, weapons, and even clothing.

You will need everything at your disposal to survive the creatures that roam around the map. At the very beginning, you start next to a truck that has some starter supplies you can use which is very important.

The way the game works is by making your travel around the open map to gather materials to build your gear. You’ll need hatchets to cut trees for wood, pickaxes to get materials from rocks, spears to defend you.

The starter area is full of trees and rocks you can gather materials from along with things just lying around on the ground. There are also some zombies you can fight to gain more experience and get a few levels.

Leveling is important in Last Day on Earth because every level you get points you can spend on new crafting blueprints. These are crucial to the game because you have to know the blueprint in order to craft the item.

The first few things you should focus on getting are the hatchet, pickaxe, and campfire. Hatchet and Pickaxe for getting materials and the Campfire for cooking food which you will need when your character gets hungry.

Once you’ve cleared out the starter area you can move onto the global map which has several different areas around your character can go to. To go to other areas you expend energy which will recover over time but you need the right amount of energy to reach the specific area.

Every area offers something different in terms of enemies and materials. So you’ll want to scope out the place once you arrive.

The big point of the game is to gather materials and fight to gain levels so you can build more advanced gear and survive better. The higher your level the more blueprints you can get with your points.

That’s the whole goal of the game and it becomes very apparent within the first few minutes of playing. The controls are easy to use and very intuitive for the game making it very fun to play.

In-Game Mechanics

In Last Day on Earth, you can creature structures for your character to help make surviving a little bit easier. At the very beginning, you’ll see¬†a tap that is a hammer and saw crossed together. Tapping this gives you access to materials to build a house.

Walls and a roof each need their own materials in order to build. Houses are your own little buildings you can have to store the items you craft and a great place to add some personalization to your game.

Aside from buildings and basic gameplay, there are other player characters in the game that you’ll come across. This makes the game dangerous because player characters can attack one another.

If you beat a player character you can raid their bodies to pick up anything that they had on them. So there is definitely some value to killing other players.

But the same goes for you so steering clear of other players can also be smart if you aren’t confident you can take someone out. Survival is the name of the game, that includes surviving other players.

Last Day on Earth: Survival Gameplay Tips

The biggest tip to give about this game is really paying attention to your resources. After you have the basic tools you should immediately go for the Basic Backpack blueprint.

Anything that allows you to carry more items and materials is extremely useful. The more you can carry the less you have to worry about managing your inventory and getting rid of what you think you may or may not need.

All materials have their purposes even if you don’t have the blueprint needed for those materials. So building a Small Box is another good idea.

Build your house up then put a Small Box inside of it and you can store all the stuff you don’t want to carry around. That’s the biggest enemy of this game, inventory management.

Last but not least you want to get the Garden bed blueprint. Gardens let you grow food and you actually need food when your character gets hungry or they will lose health and die.

The game is very well put together like a real open world survival game. It’s very similar to some of the big budget survival games out there and holds up against them on its own.

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