Lineage 2 Revolution [How to Farm Red and Blue Gems!]

Lineage 2 Revolution [How to Farm Red and Blue Gems!]

This guide will teach you some of the most efficient ways to make Blue and Red gems. You will be mainly using the Trading Post as means to gain blue gems. Red gems are rare and hard to come by, so there will be only a few different ways to obtain them.

Guide for Blue Gems:

Field monsters/Elite Monsters (EASY):

Hunting any monster in the field or elite dungeon can drop trade-able scrolls. These usually sell for the minimum of ~54 blue diamonds.

World Bosses (EASY):

One of the things you can do is to kill World Bosses and sell the trade-able drops. For higher drop rates, your character must not exceed the boss level by 4. If you do exceed the bosses level, make sure you have a good party to ensure you get a drop other than the boss core.

In this game, if your party does the most amount of damage to the boss, there is a very high chance of getting the boss loot box or skill scroll. If these skill scrolls are found to have the blue diamond on the bottom right corner, they can be sold for ~161-299 blue diamonds depending on the server.


Conquer Shop (MEDIUM):

In Clan Siege, if your clan takes over a fortress you will have access to the Conquer Shop. Most of the items in here, besides the potions, are trade-able in the Trading Post.

The upgrade stones usually sell for the minimum of ~54 blue diamonds, depending on how long the server was there for. The armor upgrade stones usually sell the fastest due to the amount of armor to weapon ratio being 4:1.

The elixir essences, only ATK and DEF sell for an average of ~45 blue diamonds.

Trade-able equipment, S rank and up (HARD):

Another method is by obtaining equipment that is trade-able via Trading Post. These can be either weapons or armor, but they must be at least S rank and up. There are a few ways to getting this equipment, but most of them are very time and resource consuming.

The cheapest way is through High-Grade equipment box; you get a free one every day. This method requires you to be extremely lucky, as this box can only be opened for free once every 24 hours.

Another way is by maxing the level of trade-able equipment, using only trade-able equipment to fuse into it. When it is max leveled, you must use trade-able upgrade stones to raise the rank or it will become an untradeable equipment. This is only suggested for A rank equipment and up.

If you don’t have trade-able upgrade stones, you can also combine two trade-able equipment together to get a random trade-able equipment. This is also only suggested for A rank equipment and up.

The pricing for this equipment can vary from ~609 blue diamonds to ~11025 blue diamonds. The value of 609 would be any S rank trade-able equipment and 11025 would be any SR rare trade-able equipment.

Guide for Red Gems:

Daily Activities(SLOW):

Daily activities will give you 30 red diamonds per day. This way is very slow, but it will add up if you have the monthly login and collectors shop login on the same day. These two will be explained in the next sections.

Monthly Login (MEDIUM):

If you log in every day, 200 red diamonds are given for log-in rewards twice a week. When the month of log-ins is done, it will reset and you can obtain them again.

Collector Shop, Login Diamond (FAST):

This one requires spending 1000 blue diamonds in the shop. It will give you 600+200 red diamonds when purchased, and 200 red diamonds per day for a total of 7 days. This totals to 2000 red diamonds after 7 days.

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