Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Lanzelt Highlands Exploration [Item Locations]

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Lanzelt Highlands Exploration [Item Locations]

Lanzelt Highlands

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Lanzelt Highlands Exploration is the third map available in Lanzelt for random encounters. This map is pretty narrow and there are some hidden paths that you might want to know so you can get all the goodies.

Energy Gil Battles Unit Exp Rank Exp
10 ~2194 27 ~20238 281

Drops –  Abominable Wing, Aqua Pearl, Beast Meat, Book of Ruin, Crimson Tear, Cursed Tusk, Demon Tail, Dragon Fang, Dragon Heart, Dragon Scale, Earth’s Core, Esper Cryst, Esper Shard, Esper’s Tear, Farplane Dew, Farplane Soul, God’s Reliquary, Golden Egg, Heaven’s Ash, Life Orb, Litrock, Luminous Horn, Mystic Ore, Otherworldly Bone, Pearl of Wisdom, Rainbow, Needle, Raptor Feather, Seed of Life, Scripture of Time, Thickened Hide

Collection Points – Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Silver Ore, Magicite Shard, Magicite, White Magicite, White Megacite, Lightning Megacryst, Wind Cryst, Wind Megacryst, Light Cryst, Light Megacryst

Enemies – Balloon, Bone Dragon, Hill Gigas, Poison Eagle, Rudra , Tyrannosaur , Werepanther

Boss – Wyvern x2


Wyvern is immune to sleep, gravity and paralyze effects.

Location – Boss Battle Lv HP MP
Lanzelt Highlands – Summit
Lanzelt Highlands – Exploration
19 24300 45

Item/Treasure Chest Locations

FFBE Lanzelt Highlands Exploration Map

Location Treasure Chest
1 Recipe for Survival Vest
2 Green Beret
3 Ochre Shield
4 Chakram
5 Star Quartz
6 Earth Key 17 (Silver Cuirass)
7 Star Quartz 

Silver Chest [1] – Recipe for Mental Break

FFBE T1 Lanzelt Highlands Exploration

Location 1 – From the entrance, head up and enter the cave. In the cave head north and right to enter a small cave entrance to get a recipe for Survival Vest(a clothing that gives HP+30, DEF+18).

FFBE T2 Lanzelt Highlands Exploration FFBE S1 Lanzelt Highlands Exploration

Silver Chest [1] – From location 1, head outside the small cave and check the hidden path on the right where the red arrow is pointing. Head right and upwards to go into a new area to find a silver chest. It contains a recipe for mental break.

FFBE C1 Lanzelt Highlands Exploration

Collection Point 1 – From the silver chest location, head top left and get your first collection point goodies for magicites.

FFBE T2a Lanzelt Highlands Exploration

Location 2 – Head downstairs from the collection point 1 to get a Green Beret(a hat that gives HP+50, ATK+10, DEF+10).

FFBE T3 Lanzelt Highlands Exploration

Location 3 – Now backtrack to the first cave and head outside on the right. Before the stairs, check the right side for a Ochre Shield(a light shield that gives DEF+22).

FFBE C2 Lanzelt Highlands Exploration

Collection Point 2 – Now head up the snowy stairs from location 3 and go to the left to get your collection point under the tree.

FFBE C3 Lanzelt Highlands Exploration

Collection Point 3 – Now head right from collection point 2 pass the wooden bridge and enter the cave again. Go up and right to find the final collection point.

FFBE T4 Lanzelt Highlands Exploration

Location 4 – Now head right from collection point 3. Head south outside the cave to find a hidden Chakram behind the tree. Chakram is a throwing weapon that gives ATK+21 and the Bird Killer effect(50% bonus to flying units)

FFBE T5 Lanzelt Highlands Exploration

Location 5 – Now backtrack into the cave and head north. Head up the stairs to fight the boss Wyvern. After killing him, opt to stay and check the tree on the left for a Star Quartz.

FFBE T6 Lanzelt Highlands Exploration

Location 6 – Now head back inside the cave to where collection point 3 is. Now head north to a narrow path and check the left side. Enter to get Earth Key 17, which you can exchange at the Royal Capital Grandshelt vault for Silver Cuirass(a light armor that gives +34 DEF).

FFBE T7 Lanzelt Highlands Exploration

Location 7 – Now go slightly up from location 6 and check the right side for a Star Quartz.


FFBE Last Letter FFBE Q Lost Letter Lanzelt Highlands Exploration

From location 7, head north and exit the cave. Go all the way to the end to find an exit and defeat a Wyvern again. Check the left side of the map to deliver the last letter. You need to speak to the NPC outside the weapon shop in Village of Marlo for this quest to activate. You will get an Elixir for your efforts.

Other Quests

Name Where Area
Hero Mask Task Grandport  FFBE Q Lanzelt Highlands Exploration
Pillow of Your Dreams Grandport  FFBE Pillow of Your Dreams Location 

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