Lineage 2 Revolution Monster Core [Guide]

Lineage 2 Revolution Monster Core [Guide]

Welcome to the L2R monster core guide. In this post, we will go over the information you need to know about monster cores. If you have trouble leveling, click here.

What are Monster Cores?

Monster cores are items that allow you to increase your stat. It is also the easiest way to gain some CP. You can farm monster cores by either fighting the mini boss monster or the minions around it. I suggest doing them while you are questing and farm monsters +/- 5 levels of you. This will give you good drops and also good cores. As for what to focus on first, I suggest the following:

  • Damage Dealers: P/M Attack, P/M Defense, Crit Rate, Penetration
  • Healers and Tanks: P/M Defense, Crit Resist, Max HP, Resilience, P/M Attack
Stat CP Gain
P.atk / M.atk 5
P.Atk 2.5
M.Atk 2.5
Crit. Rate 1.5
Crit. Resist 1.5
P.def / M.def 4
P.Def 2
M.Def 2
Evasion 1
Accuracy 1
Ignore P.Def damage
Fixed Damage Decrease
Max HP 2
Max MP 1
Penetration 2
Resilience 2

As you can see, any increase in Physical or Magical attack or defense gives the most combat power per stat. So when you are looking to increase your power, you can’t go wrong improving them.

Monster Core Table

Below is a table that tells you all the CP stat gains you get for farming a specific monster thanks to gamepedia. For world bosses, they are only available every 4 hours, so make sure to be there when they spawn!

MapRange LvTierCore MobLvlAlternative MobLvlAttributeTot.
East Talking Island1-10CBlack Fang13Swift Black Wolf7Atk84
BSilverhorn13Bighorn Antelope4Def150
BQueen Sylop13Giant Hermit Spider7Max HP150
CUrca13Orc Master Marksman12Max MP84
CKobaka13Orc Footman12Penetration84
West Talking Island11-20CSting20Forest Wasp15Resilience132
CRed Rouse18Red Fox Spirit Keeper18Crit.Rate132
CTaarka20Orc Berserker16Crit.Resist132
BBane King20Forest Venomfang18Accuracy150
SSpirit Shepherd20Evasion22
Elven Ruins Floor 116-25AHorror Wing20Drill Bat20Atk236
AArachne25Subterranean Pincher25Max HP236
Elven Ruins Floor 225-35AManiskull27Spartoi Berserker26Max MP406
AFelix29Spartoi Hunter27Penetration406
ADeath Gazer31Spotter31Resilience406
Gludin Highway20-30CCanine21Cougar21Crit.Resist206
CFreki21Sadistic Werewolf21Accuracy206
CMelville22Skeleton Soldier22Evasion206
CMoretti24Malevolent Skeleton Archer24Atk206
COlvar25Ol Mahum Cutthroat25Def206
CAlle26Ol Mahum Shooter26Max HP206
SZodiac29Max MP22
Gludio Plains30-40BBighand31Vicious Red Bear30Penetration290
BDoom Skull32Dark Weaver32Resilience290
BKactoose30Maille Lizardman Manhunter30Crit.Rate290
CCotous35Maille Lizardman Scout35Crit.Resist246
BCox35Maille Lizardman Shaman35Accuracy290
CTurekka36Turek Orc Escort37Evasion246
Windawood Manor40-50CShadow Wing38Vampire Bat38Def354
BRuins Wanderer41Soul Slasher40Max HP436
BSabretooth44Fallen Snipe44Max MP436
CHucca46Turek Orc Shooter46Penetration354
CGnasher48Fierce Turek War Hound46Resilience354
CTroka48Turek Orc Trooper46Crit.Rate354
Wastelands50-60CSand Eye50Monster Eye Tracker50Accuracy324
BRed Lock52Wastelands Basilisk52Evasion396
BPointer52Mutant Armored Ant52Atk396
BGrinder54Mutant Armored Ant Fighter54Def396
BSand Lurker54Giant Leech54Max HP396
BStone Haftz58Gray Stone Golem54Max MP396
BSand Haftz58Sahara of the Desert54Penetration396
Ant Nest Catacomb 135-55AReaver40Ant Soldier Larva36Crit.Rate486
AAnt Nest Foreman54Ant Captain50Crit.Resist486
Ant Nest Catacomb 255-85AAnt Nest Royal Guard Captain78Ant Soldier Royal Guard78Accuracy650
ASpawning Ground Keeper84Noble Ant Leader84Evasion650
RQueen AntDef---
Plains of Dion60-75CBulc62Breka Orc Infiltrator70Atk556
CBaroque62Breka Orc Ranger62Def556
CMoke70Breka Orc Tropper70Max HP556
BThrush62Leto Lizardman62Max MP466
BKrush66Leto Lizardman Guard66Penetration466
BVarash62Leto Lizardman Archer62Resilience466
BScreash66Leto Lizardman Shaman66Crit.Rate466
Cruma Swamp75-90CLiam78Skeleton Pursuer78Accuracy670
CRonde78Skeleton Scout78Evasion670
CMorgan84Swamp Killer84Atk670
CZyrnna84Marsh Stakato Slave84Def670
BArcane90Shadow Choir Prima90Max HP526
SSina120Max MP22
Summit of Dissonance90-105CSummit Attacker90Black Leopard90Penetration810
BTartan90Tanor Sentinel90Resilience620
BThaartan94Kankoon's Elite Soldier94Crit.Rate620
BTutan90Tanor Priest94Crit.Resist620
COl B'Khan100Ol Mahum Trooper100Accuracy810
Shrieking Hallows105-120CScreamer104Tortured Mandragora104Atk900
CFlora104Dicor of Sorrow104Def900
CJonadan112Doom Servant112Max HP900
BShrieking Treant112Ominous Willow112Max MP720
CCowboy112Ressurected Specter112Penetration900
CSeamstress116Relentless Specter116Resilience900
CBalthazar116Nerkas Necromancer116Crit.Rate900
Cruma Tower Floor 2AMystique84Excuro84Accuracy740
AMaster Mordeo94Mordeo's Guard94Atk740
ASerbo Prime108Susceptor Prime108Def740
Cruma Tower Floor 3AGreezo112Validus Guard112Max HP900
AJulius120Meforde120Max MP900
RCruma CorePenetration---
Giran Dominion120-135CEllen124Medusa124Crit.Resist1080
BVir124Wyrm Warden124Resilience880
BTess132Langk Lizardman Recruit132Crit.Rate880
BRashkos132Langk Lizardman Soldier132Crit.Resist880
BShakos132Langk Lizardman Fighter132Accuracy880
CLuce132Langk Lizardman Ranger132Evasion1080
BThox132Langk Lizardman Elder Shaman132Atk880
Deathly Fog Shores135-150CLulani136Ol Mahum Bandit CommanderDef1290
CAlfonso140Shipwrecked Pirate ZombieMax HP1010
BHolst140Dismal ShoutMax MP1010
BMedes140Degenerated Lesser GiantPenetration1010
BLuka146Anguished Lesser GiantResilience1010
BHector146Creation of the Lesser GiantCrit.Rate1010
Devil's Isle150-165CRua150Deadly Dark SuccubusDef1200
BBornesting156Cave ScorpionAtk1530
BAlbert156Zaken Pirates BoatswainMax HP1200
BJeff156Zaken Pirates HelmsmanMax MP1200
Haunted Necropolis165-180CVerock162Ravine Breka ShamanPenetration1250
CJason174Wandering Fettered SoulResilience1650
CWilhelm162Ravine WindsusEvasion1650
BGorokk162Ravine Breka WarchiefAtk1250
BOomba168Grandis BonecrusherDef1250
BAgarez168Dustwind GargolyteMax HP1250
BRavolas174Death Headless KnightMax MP1250
Ivory Tower Catacomb 1AMesheemp128Tainted Walking Fungus132Crit.Resist1030
ACorepio136Tainted Scorpion136Accuracy1030
APreta146Premo The TaintedEvasion1030
Ivory Tower Catacomb 2AVultureStakato SoldierCrit.Rate1330
AGarguEnhanced GargoyleCrit.Resist1330
AMorpheusEnhanced PerumAccuracy1330
Ivory Tower Catacomb 3ASkullchaserSkeleton TrooperMax HP1620
ACreatusDark GeneralPenetration1620
ASandstormCave SaharaResilience1620
Temporal RiftSRamogMax HP---

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