Lineage 2 Revolution Leveling Guide [Progression]

Lineage 2 Revolution Leveling Guide [Progression]

Thanks to the L2R community, they were able to come up with the best method to level from 1 to 100+. You can check out the document here. Below is a quick guide on things you should be doing for the game at various stages in the game.

Level 1-31

Do story quests until lvl 31. If stuck, do Tower of Insolence, Daily and Weekly quest. Party grind Elite during HOTTIME if possible, choices available are Drill Bat (Elven 1) and Spartoi Hunter (Elven 2).

Level 31-39

Grind at Red Bear/Maille Lizardman Manhunter. Party grind at Elite during HOT TIME, choices avilable are Shaper (Elven 2) and Ant Solder Larva (Ant 1)

Level 40-49

Grind at Turek Orc Trooper/Turek Orc Shooter. Party grind at Elite during HOT TIME, best choice is Ant Soldier Larva (Ant 1).

Level 50-59

Grind at Wasteland Basilisk/Sahara of the Desert/Mutant Armor Ant. Party grind at Elite during HOT TIME, best choice is Ant Captain but Ant Soldier Larva (Ant Catacomb 1) would do fine for core farming.

Level 60-74

Grind at Breka Orc Infiltrator/Breka Orc Ranger/Leto Lizardman Shaman in party. Party grind at Elite during HOT TIME, any elite in Ant Nest Catacomb 2, preferably Ant Noble.

Level 75-89

Grind at Swamp Killer/Marsh Stakato Slave in party. Party grind at Elite during HOT TIME. Lv84 elite in Ant Nest Catacomb 2 or Mordeo’s Guard in Cruma Tower Floor 2 (GOOD CORE)

Level 90-105

Grind at Black Leopard/Kankoon’s Elite Soldier/Walking Fungus in party. Party grind at Elite during HOTIME. Mordeo’s Guard in Cruma Tower Floor (GOOD CORE)

Level 105-120

Grind at Tortured Mandragora/Doom Servant/Resurrected Specter/Relentless Specter in party. Party grind at Elite during HOT TIME. Susceptor Prime at Cruma 2 or Validus Guard/Rorka at Cruma 3. (ALL GOOD CORES)

Progression Tips

Below are some tips you should use to help you get to higher levels smoothly.

  • Use rubies for Daily Scroll (only A but any level scroll) reset (50rubies for 5 scrolls, up to 3 = 15+5runs a day) for maximum value, only farm Daily Scroll and not buy unless you want fast experience but beware of CP deficit.
  • Doing daily quest, weekly quest, experience dungeon (lv33+), extraction with Einhasad’s Blessing (200% EXP boost/3x) for maximum experience
  • Balance out equipment CP value and avoid focusing on one piece of equipment to SR unless fully geared.
  • All field monster may drop Quest Scroll A/B/C, Upgrade Stones, Enhancement Scrolls, Maphr’s Protection, Elixirs.
  • Sell tradable Upgrade Stones and Enhancement scrolls gotten from grinding if F2P to buy rares from Trading Post.
  • Rubies use for endgame substat reset and reset HOTTIME/Daily to speed up progression and more upgrade stones.
  • Party to farm cores will be faster than solo auto due to area coverage and more monster killed compared to solo.
  • Only farm cores when you’re maxed level or if your situation allows (eg. Grinding at Sahara of the Desert *GOOD CORE at lv56)
  • Get all new rune pages to lvl 1 before going back and maxing the rune. Every 10 levels unlock a rune page.

Equipment Usage

Below are some tips on equipment and item usage.

  • Only use Upgrade Stones for Rares and R to SR upgrade on normal EQS. Use combine for others.
  • TRY not to do 10+1 summon (1200 diamonds) if F2P/non-spender. Use it to reset Armor Upgrade Stones daily dungeon, extend 30min HOTTIME, reset Daily Scroll
  • Einhasad’s Blessing only work in Extraction and Field monsters ONLY
  • Enhance normal equipment until +5 max and save the rest for rares.
  • Only A-grade combined with A-grade have a chance for a rare S-grade (Same for S+S > R, R+R > SR but A+A > S is cheapest)
  • Use C/B grade to level A/S/R, use B grade to lvl SR *level price is fixed regardless of materials (armor = 180k for S, 480k for R, 1.2m for SR. Weapon *unconfirmed = 250k for S, 600k for R, 1.72m for SR)
  • Equipment only combine grade A+A>S, grade S+S>R but not R+R>SR as it would be expensive, use R+upgrade stones to SR if possible.
  • Do not rush for full rare equipment before training because it’ll slow down your process especially if you didn’t get rare pieces from combining
  • When everything SR lvl 30 then aim for S rare pieces *Full set of R lv30 works too.
  • Upgrade stone selection box go for Armors>Accessories>Weapon as Armors and Accessories require more upgrade stones (Sunday daily dungeon) *Keep the selection boxes and use only when needed
  • Plan out what accessory set you want to go and focus on getting a set of SR accessory of your choice.
  • Enhance rares to +10 as bare minimum as +10 wouldn’t drop to +9 if fail, same as +20 and +30.
  • Varnish selectors (B/A/S) from equipment dungeon, only select Accessory Varnish B/A/S.


Quest Scroll Value

B-grade Quest Srolls
Lvl 30 – 25000 EXP 3900 Adena
Lvl 40 – 30000 EXP ??? Adena (?)
Lvl 50 – 35000 EXP 6200 Adena
Lvl 60 – 40000 EXP ??? Adena
A-grade Quest Scrolls
Lvl 30 – 35000 EXP 7500 Adena
Lvl 40 – 40000 EXP 10000 Adena
Lvl 50 – 45000 EXP 12500 Adena
Lvl 60 – 50000 EXP 14000 Adena
Lvl 75 – 55000 EXP 17800 Adena
Lvl 90 – 60000 EXP 19400 Adena
Lvl 105 – 80000 EXP 21800 Adena


Notable Clan Shop Item (for lv30 clans)
Daily: Elixir Essence Selection Box (16coins), Varnish Box (16coins)
Weekly: Rune Fragment Box (64 coins), Enhancement Scroll Box (20coins x 3)
Monthly: High-grade Equipment Box (64coins x 3), High-grade Material Box (48coins x 3)
To buy everything (if able to), amount of coins needed to obtain daily = (32) + (124 / 7) + (336 / 30) = 61 coins a day from donating (rounded up)

Best Way to Get Adena

  • Adena Dungeon (Easy = 30k Adena, Normal = 40k Adena, Hard = 54k Adena)
  • Quest Scrolls with 3x reset (150 rubies) = 20runs. Value of scrolls indicated above
  • Completing daily, weekly quest as well as story
  • Only use Soulshots for Bosses. If manual play in field monster, enter and exit elite for full HP MP refill.
  • When auto-ing in field with party, try to use Basic Skills (1st job) due to low mana consumption with decent damage *SAVES ALOT ADENA

Best Way to Get Experience

  • Experience Dungeon (EXP Dungeon scales with level, if overleveled for the recommended level, lower exp is given)
  • Buying Quest Scrolls from ingame Consumable Shop (lv50 = 2.5k Adena for 45k EXP after subtracting adena earned from quest)
  • Completing daily quest, weekly quest and using Einhasad’s Blessing (200% EXP, 3x EXP) at Extraction (4.5k EXP or higher based on level)
  • Field monster gives an estimated 0.01% EXP, Elite monster gives an estimated 0.4% EXP with HOTTIME (8~9x EXP), 0.04% without HOTTIME. (Based on level)

Notes and differences about combining and upgrade

Upgrade = Obtain the same equipment of a higher grade.
Upgrade is cheaper than combining by around 50% but takes weeks to obtain required amount of Upgrade Stones.
Upgrade is preferably used for R to SR (reduces cost by around 500k) or S rare to R rare to SR rare.
Upgrade requires 10 Upgrade Stones for A>S, 20 for S>R, 30 for R>SR, same amount for all weapon/equipment/accessory.
Combine -> Obtain a random equipment of a higher grade.
Combine is more expensive than upgrade, almost double if not double.
Combine is mostly used for getting rares, combining 2 A-grade lvl 30s for a chance of S-grade rare (rare equipment starts at S).
Combine is preferably used for A to S, S to R but not R to SR due to the cost difference and difficulty of getting a R-grade equipment through 10+1 summon.
During combining, the equipment on the left (initial selection) will keep all it’s properties* and soul crystals while the equipment on the right (second selection) will disappear as fodder/material.

Recommended Soul Crystal Bonus Stat to Choose (for all classes)

  • Weapon – Purple (Critical Damage), Orange (Critical Damage)
  • Helmet – Red (Critical Damage), Yellow (Critical Resist)
  • Armor – Red (Critical Damage), Yellow (Critical Resist)
  • Gloves – Purple (Critical Damage), Orange (Critical Damage)
  • Shoes – Light Blue (Critical Damage), Green (Critical Resist)
  • Necklace – Light Blue (Critical Damage), Green (Critical Resist)
  • Earring – Black (Critical Resist), Dark Blue (Critical Resist)
  • Ring – Cream (Critical Damage)

Recommended Equipment Bonus Stat for Mount (obtainable at lv50)

  • Helmet – Critical Rate
  • Armor – Critical Rate
  • Saddle – Critical Resist
  • Boots – Critical Resist

Check out our Monster Core guide too!

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