Magic Rush: Heroes Guide [Tips and Tricks]

Magic Rush: Heroes Guide [Tips and Tricks]

It’s time to feel the rush in this Magic Rush: Heroes tips and trick guide covering quick ways to get heroes, sweep stages and balance your Magic Rush: Heroes team for the best success across the combat and tower defense stages.

How to get new Heroes.

Getting new Heroes in Magic Rush is pretty straight forward. You can obtain them through the Wishing Pool or by collecting enough soul stones to summon them to your team. By tapping on the hero that interest you, you can find what stages you need to clear to try and obtain their soul stones so you can summon them.

magic rush hero soulstonesOnce you’ve obtained a Hero, you can then proceed to level them up either by clearing stages or by using your xp potions. I recommend using your XP potions first until they are near or reach your current characters levels.

Magic Rush advance 2


You want your tank, healer and damage of choice to be your strongest characters. Pay close attention to your characters ultimate in combat stages. AOE skills can cover multiple targets if positioned correctly and some line ultimates shoot through enemies where as some like Salman’s ultimate will only hit the first target it comes in contact with.

Stages – Normal, Elite, Sweeping Stages.

Normal stages provide you with XP, XP potions and runes for your Heroes. Elite stages provide all of the previous plus the option to get Soul stones which are required to evolve your Heroes. Not all elite stages have hero soul stones so pay attention to what the rewards are. Typically but not always, if there is an Enemy hero on top of the stage that stage will have a soul stone reward.

But to make sure you’re getting the right soul stones or runes required for your Hero its safer to go to the Hero in the Hero menu and go directly to the required stage then clear it.

magic rush hero sweep

Sweeping through earlier levels is a great way to farm both exp and runes for your heroes. You can only sweep stages that you have 3 star cleared. To 3 star clear a stage you have to complete it without any of your Heroes dying. When you sweep a stage you instantly clear the stage for its XP and rewards without any risk to your heroes. If you lack XP potions for a newly acquired hero go to the last stage you 3 starred and sweep it to quickly advance that heroes level. If you need a specific type of gear piece or rune to advance a hero, find them in your hero menu and go directly to the required stage and sweep it.

You can only sweep a stage 3 times before you have to move on however, something to keep in mind if you need a soul stone or specific item from a stage.

Runes to rule them all.

Runes are required to power up your Hero, beyond just leveling them naturally, runes increase their own individual stats such as strength, health, ability power, attack speed and more. Once you complete a set of runes you can advance your hero, and with advancement you unlock the ability to add items to your character. You have to farm the materials to complete the item however. Each of the equipment items further increases your heroes stats.

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Balancing your team.

On the RPG style combat levels you can only bring 5 members of your party with you. In general you want to run a tank, marksman, mage, healer and cannon type heroes. This brings every type of skill set to the battle ground when you’re going through the stages. You can bring any assortment for your team as long as you have a higher power level than the stage you’re trying to clear.

Magic Rush heroes

You may need to change your lineup depending on the power level required for the fight or if you go into the dungeons where it could require a more specialized set of skills. I personally enjoy running a tank, cannon, healer and double marksman team to bring very high DPS in the early game. Occasionally I have found it useful to have a double tank team to allow my DPS to freely attack without taking damage.

Tower defense stages are different in that you can use all of your characters as long as you have gold to put them onto the field. On these stages its best to position strong characters in choke points where enemies have little chance to advance. Focus on leveling your tank, tanks provide a small controllable unit that will help block the path ways and marksman so you have a well rounded defense that blocks paths and your marksman attack range will get increased with levels. You will want a cannon type with a large AOE in the middle of the maps typically so they can get rid of any large clusters that make it through.

Occasionally on the maps with water, you can tap on items floating down the water and may find additional gold.

General tips and tricks.

  • Sign in daily to take advantage of free items.
  • Connect your social media for additional bonuses.
  • Use your Gold wish when its available, and your Diamond when its up to get runes and heroes or rare heroes.
  • After you’ve beaten the Growth or XP trials. Sweep the trials for Gold and EXP each time they reset for items to sell or use. Gold watches sell for a lot!’
  • Tap things floating in the water to occasionally find gold during certain stages.
  • Always play the game with the speed modifier enabled once you have it.
  • Pick a Tank, Marksman DPS and Healer to focus on leveling their abilities first until you reach higher levels.
  • Use Heal over time abilities when your characters are at half health to maximize heals.
  • Reaching level 20 opens the Academy, you want to upgrade here as often as possible to increase character stats.
  • Sweep Dungeons to acquire equipment items.

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